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***Spoiler Alert***

I clicked the buttons corresponding to the clowns outfit where the stars are. Top right and bottom I believe. The box won't open. Maybe I have it wrong.

Like the time lapse video. Thanks for sharing.

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*** Spoiler Alert***

Got stuck on the clown. I can see the stars and I try to open the box on the wall based on the stars but it doesn't open. Wondering if it's a bug that it's not opening.

Ok, that made the game a lot of fun and I finished it in my first go now that I understand it. 

- You say to press 0 or some odd character that looks like a 0 to continue in your startup message. For me, it's C but it takes a lot of keyboard smashing to find that key. That same character shows up in other places in the game. 

- Consider adding a tutorial popup in the store that explains more about it. When in the store, maybe have 'Q - More Info' to open a tutorial on the store. In it, try to explain some of what you did to me because it really helps. "The more gold you get on a single line, the more options you'll have in the store.", "Get metal and the foundry on a single line to make a sword or just buy one if you have gold to spare.".

Wherever you decide to put one or both of those tips, it will help players a lot I think.

Great game by the way. Love the slot mechanic. 

There is a bug where clicking skip will not skip but instead reset the countdown so you can get infinite gold. Happened when I broke 3+ sets and then clicked skip repeatedly. 

1. Feels like there should be some actual slot component to the game where 3 across awards you with something.

2. I keep collecting things and avoid dragons because its easy to see them scroll by but I'm not advancing. Feels like Im missing something.

3. Don't understand why I would want the wizards unless you have to clean out old items but it seems to risky to bother. Not clear.

4. I'm enjoying the blended game but not the journey. I'm like 40+ rounds in and nothing is happening. The slot items to the right are always blacked out and it's not clear to me why that is. I've collected a ton of metal but the sword slot never unlocks.

Made it a ways further. Some good challenges in there. Gave up on the breast level.

nm, gave it a few more restarts and figure it out.

Finally figured out how to set jump height to make progress. Pretty tough. I got stuck on this level. No idea.
a a

nm, figured it out.

Nothing discussed ramps before this and there is no indicator and no amount of button mashing with keys (we were told to use) that do anything as far as I could tell. Towel officially thrown.

Got stuck as seen in the image on a level after button mashing asdw & asdf arrow keys together because I couldn't remember how to restart a level. Maybe keep those commands close by in game or in the comments below it. I also got stuck on the level because there is no way to jump up that I can see. I also don't understand the different tile types and why some you jump to, others you ignore and other you jump below. Very confusing. The jump/move mechanics were a bit of a turn off for me. As I got into more of the puzzles, I can see that it made sense but it still feels a bit low-class 2d to move in such a tiled fashion. I have no idea what all the gold blocks do and why there is is groups of them together.

Maybe add an additional lady bug every 10 points? As-is, a player can go forever it seems. I gave up after 200 points because there seemed like no progression. 

Having a lot of fun with it. Seems to be some mis-clicking in later levels 60+. Wish there was a little invuln coming out of abilities. In later 90+, your wrecking ball finishes on top of an enemy and there is nothing you can do but die.

Great game. Mechanics were pretty great. Love what you did with the pixel ropes too.

Day 4: Wasn't able to post last night so this is a day late. Came up with a few decent ideas. Here's the last notes/mockup for the day. The hat got a bit out of control... :)

The one interesting thing that is happening as I develop this project is that I'm cringing at the games potential as you would expect. It's meh at best right now. Normally I would toss the concept aside and move on. However, I'm persisting with it which is somewhat new. I've always known that persisting is a skill that I'm lacking but it wasn't until yesterday that I realized something. I might actually be able to work on growing my persistence. I tend to walk away from projects too quickly and too often. I think this project is a great opportunity to work on that skill. I'll persist through the design and effort knowing that it's all time boxed (October) and its more about me persisting than anything else. 

Came up with a few more ideas on the drive today. Couple few things coming together. This is my last mockup of the day.

I like your goblin. Amazing what can be done with a few pixels.

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I'm a  day late to the party. Just found out about this. Decent timing since I'm trying to jump back into game dev after a long break but I'm not ready to dive back into main project yet. Going to try and work a new game idea that I haven't really given much thought to outside of the highest level concept idea which is a couple of towers fighting each other. Just dove into the design tonight.  My first devlog is just some high level goals for this project. I wanted to scope out a lot of complexity and focus on some learning activities. Most of the learning will go into video recording, editing and posting updates.