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Congrats! You just "Witnessed" something (possibly). There absolutely is a "win state" but I'm ... Never Gonna... well... not here, anyway.

It's a [Ludum Dare 47 Jam Game], made in just a few short hours, as a tribute to a much larger game with the same game loop, minus 40 hours of gameplay. You were supposed to hate it.

TL;DR: If I can't pawn this one off on my progeny, I'll hit you up.

Thanks for the offer KorbohneD! Part of the original task was for me to learn the coding aspect of game-making using this fairly straightforward rock-paper-scissors mechanic and simple art. This was YEARS ago, and the entire game project morphed into a joke of epic procrastination and failure as my professional, artistic, and family lives grew and developed. I have a great understanding of Construct and could technically complete this game and let it go... but am not sure I want to yet. Also... I am OLD now and might pass the burden of this project to my teenage children, because that would be the funniest thing for me to do with all the art sitting in its project bin wasting away.

Are you saying you need to see MORE before deciding whether or not to purchase this exquisite work of art for ZERO dollars? Also, I don't wanna use these crappy assets, that's why I pawned them off on all of you.


Actually though, I have an old html sandbox for it. I will have to dig up and see if it still works. Really it would look identical to the screenshot above in structure but has a few rooms to explore. It had a key to toggle all the biomes, some UI, and character controls/mobs to attack. The set is fairly niche and has little use outside of a micro dungeon crawler. I don't work in 3D but I know it translates okay in blender with Sprytile. I've wanted to try it in Crocotile but never picked that up.

If I can get it playing right... just expect that up at the top.

FOR NOW: Please accept this, the first mockup I made with it from the wayback.

Apologies I don't have more for you ATM.

Me too, Wurmhole. Me. Too. Thanks!

This is AMAZING! Thank you for playing with this little pack. It feels fantastic getting to see how you used the assets, watching the video and seeing you play the other games, and throwing bubbles in your game!

Hey thanks for the catches! Too many versions is how many, currently. I haven't been maintaining my social presence or any of my old work here! Fixed my twitter, removed my portfolio (about time to rebuild and update anyway!) and hid away the redundant file downloads. Each frame of animation is 90x126 pixels, just like the individual cards. When I sweep back around to update all my work I will have a much friendlier setup for this mess of files (e.g. individual pngs for the anims as well as the sheets, consolidate all the fixes into a single pkg).

Hopefully this art works out for you in the mean time, and thanks for reaching out!

Thank you for enjoying this and for the follow! +5 points for use of "Juicy"

Deleted replies, made a better one, if only barely! If you still use them, or have used them, or intend on ever using them again, changes are approved/cool. This was a missed opportunity for me to be groovy. Hopefully your work found it's mark.

I haven't been around to answer the question, but yes. Credit Devlyn JD is all you gotta do if you haven't published yet, but if you did already ship it, no worries. If you didn't use it, serious apologies for not being around. Thanks for enjoying the art!


Also, it has an update on deck.

Negasaurus Rex! I used PyxelEdit for these fellas, but I don't include it in the package.

Awesome! It's groovy, and so are you!

No problem, Boblem!

The world is super crazy right now. Feel good, play well, make good things. 

You found a missing PIP! 

Thank you for the notice of changes and for the error-catch!

The Full PKG has been updated with the 7D fix for everybody and I threw in a limited color version if you wanna grab it too.

Also, the has the needed fix and the extra art too.

Again, thank you, it means a lot! 


Any licensing is between the user and the creator (to protect the creator's property just as much as the user). So, a few things:

For assets, we use Copyright Law. 

Itch provides the options to link to Creative Commons (a service with preset licence arrangements) that the creator can link to, or the creator can reserve some or all rights, and I would need to include a document in the download files telling you your explicit permissions. But Itch doesn't send their legal team to handle any grievance I would have with you, or vice versa.

With that in mind:

In this case, with these cards, I WANT you to be able to use them, and I want you to feel good trying to make something of yourself with them if you have a DYNAMITE idea. So, they are royalty-free and can be used in commercial work without further permissions within the VERY LOOSE standards of the licence.

Creative Commons has written public licences for different levels of courtesy where all you have to do to "AVOID THE COURTS" is:

Attribute me (as GREEBLES, or DevlynJD).

DO NOT CHANGE THE ART or make derivatives. (E.G. no vegetables in place of the swords.)

This licence allows for commercial use. 

"Do not directly post the asset pack on some shady dark-web place like Etsy saying it is yours and you made this" is the only protection I'm seeking.

