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Grabber Walkie

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What I really like about your p&c games is the attention to small details. Guy below shoots into the air? The upper floor has holes in the floor. And there were similar bits in your other games. Really nice!

This one was good. Some things didn't make as much sense (the first guy staying in your room the whole time; the fat guy not telling the taste difference between different cheeses (though this might have been a kick at his pretentiousness?)), but I guess they work as far as gameplay goes.

So, when are you gonna make a full-fledged adventure with several hours-worth of gameplay?

I've come across a problem. I spoke to Sandra and Leo, got the sauna and gym events, and the journal says "I have already spoken to Sandra" and "I have already spoken to Leo" but whenever I want to go and hand over the videos, I still get the "I could go and talk to Sandra and Leo" message. (also, it should be "I should talk"). What do I do? :(

Oh, right. :D

So, it's supposed to be some kind of Dark Souls clone? Not that I'm trying to insult you or anything (why would comparison to a highly successful game series be an insult anyway?), just trying to get some context.

Love point'n'click games. Well done! One thing I didn't understand though: what was that about oasis and flavour?

Cool! But what does 'church edition' entail exactly?

Man, this game was a lot of fun to play! Can't wait to see what else you'll come up with! :)

Loved the visual style, reminded me somewhat of Coraline. I have to say though, I found the subject matter to be a bit boring. I know that it's a serious topic, but there are so many games on itch that deal with loss, trauma, and similar subjects that I've grown a bit desensitized, I guess. Still, would have been cool if the game had more content.

Man, this was great! I love point'n'click adventures, especially ones that have humour. I just wish it was longer.

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Who knows? I remember the British tv-host and youtuber Tom Scott got one of his videos banned on youtube for "copyright infringement", because - get this - some Asian tv-company showed the same footage of him in one of their programmes, and YT thought they were the original copyright holders. Crazy! :D

Fun game, the music was a pleasant surprise - I love Joy Division! Only killed two civvies on my first run, the rest I either managed to save, or they turned into mutants. Still, very nice game. My only complaint is that it's so short.

Finally got around to trying it out. The game is great! When I was a kid, we went to visit a friend of my dad's, and they let me play a game on their computer, it was one of those IBM games, a sidescroller in which you controlled a soldier and had to shoot enemy soldiers (it wasn't Contra, it was older). Duga reminded me of that game, but in first person! :D

A couple of things I didn't like though: enemies seem to be able to shoot me through walls without technically even seeing me. I'm not sure if it's a feature or a bug, but something to look into, I think. Also, the game could really benefit from level statistics, automap and some secrets (though I suppose with procedural generation, it'll probably be difficult to implement properly). The reloading is annoying, and neither Doom nor Wolfe had it. Otherwise, it's pretty solid. Can't wait for graphics mods to come out to make the sprites just a little more well-rounded. :D

Hey, I was wondering if you could give the strapon/ dickgirl threesome poses the option to have the player to be bottomed? Also, to be able to wear bondage gear.

Why can't I download past version 0.7? :(


Как успехи с Фриценхолд (или как она называется, всё никак не запомню xD)?

Оооо, класс, новая игруха!

Не пойми меня неправильно, но не лучше было бы сперва закончить уже существующие, нежели начинать новые?

Feels like a genuine sequel to Quake 1 with bits of Q2 added into the mix for good measure. Nicely done!

Has potential, but the enemies seem to move way too fast, at least for me (maybe it's my computer's fault?), and the visual noise effects makes it a bit hard to see what's going on.

Oh yeah, actually I did notice something on the radar once, but I kinda lost it. Still, like I said, it's a fun little game.

I don't remember which version I've played, but after leaving port, I've been sailing for about half an hour and only came across rocks. Still, the game is nice even if you can't find any sea monsters, if nothing else, at least you've got a fun boat trip, especially during rainstorms. :D

Ok, first of all, I'd like to say that this game is great! So far I haven't come across any issues. The weapons are mostly satisfying, though it's kinda easy to run out of ammo (around the big tree I ran out of shotgun and almost ran out of pistol ammo). The melee weapons feel a bit weak though. Something I'd add is more ambushes, John Romero style, you know - really dicky ones - because on highest difficulty, the game still felt too easy, I only died once and that was because I wasn't paying attention. Otherwise, I really liked the visual storytelling, the notes, the health mechanics, the easter eggs. Keep it up! This game has great potential!

