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Is there any tutorial where we can find what is each directory of the "core" ? It would be very helpful for us to start building something. The description on the github of each repository is not so explicit.
Here is the trello of the team (it would be stupid to duplicate what they are already doing) : https://trello.com/b/eQUeNKrq/superpowers

There isn't a tutorial, but I'm pretty sure the main devs would be happy to answer any questions. I asked a lot so far from Elisee and didn't get yelled at or told to leave.... yet.

Ok, I will explore that deeper and see if we can make some README for each subdirectory.
What about starting a Trello to put on what we should work ?

Yes, a trello would be useful. Do you have the paid account? I don't :p

No... I don't. I have create an Asana project instead, but the problem is that you need a (free) account to see it. We can use it, or Trello.
Here is the URL : https://app.asana.com/0/135850392389025/1358503923...
If one of the founders wants to join us to help us to understand the core content of Superpowers it would be cool =)

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In that case let's just use trello to keep things simple. It's ok if it's public. Here's one I made. What is your username?


Ok let's do that : Grand_Schtroumpf