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I'll be sure to let you know if I come across something unexpected!

You could just like... plant less hydrangeas..? :P

But then all those unused plots would go to waste! :O

Hmm, I kinda wanted it so that the player has to manually make each potion - just like the player manually has to craft every single potion.

I kinda guessed that was the case, and most of the time it was fine. It does add to the texture of the game...but it only takes a couple of instances where you've let 100+ hydrangeas pile up and need to turn them into potions to make every batch of more than a few potions feel like a chore.

You're saying it's too hard to see if a field has weeds on it or not? that the whole field should have more green on it?

Kind of? It's not a problem with all plants, but the plants (and phases of plants) that already look like a bunch of little green lines sprouting from the ground are great at hiding little green weeds also sprouting from the ground. Maybe weeds just need a more distinctive shade of green? I dunno, I'm not an artist. I'm just a guy who grows a lot of hydrangeas. And also other stuff—at this point I've only got two or three hydrangea plots, plus ones I grow in other spots when the timing isn't quite right for their intended plant.

Hehe, yea, i understand. thank you so much for your comment. The more people i see enjoying the game, definitely makes me more likely to want to update the game in the future (possibly with some of your improvements!) ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed my comment! And also that you made this game.

I'm enjoying this game. It gets me "in the zone" in a way not many games do, and more continuously than something like Mini Metro. There's always something to do (even if it's just making a dozen potions of hydration to get rid of all this hydrangea), and that makes it hard to put down.

Speaking of which, one major complaint I have is the lack of an apparent "Exit Game" button, which makes it hard to put down in a good way. And apparently the task manager didn't end all of it, because I came back the next morning and saw that it was still technically running. Somehow.

Another criticism I have is the lack of a few quality of life features, such as some way to queue up a bunch of identical potions at once instead of just clicking the icon every few seconds. (I had a lot of hydrangea at one point, and it was really annoying to make all those hydration potions, which stuck with me whenever .) It would also be nice if weeds were more obvious on plants with a lot of green in the palette.

(But not having to drag the ingredients to the cauldron every time was nice, once I noticed it. And the fact that you can click-and-drag to mass sow/reap.)

I realize that I have two paragraphs of criticism and only one of praise, but my overall impression is definitely positive. It's a simple game, but engaging and surprisingly cerebral. The problem with being a simple, enjoyable game is that you can't say much about why it's engaging. Unless maybe you're a game designer, but I just watch some on YouTube. Um...flow? The flow is good?

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Alright then. GreatWyrmGold, the world's greatest not-a-kid detective between the ages of 14 and 27 in the western half of my county, is on the case! Besides, I like having an excuse to get back into this game with its delightful sense of humor.

Test #1: Go straight from the introduction to the bedroom to get the gun, then pose with the gun in the bathroom, then...shoot the key down or something?

Result: Same crash.

Test #2: Reload save, grab the candle, pose with the gun, burn the string.

Result: "The air around this candle is hot, and according to physics, hot air rises..." No key, but I did see Jam consider the potential arson her plan could cause, which is nice. Especially since I've seen ending 16.

Test #3: Save, then try the gun just in case getting it to work makes them all work.

Result: It did! Cool.

Test #4: Save, reload other save to get meterstick.

Result: Didn't even have to re-pose before it worked. Weird, but probably useful. And definitely convenient.

<I>checks for other projects

finds no other completed ones</I>

...that checks out.

A nice little game, giving a glimpse into nonbinary life for all of us binary folks. I'm sad that it ended when it did, but actually coding a riff on Pokémon would lead to quite the "cascading scope explosion," so I suppose it was necessary.

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Upon further investigation, the gun is 1, the meterstick is 2, and the candle is 3.

The metric book just gets a generic "I don't think this is gonna work" message, which means it must be Stuff #6! After using my Jam-like deductive reasoning, I realized that the key would be Stuff #4 and the thing inside the locked box Stuff #5, solution to the hidden puzzle wherein you find half a harpoon, which five of the endings are locked behind!

Jokes aside, a third of the game's endings are locked behind that key, and I want to enjoy them all. So I'll be tinkering with the code to find a fix. (Assuming that Ren'Py games ship with the source code, I mean.) I'll let you know if I find a fix.

EDIT: Wait, I replied that to myself. Okay, I'll let <i>the guy above you</i> know if I find a fix.

I could add any number of games to the library by just going to the bundle list page and opening the pages for those games in new tabs. I wouldn't recommend doing that for all of them at once, both because that would be a lot of tab-opening (and presumably -closing) and because your library would be unusably cluttered.

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What were you doing when you got those crashes?

I got similar crashes whenever I tried to use the candle, pistol, or meterstick on the key dangling from the ceiling. The number after jamp_ and _return.req was different for different items, though.

Game design note: It's really frustrating to <i>almost</i> finish a puzzle, only to screw up the last throw and have to redo the whole thing. Especially with the longer puzzles. Is there some way you could undo the last throw in that kind of scenario, so you only have to redo one click instead of a whole level?

Seems like a solid prototype, but it's lacking a certain je ne se quois...maybe a narrative arc, a sense that the characters accomplished something beyond just walking a hundred feet through a vaguely cemetary-like place?

Also, the combat felt tacked-on. Maybe it would work better if there was more to the enemies than dangerous punching bags, and if the ghost participated in combat beyond a healing aura, but maybe the game would shine more as a combat-free puzzler.

Has anyone else had trouble with the in-browser version? I can call people on the phone, but WASD/Space aren't doing anything.

I'm not surprised that you're having trouble thinking of new levels for this game...maybe if you made a level editor, other people would be able to come up with ideas that inspired you? (Not that I know anywhere near enough about this game's architecture to know if a level editor would be simple, nigh-impossible, or somewhere in between.)