Um, I think the link is misaligned, I'm trying to download v0.6 but it keeps directing me to v0.3.

Cool! Waiting for the next update. :)

Is there futa\ ts content?

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Hey, here are a few things I've come across in 0.5:

  1. In at least a couple of instances, the pursuers would glitch out: the one that grabbed me would either start playing different animations one after the other, or would clip through a wall and would hang in mid-air. This is especially an issue if you're grabbed in the door frame, and also very common on Floor 4.
  2. The pursuers start running away from me sometimes, and the only way to get them to chase me again, is to catch up to them and have them "see" me.
  3. For some reason, upon finishing Floor 1 and transitioning to Floor 2, the screen got stuck, telling me to press any key to start, but when I'd press a key, it'd just blink and show the same screen again. I had to force shutdown the game because I couldn't do anything. Didn't encounter this on any other replays though.
  4. On one occasion the pursuers couldn't grab me even though I didn't have the 'no-grabbing' bonus.
  5. Likewise, on one occasion the arrow showed me 'away' from the exit. I was near the exit area, but wasn't sure if it was it, so I activated the arrow and it showed me to go the other way.
  6. Sometimes pursuers clip through walls\ doors after "using" me and spawn somewhere else.

A few things I'd suggest adding some time in the future:

  1. A POV camera option.
  2. A map editor.
  3. An alternate game-mode where you have to catch (and "use") as many subs as possible. Maybe add a timer or something.
  4. Some visual clues around the maps, because the arrow still isn't entirely accurate, but having visual clues (like a green wall-mounted crystal instead of an orange one to show if you're going in the right direction) would be both useful and immersive.
  5. Make the maps a bit brighter because some of them (Floors 1 and 2) are very dark.

Will there be t-girl/ futa fetish?

Alright, I played the demo. Very fun game, has potential! Here are a few things I'd like to see added:

1. A map that fills out as you explore the dungeon, because the gps arrow is broken. Although given that the PC's hands are bound behind their back, it's not entirely realistic (no more realistic than them opening doors and crates though).

2. More variety to pursuers. Each level has like 3-4 kinds of girls (don't know of guys though), it's not bad, but we want mOaR(!). Maybe randomly generate them?

3. Optionally make the pursuers have a varied set of "tools" (strapon/ futa) so if you're running around, one character is a girl, one is futa, etc., because currently, you can set them to be only one type (not that that makes any real difference from a gameplay perspective, it's more of an aesthetic thing).

4. Maybe group sex options?

A few things that require improvement gameplay-wise:

1. Some doors aren't aligned to the archways, so you can peak into the next room. Not sure if it's a feature or not, but I'd say - no.

2. The AI is quite bad: I've had pursuers run in circles around me once, without attempting to grab me. Sometimes they just aimlessly run into a wall.

Another thing I'd like to see improved (though it's unlikely to happen): the character models. If the faces and bodies are more-or-less fine, then the feet look awful.

Oh. Alright then, makes sense, I guess.

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Hi, darktoz!

I've come across a little issue. On the first check in with the administration, the official (forgot her name) makes you do a test that determines your "special talent". I got 'cocksleeve', but for some reason still lose willpower when doing futa-related work and events. Strangely enough, working the gloryhole doesn't decrease willpower, but the Blue Oyster backroom does. Is it a bug?

Also, how do I unlock the room in the showers? I've already had two scripted events there and increased my reputation there once.

DiOwner 0.2 is the latest version, right, 0.1 is included in it? I'm asking because there are separate downloads and I just want to be sure.

What fetishes are present in the game?

А следующая версия ММ будет на новом движке, или продолжишь на РенПи?

Как успехи с новым проектом?

И ещё вопрос в догонку: вот здесь сбоку есть скрины из игры, на последней картинке девушка которую нужно ублажить. В самой игре её не видел. Это из более старой версии? Просто в Кровостоке (кажется так называется второй город?) если заниматься ублажением, то всего доступно по одному персонажу (одна девушка и одна фута).

Интересно. Будет что-то совсем новое, или продолжение\ развитие одной из предыдущих?

Классная игра, оригинальная идея! Когда будет обновление? :)

Really loved the game, original and funny. I only wish it were longer though and had more interactive options.