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There isn't a tutorial, but I'm pretty sure the main devs would be happy to answer any questions. I asked a lot so far from Elisee and didn't get yelled at or told to leave.... yet.

Ok, I will explore that deeper and see if we can make some README for each subdirectory.
What about starting a Trello to put on what we should work ?

Yes, a trello would be useful. Do you have the paid account? I don't :p

No... I don't. I have create an Asana project instead, but the problem is that you need a (free) account to see it. We can use it, or Trello.
Here is the URL :
If one of the founders wants to join us to help us to understand the core content of Superpowers it would be cool =)

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In that case let's just use trello to keep things simple. It's ok if it's public. Here's one I made. What is your username?


Ok let's do that : Grand_Schtroumpf