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I changed the resource type from game to asset so hopefully I don't confuse people by showing up as a game. Sorry about that.

I might have to clarify some things in the settings. It's not an actual game. It's a demo of the source code for making a game using godot.

Had the same idea. You beat me to it. :) Well done.

Fellow game-dev here. Heya! Came from reddit (web?) post. Looks amazing and all the particle effects are great. Well done. Started working through a few levels on my lunch break and had a few thoughts for your consideration. 
- Minor thing but maybe a few rooms for introducing core mechanics such as orb for opening the door. 

- Picked up a blue diamond but have no idea why I did or what it did. Oh, found a red diamond and it was health. Only noticed because I was so low.

- The movement controls feel a bit floaty to me which could steal from the overall quality-feel.

- The steam vent on the second screen is a bit annoying in that I have no option but to wait. It would be nice if there were a risky path or the safe-and-wait path instead of just the wait path. Had to retry because I'm not getting how to latch onto a rope-swing very quickly. After half-dozen rope swing attempts to add the orb to the cliff "bowl" and failing...

- I just found the throw mechanic out of desperation to figure out the swing mechanic. Managed to throw from the ground instead of swinging over to do it which is what most people are going to try and do and it's a tough swing and it's a tough drop because there is no room to drop with you standing on the bowl.

- Made it a few more rooms before lunch break is over. It's got a decent learning pace. Feels like a few mechanics can have simpler introductions (swinging, throwing). 

- Changing up the music a bit when fighting a little might help mix things up. 

- Creatures have been pretty great. Shotgun vs orb felt overpowered although I felt like it was to easy to run off screen and make a mess of the overall encounter. 

- On future runs, I will likely turn up the brightness because I couldn't see those black balls at all. Kept getting surprised by them and it felt a little unfair.

Really nice work all around. Game looks amazing.

Neat. Well done with the star sucking.

Great concept. Lot to work with. I had trouble looking at the screen late game. Kept getting the woozles. :)

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Also, I know nothing about your game so this is a crazy suggestion. Maybe pistol bullets are weaker and slower but still have offscreen range. Feels bad to have such short bullets but again, I know nothing.

lol, oooh. I was like wtf. I must have coincidently run into monster at same time as bullets so it was never clear. Maybe make the XP a touch faster so you can't dodge it and more globe like? I'll try again soon.

First and only play reaction on default settings. Enemy bullet follow time is crazy long and ridiculous. My bullet range was crazy short. Immediately disinterested in replay because of those two behaviors. Might check back-in after some updates. Clearly draws a crowd of people so nice work on that!

Heh, I think you replied to my original post instead of the more recent post from someone new who played the game recently and provided feedback inside my post for some reason. :) Interesting to see the different responses from two years ago though.

Neat concept and interesting mechanics. Really well done for a game jam too. I may have run into a bug at the end. The boss walked into a pillar and died on the 2nd turn. 

Couple things I'm curious about.
- Why the cross and what are the red/orange tabs. Just realizing post-game that I didn't notice those. 

- Why do arrows show up in the top that I didn't choose?

- What does the blue icon do?

Good stuff!

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  • To clarify some things (as the dev): 
    • Read the known issues on the game page before you start.
    • I created all the art except for the player avatars. Mainly the match. :)
    • I did not create the one sound in the game. See in-game About for more details.
    • Nim is a 2 player game but I provide a list of active public games.
    • You can run the game twice locally and connect to your own hosted session to experience the back and forth.
    • I posted a demo video on the game page so you don't have to install/run to experience it.
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Great concept all around and I like the mechanics and wanted more which is always good. Got to the boss and the red dots aren't my favorite. I dropped a single ball and lost 8+ health. Not exactly in my control so I'm just sitting there watching in disgust as I gobble up every red dot all the way down. I tried bypassing a couple red dot boards by just getting the min to block but that didn't help. Ended up losing to red dots which killed my replay interests pretty fast. Great work. Love the stick theater bit as well.

Level 9 but couldn't hit 10 to save my life. Everything that was done for this jam was done really well. Left me wanting more!

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Watched some of your videos recently which brought me here to give this a go.

I didn't look at comments or at any instructions on the page.

- Took me a while to figure out that I had to have ore in the action bar and have it selected to use/activate the furnace. I left and came back to the furnace about 3-4 times before I finally stumbled upon it.

- After smelting some copper bars, I didn't really get the point of grabbing and cooling. I tried to grab and forge but that didn't seem to work. I smelted about 5 bars at once and it caused some glitching/problems for grabbing them.

- I tried to forge some things but don't understand how to get a heated item onto the anvil. I gave up at that point.

- I felt odd not having a specific objective. Should be I collecting copper or iron? How much do I need? How much coal should I get? Just felt at a bit of a loss. Should I just gather forever since there is no weight concerns?

- I think you should randomize the initial state of ore based on rarity. In short, show more copper states instead of just one pixel. It's fun to see veins and look at so have a lot of copper fully exposed to various extents with more hidden near by. It's also a joy to have a few easy (one shot) picks to mix it up.