Here is the link to review this specific licence:

For future worries, troubles, or doubts:

Simply typing in the comments is a form of written correspondence and as such holds a bit of legal weight; if you and I have an exchange about, say, VEGETABLE DERIVATIVES, it is archival and retrievable. It isn't ironclad, but if I did go to the court and say you done me wrong by putting veggies in my art and you show Mr.Dr.Judgeman a comment where I said you COULD use vegetables in my art, you would win. So... in case we ever get there... 

You, USER GEHGA, and YOU ALONE, have permission to add VEGETABLES to any of the HEART, SPADE, DIAMOND, and/or CLUB cards. The BLM cards are not allowed to be modified.

Whether I write it here or in a simple text doc won't change that I'M NOT GONNA COME AFTER YOU WITH MY CRACK EXPERT LEGAL TEAM. I do have a lawyer; he's a nine-years-old, but a legend in the civil circuit. 

Thanks for being interested enough to seek legal protections! This is a good and scary feeling!

Please point me at your work if you decide to go forward with it (SO I CAN REVIEW IT, EVISCERATE IT, AND EAT ITS BABIES).



PS: I'll see you in court.

Please check the "More Information" link from the assets in question. Then do a search of the "License" to look up the full terms of the licence if there is one.  In this case... I'm posting to your question on the  asset page. I'm using CC Attribute No Derivatives. Make some Good Stuff. 

You may use the artwork for anything commercial or non-commercial, with attribution ("DevlynJD" or "Greebles") and can use the work in whole or in part for whatever project you have, online or offline without further permissions. Please do not directly redistribute the assets.

You cannot create derivatives or make changes to the art beyond technical-use case needs without permission. (This is only to protect the BLM Add-On.)

E.g. You can slice up the spritesheets, adjust the timing and order of the animations, and present the art however you see fit, but you can't just go and alter the depiction of the King of Diamonds so that he is holding a baguette without asking... 

But since we're talking about them, you have permission to add baguettes. Say "baguette" real quiet-like and slow, like it's a dirty word or something. Try not to smile. I mean it's just bread? Baguette.


Thanks for doing this. 

An Animated Playing Card asset pack:

Thx! It was a mess of a thing that almost died near the end. Glad it works!

Man this was a nice 160 day weekend, yeah? The anims are in!

YES! Creative Commons, Must Attribute as: Devlyn JD

ME TOO, actually! I have just returned to my personal projects. For this I am doing a palette, transparency, and animation update for end of July. After that I will order a proof and post up my results in a devlog. If they feel right in the real world I will look thru if it is worth it to produce and sell, or build a campaign to get them out there.

I am! I put all my personal work on hold while working at a web advertising firm. I'm coming back to all of my projects in June. Will update with a long(ish) post and show content progress!

Yep yep! As long as the instructor is allowing it and it isn't art you should be making yourself for the grade, just look up the CC attribution guidelines and please have fun!

Thank you for the support - and the compliment! Eventually... I will get around to setting up the print version and get a proof of it done.

Thanks! I am getting where I want to go with this piece, finally.

To everyone that has decided to download this, THANK YOU! Seeing that this wasn't a failure of an art project makes me so happy. Cheers!

THX for the kindness!

Slinging around is wild fun. So much about this little thing is satisfying. Especially like the color change on the time-remaining bars when the time-extender disappears. 

The act of reloading (and having 2 states/results of doing so) was very satisfying. Love the heart jugs.

UNFORGIVING tiny square collision boxes hiding right in front of me. Loved it. Fun and slick HUD elements. The line trail looking so good. 

This is my pick for the jam for fun. Fast, replay-able sessions. GREAT weapon behaviors for the player action and theme. Did not want to let go of the Bubble Gun. You could(should) take this further. Dug the boot-up tie in!

Good use of a tutorial lvl to direct/inform player movement thru the levels, and to introduce the main mechanic. Fun use of Gravity! WIGGLY CHECKPOINTS.

Sorry for the eye pain. (I assume the fast zooming in and out got you- also called out by my spouse...) Congrats on winning the Future!

Cool series. Thx for playing all our games!

@PixelPaladin and JackOatley - the sound blasts on my rig, so I tested the sound on multiple machines other than mine and I get the low/no sound issue over half the time. I can try to fix this after the rating period. Thanks for talking about sound issues!

@ALL : Thanks for playing, enjoying, and the feedback! I just got back and will try to hit up as many games as I can with the rest of the time we have.

Thank you for digging it!

Thanks for liking it! The duke bros. were a fun little fella to make.