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Game design note: It's really frustrating to <i>almost</i> finish a puzzle, only to screw up the last throw and have to redo the whole thing. Especially with the longer puzzles. Is there some way you could undo the last throw in that kind of scenario, so you only have to redo one click instead of a whole level?

Seems like a solid prototype, but it's lacking a certain je ne se quois...maybe a narrative arc, a sense that the characters accomplished something beyond just walking a hundred feet through a vaguely cemetary-like place?

Also, the combat felt tacked-on. Maybe it would work better if there was more to the enemies than dangerous punching bags, and if the ghost participated in combat beyond a healing aura, but maybe the game would shine more as a combat-free puzzler.

Has anyone else had trouble with the in-browser version? I can call people on the phone, but WASD/Space aren't doing anything.

I'm not surprised that you're having trouble thinking of new levels for this game...maybe if you made a level editor, other people would be able to come up with ideas that inspired you? (Not that I know anywhere near enough about this game's architecture to know if a level editor would be simple, nigh-impossible, or somewhere in between.)