- The game was a bit sluggish for me on my low end system and the sounds were often times choppy and glitchy. Felt like they were competing with other things. Maybe not enough channels?

_ I played the web version. Not sure if another is available.

wow... from one game dev to did your brain come up with this concept and these mechanics!? whaaaaat... just realized after 20 at-bats that I'm on defense (maybe) and then wow... 

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Very cool. Trying to figure out how you did those tendrils.

Updated the hook to make it more friendly. It now respawns after a couple seconds so you don't have to retrieve it. I chatted with you briefly on your stream tonight although I doubt you'll remember. :) 

Full play through available here if you can't or weren't able to do so.

Needs wood. Very cute.

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- What device are you playing on because I don't ever hide the cursor? Should always be present and standard.
- The thrusters are always facing backwards but the thrust animation is very subtle which might be the issue for you. I have a backlog item to enhance those.
- The hook is for collecting asteroids and building up your base. There is no hook cooldown. You have to retrieve it which is a part of the fun/strategy. As you get better with it, you learn to use it at the right times so you don't have to chase it around as much. Still playing around with that behavior though. I'm thinking of adding a capture ring that will provide a visual collision space to retrieve the hook. 
- I designed it to be super friendly so while you can die, it's tough. I wanted people to reach the end-game content which takes about 10-15 minutes. I plan to add two modes. Story Mode (as-is) and Challenge Mode which will be a lot tougher. 

Appreciate the feedback. Really helps.

Can you make the enemy spawn endless? That would work well given the goal.

Wasn't able to play it on my setup. Tried with VMWare on low tier system. Weak GPU/support apparently. Got past the main menu, heard music and then basically a brown screen. 

Finished. If hearts despawned pretty quick, that might help. Enemies stop spawning after a while too. Felt great though.

I haven't done a game jam since before they were called game jams so it's been a really long time. I consider this my first official game jam and it's my first godot game so I'm really excited about that. I can't believe how much I was able to accomplish in such a short time. Thanks for hosting and for helping me get something done for a change. I learned so much. A lot of new good stuff (pinjoints, cutscenes, path2d, and etc) and a lot of "wow, this is not the way to do this" kind of stuff. Feeling really good about my submission. 

Tiny Clusters community · Created a new topic Neat concept

Would have played longer but the gold star kept having issues where it wouldn't acknowledge the fact that I had collected it at the end of the level so I had to redo a few levels and that got old pretty quick. I completed around 10-15 levels and had to redo about 5 of them.

Wanted to turn off the music which was ok at first. Neat concept. Did you try upwards with gravity? Wondering how that would play out? 

I disabled everything in the settings (for fun) and to see if I could do better and I honestly didn't notice the difference. Game has tons of really great polish. It's not that fun though. You don't get to do or see much before getting your ass handed to you. I have no sense for what the game has to offer beyond the first few screens and it's directionless. I mean, I don't know how deep it's supposed to be but I feel like I want to like it. Anyway, great job on the polish and what not. Music was pretty good too. About blew out my headphones with that bass.

I checked it out after watching a little bit of your devlogs. I'm drawn to the boat (visuals) big time. I wasn't to keen on the maneuverability of the boat or the fishing experience. I think you definitely have something with the boat and especially if it sloshed about with some sounds. I feel like waves and bigger menacing boats should be involved some how but that might come from too much time in SoT or Thomas the Train experiences. Anyway, I really like the potential of this one. 

Took me a minute + 1 browser refresh to find the tip at bottom right so I could get past the first dialog. Thought the game froze.

My project is also missing from the search results when searching for 'godot'. It was there last week so I'm wondering what changed. Do the results look correct for others?

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Awesome! Glad to hear it. More videos, examples, and features being added regularly.

Quick thoughts after a couple levels. I think it has a good amount of potential. Think fish should knock items off hook if they collide. Your rewarded more for picking up treasure over trash which kicks you right out of the theme. Makes you feel greedy. Purchasing items is confusing. While it took a second to figure out how to buy stuff, I got really confused when the same items were back on the next level. I guess I have to buy for each level but not sure. I found a can of something and clicked on it but no idea what it does. The level did end right when I was trying to use it. I also don't understand why things are invisible.  It's got a great vibe to it and I want it to be better so that's really good. The highscore screen is bugged. Can't get out of it. Wants me to change name but I can't type or exit. Never hit a fish and I don't know if I was supposed to or not. Given the theme, I felt like I shouldn't but the fact that I don't know after a few levels is interesting. The game also ended on me when I hit a chest. I have no idea why it ended.

great concept. well done. congrats!

Just scanning for interesting projects on and came across this one. Very cool idea(s). Love it!

pretty great.

Made it to about 560.  Once you realize there are a number of moves, the game gets pleasantly difficult instead of just annoyingly difficult. :) Really appreciate a lot of art, details, and design of the games you're involved in including this one. The big thing on my mind the whole time was, does this have an ending? Looking at notes above... Is it 1000 (1km)... seriously!?! egads.