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Grabber Walkie

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Таки шо, будет обновление? А на другие игры?

Ok, so here's what I've come across:

1. The camera is crazy, for some reason it zoomed me all the way into Joanna's abdomen.

2. Joanna's missing textures.

3. There are no options for Solitaire - why?? I hate 3-card solitaire. :\

4. At one point Joanna changed her model to some hooded character (again, no textures, so I couldn't tell anything).

On X-Mas day? =))

So wait, we finally get to be submissive?

So, there's a new update??


So, if I install the original, how does the Redux tap into it?

Ok, but is there any new content?

This is great, but why would Santa come to a graveyard of all places? To bring gifts to the graveyard keeper?

Oooooh, this looks pretty interesting, even though I dislike survival horror games. Reminded me of another indie game with a similar theme called "Abducted: The Night Hunters", though that one also features more traditional survival elements.

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Hi, I wanted to make a small suggestion: How about making coffee decrease arousal or restore a bit of the "red" health? It would have made sense, after all, coffee is energizing.

Also, will we be able to interact with the rest of the superheroes outside of scripted dialogues?

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I know that bugs are to be expected, but at least a couple of outdoor locations spawn all characters in the floor, and in the same place, making it difficult to make out which character you want to interact with or what they even look like.

Oh yeah, that happened to me too. Not sure what's going on, maybe a bug or an oversight?

As to evening interactions, what if they're all randomized like the daytime events?

Cool! :)

Didn't crash for me, though the graphics did become somewhat wonky.

You need to interact with her in the evening, when she's home. There are special interactions in the evenings with all the girls.

Dang, this game is nice! Love the 20-30's setting, wish there were more girls to interact with though (Zuri was a pleasant surprise), maybe some random events taking place when you enter an area, maybe have the domination\ submission mechanic actually do something, maybe add some more locations, or have location-specific interactions with the girls, or, since the PC is supposed to be the local celebrity\ freakshow, why not actually have some way to interact with the nameless girls just for fun, like some kind of gloryhole or whatever, since I understand that designing individual no-name characters is a chore.

I'd sometimes get errors during interactions, characters would clip out of the screen, or would become an outline, at least one conversation option worked opposite to what it was (with Yasmin, I think?), but otherwise, it's pretty good indeed.

Nice! Thanks for the reply!

Does this have censorship? Or, if it does, is there a patch to remove it?

Nicely done indeed! Can you add nipple pasties as a clothing option? I wanna make a character that wears pasties and a "belly" corset, but can't. :(

Wait, didn't you already upload a demo for this? o_O

Вообще, было бы классно развить действие, а то, все эти секс-сцены выглядят чутка бессвязно.

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Took RHCP long enough!

But anyway, thanks for this!

To each their own. (shrug)

There's still the issue when the npcs just stand in place. Granted, it's not as common as in one of the earlier versions, but it's still present.

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Hey, I've come across a few issues:

1) Pursuers\ subs sometimes kind of float above ground at an angle.

2) In Story Mode, when you press 'Esc' during conversations, the game enters an endless loading loop (I've noticed this issue in Kinky Fight Club too).

3) Sometimes the character I'm talking to in Story Mode doesn't appear on-screen.

This one isn't an issue per say, but I was wondering: why do some of the subs look slightly uglier than in the older versions? In particular, the elves and police? It's still the same engine, so it's kinda strange.

Not sure if you're still working on this, but here's a couple of suggestions:

1) Make it so that once you beat Story Mode, you can actually select what activity you want to do on the 'free day', and not just start with the one you selected prior.

2) Add some kind of hardcore game mode where it's the player vs Pursuers in a hardcore-length dungeon. OR maybe the player vs some brand new opponent that's faster and tougher than regulars, maybe a fellow master?

3) I've noticed that during Story Mode conversations, characters tell the player that certain floors are harder and bigger than others, but when playing the floors, I didn't notice any difference. Maybe tweak it somehow so that the floors get progressively more difficulty? As in, first three floors are 'small', second three floors are 'medium' and last three are 'big', or something. Or increase the number of subs the further the player advances in Story Mode. Seriously, I pretty much breezed through the later floors on medium difficulty.

Also a question: does Crimson's fate remain the same regardless of whether or not the player becomes Grandmaster?

So, reupload it then! :)

So, what do I download?

I'm guessing there's no dickgirl content, eh?


Does this include the one with a guy who's fawning over his classmate Ember?

Alright, this was pretty cool, not sure which version I've played (ended after I shot the first zombie and the mysterious guy called me on the radio). I'd suggest working on the voiceover, but otherwise, it's pretty solid. Keep it up!

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Man, this was fun! The shotgun cultists were a pain, and the worm-dogs, or whatever those things are, are kinda spongy, but it's a pretty solid Quake-clone indeed! Hope to see it as a full game one day and best of luck with Darkadia!

Nice! X-Mas is definitely not over, by the looks of it! :)

These sound cool!

Not a fan of SOAD myself, but this looks pretty cool!

Hah! This looks pretty cool!

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Hey, I don't know what's going on, but when I click on 'continue adventure' and 'start mission', the menu disappears but nothing else happens. Never mind, figured it out. Apparently I need to select the actual mission before starting it. Came across another issue instead: after I escape capture, the AI for many of the enemies 'breaks' and they just stand in place. They still try to hit me when I get close enough, but they just don't move. Also, for some reason I cannot advance to second stage from the hub menu.

Oh man, this game was just what the doctor ordered for the season! Loved the creepy atmosphere, and the topic itself never gets old! A few things I'd tweak personally:

1) improve rifle aiming;

2) add a hud;

3) add a level editor.

In the upcoming version, maybe add the ability to actually carry all the guns without replacing them, but as a balance feature - limited ammo, so the player has to switch between guns, naturally, gift boxes should give health and ammo pick-ups as well as new guns. Also, diversify enemies. The snowmen are fine and well, but surely you can add more kinds of snowmen (some that have ranged attacks for example), maybe add evil elves, naughty children, bad wolves, evil spirit-possessed-x-mas trees, stuff like that. Oooh, and some kind of holiday-themed weapon, or several: candy cane melee weapon, coal-shooter, snow-gun (ineffective against snowmen, of course), etc.

Man, if only I knew how to make my own game! :(

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Adult trans VN mashed together with a retro-FPS? Where do I sign up?

Edit: Ok, so I played it. Here's something that I think needs improving: when walking along walls, the player character slows down almost to a halt. It's not a big issue, sure, but compared to most retro-FPS games, it ruins the experience slightly (might also cause some problems if you happen to hug a wall during an intense shootout). I also didn't immediately understand that I had to shoot the red "pills", but I guess they're just placeholders for now (there's also the issue of hitboxes, but I'll leave it for now)? Otherwise, it's pretty good: the guns feel satisfying, the movement is otherwise fluid, and it definitely feels like the classic Wolfenstein (add enemies reacting to your shooting like in Wolf3D!). Oh, another thing: why do all guns have such strong kickback? I mean, I get the shotgun and rocket launcher, but the pistol too? Also, another: in the "plot" you're writing about Joan killing a guard with a knife and taking his gun - add a dead guard in the cell, and, I guess, a knife, to act as a melee weapon, or at least sticking out of his body (if nothing else, then at least for consistency).