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Now that's a cool update, indeed! All it needs now is the ability to assign enemy types to specific maps. Would it be possible in the future? Is it already possible?

Also, you say:

"I partnered once again with the amazing Mikomi Hokina for a cosplay set for the game!"

What was the previous partnership? Got links? ;D

Hey, may I make a small suggestion? Can you please make the game over cinematic skippable?

Yay! 🥳

Oooh! What's new in version 1.4? Will it come to GOG?

Did, did you actually abandon this game? Say it ain't so! :'((

Yay! Congratulations and a happy Christmas and New Year! 🥳

Well yeah, makes sense. :)

Will there be a level-editor available to the players?

Got one for "survival horror"\ "horror" games?

I agree. It's frustrating when I search for survival simulators and end up getting a ton of horror games, simply because both use the 'survival' tag.

А сэйчас я покажу откуда на Беларусь готовилас нападение. (c)

My guy, I like your games, but you should really finish the ones you've started before making new ones.

Congrats! Can't wait to play it! :)

Dude, love the game, but upon replaying it I've noticed just how slow the movement speed, and how inaccurate the guns are. I understand that right now you're more focused on designing ep3, but maybe tweak them a bit? Santa may be old, but he's neither slow, nor sluggish, otherwise he wouldn't be able to do his job, ya know? ;)

I was looking for survival sims but when I entered 'survival' as a tag, the overwhelming majority of results were horror games. When I tried to exclude horror by adding '-horror' the site just added 'horror' as a tag. Please add some way to actually remove tags.

Thank you.

But what is the gameplay like? Is it just about clicking on cards or...?

Does it have futa-on-male interactions?

I like it thus far. Hope there will be actual art for the sex scenes.

Alright! Finally, an update! :)

Four: green, red, blue, and yellow.

Port it to mobile platforms and you've got a hit!

Wow, it's been forever!

Does the "wow!" signal come up?

А как же Mad Mucks? :(

Thanks. Sadly, the only people I know in the field are either amateurs or not interested. :(

Damn, this seems really cool. Too bad it's a tabletop. :(

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How many questions are there? >.>

Edit: Ahahaha! After I wrote this, the game literally said "Five more questions to go!" after another two or three. And my result is...

...See you in 39 years!

You're so close to perfect. So close close close close. Just that pesky problem of your prudence. That's OK. I am patient. People always get lazy eventually.

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Damn, this game reminded me of Blake Stone and Corridor 7! xD

Got to Core Entry in one sitting, saw how many of those blue dudes I have to fight and said "Nope!". Not that they're a big problem, just a bit annoying.

If you ever get back to LAB, might I make some suggestions?

1) Add an on-screen notification about what the player picks up (ammo, armor, health, etc.), because when I break containers I sometimes don't even manage to see what was inside.

2) While I do like some of the goofier sounds (case in point, golf-ball sound when the blue guys die), they just feel a bit off, so maybe replace them? Some sounds don't have the "UMPH!" to them, like doors opening\ closing and the machine-gun firing.

3) What is that green frog\ bug gun? I get that it's more of a gimmick than anything, but what's the point? A nod at Half-Life?

4) The auto-aim tends to screw me over when I'm trying to clear out rooms while standing in the doorway. Maybe add an option to switch it off?

This one is more of a nitpick, but the sheer amount of enemies is sometimes baffling. And another nitpick: there are a ton of secrets, but they all feel same-y. Maybe add more monster-closets and ambushes?

Still, I am enjoying this game. Really feels like something from the early-to-mid 90's.

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This reminds me of that one meme:

Aliens: "Greetings, Earthlings, we come in peace!"

Some random Chinese guy: *Hmmm, I wonder what they taste like?*

Played it on hardest difficulty (don't know why, guess I wanted to flex my old-school fps muscles? he-he). LOVED IT! Did I see some inspirations from Half-Life and Duke 3D?

I kinda like how everything looks so rundown, and also that looking outside the windows you see a kind of metropolis, even though I was initially under the impression that the setting was a spaceship.


- Why is Zortch green if she's a human? Or is that just the HUD? Will there be an intro-slideshow or something? I'm actually happy that you kept the backstory minimalistic, as way too many games nowadays cram exposition down players' throats, and it's annoying.

- Would also be nice to have some kind of manual, even as a .pdf file, or an in-game menu where we can read description on the enemies and weapons.

- While it's nice that the level looks rundown and lived-in, I'd suggest expanding the texture colour palette, because once the game gets released, people are gonna complain about samey grey-and-brown corridors.

- Also add total number of enemies vs number of enemies killed upon completing the level, or even a togglable in-game counter. You know, like in zDoom?

- While the demo level isn't too complicated to navigate in, depending on how you'll wanna go about the future levels, perhaps it would be wise to add a togglable mini-map or an automap?

Anyway, best of luck; looking forward to the game!

You mean like, if Zortch eats defeated enemies' remains?

So what is this?

So where's the game?

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Actually a fun game. Well done!

I only wish there was some way to change weapons.

So, is the game released yet? (not sure when the 'game will be released next week' post was made)

Will there be more?

Final version? :(

Add VR support and it's golden!

Таки шо, будет обновление? А на другие игры?