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I am using Windows so I can only speak for this OS. On my directory superpowers-0.19.0 I've got a .exe file, and it opens Superpowers editor directly on a standalone window (based on chronium).

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In my game I store the data about my NPC into a Database with a JSON file. I want to have a NPC with a specific image depending on data. For example if it is level 5 I want to put the sprite of level 5.

In a normal TypeScript app I would have put a string with the URL of the sprite (spirte = 'spirteUrl'+npc.level). But on Superpowers I don't know how to do that because the link to the sprite is on the actor, not the script.

Thanks for your help

I installed this plugin, I've got the editor, but I cannot write anything on it. And the project demo is empty when I open it with Superpowers.
Here is where I installed it : resources/app/systems/game/plugins/florentpoujol/ftex.
It's too bad that we cannot create HTML files inside the editor directly...

Ok let's do that : Grand_Schtroumpf

No... I don't. I have create an Asana project instead, but the problem is that you need a (free) account to see it. We can use it, or Trello.
Here is the URL : https://app.asana.com/0/135850392389025/1358503923...
If one of the founders wants to join us to help us to understand the core content of Superpowers it would be cool =)

Ok, I will explore that deeper and see if we can make some README for each subdirectory.
What about starting a Trello to put on what we should work ?

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Is there any tutorial where we can find what is each directory of the "core" ? It would be very helpful for us to start building something. The description on the github of each repository is not so explicit.
Here is the trello of the team (it would be stupid to duplicate what they are already doing) : https://trello.com/b/eQUeNKrq/superpowers

Hi, I am new with SuperPowers and I do agree with you. This engine is already great and with some support it can become a huge one.
I am still discovering it so I cannot be very helpful for now, but I definitely want to give a hand when I'll feel confortable enough with it.
For the custom themes topic I guess the actual theme is in core/public/styles. I think the easiest way to achieve it is to use SASS. Like that you can expose variables (for the colors for examples), so that you can easily try and create new themes.
The editor should also be customisable depending on the theme, for that I would definitely recommend ace, if it is not already the case.
But I don't think custom themes is the main issue for now...

There is "Sup.log();"

It seems that this is a problem with tsconfig.json not defining the "module" compilerOptions. But I checked on the build version "method is defined everywhere. I don't know how the assets are compiled so I don't really know where to check.
If I compile the assets myself after publishing the project, the files don't have access to the "Sup" class. And I don't know where to import it from.

Hi there,

I would like to use to trigger some method from a class from another one using "export". For example I would like to do:
"export class CharacterBehavior ..." and then import it in another file "import (CharacterBehavior) from './game'".
But when I do that it keeps telling me : "(0): Cannot compile modules unless the '--module' flag is provided."
Does someone know how I could achieve that ?

Thank you =)