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Yep yep! As long as the instructor is allowing it and it isn't art you should be making yourself for the grade, just look up the CC attribution guidelines and please have fun!

Thank you for the support - and the compliment! Eventually... I will get around to setting up the print version and get a proof of it done.

Thanks! I am getting where I want to go with this piece, finally.

To everyone that has decided to download this, THANK YOU! Seeing that this wasn't a failure of an art project makes me so happy. Cheers!

Hi xcatalin! Thank you for inviting me to create; the short answer is I am currently booked until 2019.  Email to tho and we can talk about what/how much you need to create for a project.

THX for the kindness!

Slinging around is wild fun. So much about this little thing is satisfying. Especially like the color change on the time-remaining bars when the time-extender disappears. 

The act of reloading (and having 2 states/results of doing so) was very satisfying. Love the heart jugs.

UNFORGIVING tiny square collision boxes hiding right in front of me. Loved it. Fun and slick HUD elements. The line trail looking so good. 

This is my pick for the jam for fun. Fast, replay-able sessions. GREAT weapon behaviors for the player action and theme. Did not want to let go of the Bubble Gun. You could(should) take this further. Dug the boot-up tie in!

Good use of a tutorial lvl to direct/inform player movement thru the levels, and to introduce the main mechanic. Fun use of Gravity! WIGGLY CHECKPOINTS.

Sorry for the eye pain. (I assume the fast zooming in and out got you- also called out by my spouse...) Congrats on winning the Future!

Cool series. Thx for playing all our games!

@PixelPaladin and JackOatley - the sound blasts on my rig, so I tested the sound on multiple machines other than mine and I get the low/no sound issue over half the time. I can try to fix this after the rating period. Thanks for talking about sound issues!

@ALL : Thanks for playing, enjoying, and the feedback! I just got back and will try to hit up as many games as I can with the rest of the time we have.

Thank you for digging it!

Thanks for liking it! The duke bros. were a fun little fella to make. 

Thank you! Reference: 

Thank you for the appreciation; I am stoked you found something in this little game!

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Thank you! My "Hat is off" to you too!

NOTE: Font File added in the Main page.

All the Barrels.


A tiny riff on a personal favorite. Prototyping and Parodying.

Platform better than your friend in VS.

-Time-Atk, CO-OP, and super sweet Tutorial also available.

Just a fun excuse to test out some game loops and UI basics.

P2 Controller isn't tested, but hey go have the funs!