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Running Superpowers as stand-alone app

A topic by javidcf created May 26, 2016 Views: 289 Replies: 4
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Hi! I'm new to Superpowers and so far I'm loving everything I'm seeing. I have an absolute noob question, and I apologize if this is just too obvious or has been asked before, but I have not been able to find an answer...

I have been able to download and run Superpowers launcher, and then get this cool interface on my browser (I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, btw), but my question is, is it possible to run Superpowers as an stand-alone app, that is, without the need of the browser? I'd normally assume it's not, but the thing is that every screenshot of the program I see seems to be running on its own window, and not in a browser. I've seen that it the created games can be run as independent apps thanks to Electron, but is it possible to do the same with the engine itself?

I know this is not a big issue at all (probably more of a pet peeve of mine), but I'd just like to know if that's actually something that exists and works or not. Thanks!

I am using Windows so I can only speak for this OS. On my directory superpowers-0.19.0 I've got a .exe file, and it opens Superpowers editor directly on a standalone window (based on chronium).

Thanks for the answer @GrandSchtroumpf. On Linux, I only see one executable "Superpowers" which launches the server manager.

However, I've found out that you can run Chrome (or, in my case, Chromium) in "app mode" just doing:

$ chromium-browser --app=http://localhost:4237

This works more or less like a proper app, although you still get some window decoration, and right-clicking shows the usual Chrome(ium) contextual menu. Another option is to use the kiosk mode, like:

$ chromium-browser --kiosk http://localhost:4237

This runs always fullscreen (it's in fact, intended to be used in by actual digital kiosks). However, it seems that it does not work if you have the browser already open (which is likely), so in that case you can trick it by setting a different user directory:

$ chromium-browser --user-data-dir=<some directory> --kiosk http://localhost:4237

I think I'll stick to the --app option anyway.


Hello! From the server manager window, you just have to double click on your server in the list and it will open the server hub in a new window. Is that what you are asking for?

Hahahaha gosh I'm an idiot!!! Yeah that was it, thanks!