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Gramps Garcia

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Cheers! It’s secretly a “chase the button game”. Haha.

A true text masterpiece!

Haha, thank you! I highly enjoyed your game as well. Really cool mechanic. I didn’t notice a few things until I saw them play it yesterday. And yes, Godot all day!

I was using LibreOffice on Linux but when I’m on Windows I have nothing.

Yeah, I might try to clean up the main loop. At least fix the grabber end of the tentacle.

Cheers! I didn’t even patch it, to keep it trashy!

Trashy sweet!

Getting mashed up for the jam. Good job!

Oh no, there was no file! Coming soon?

Incredibly. It’s everything Sonic wanted to be; trash included.

Haha, amazing!

Very cool concept. Even better when played at loud volumes!

Korok Bot rides again! Very cool to see the finished version!

Lot of great art in there. Bonus points for Godot. ;)

Very good design and cool visual style. Seems I am a pit-magnet though.

Very interesting concept. Like Portal, but with hats! Hats off to you!

That was really cool. The style reminded me of older SNES games. Very well done!

That was so good. I am, indeed, trash. Cheers!

Daaaamn! Those mimics are always brutal. Love me some Prey.

Loved it! I hope to make something nearly as cool someday!

Wow, that was pretty impressive. A very cool game. I hope you add more to it. I love tactics games.

Thank you! I thought ways to improve the loop but it must be left as trash…

I laughed, I cried, it was amazing. Haha, excellent work!

Very impressive! No idea how you pulled this off so fast.

Like the visual style. My reflexes are trash though.

This is terrific!

The coziest trash! Excellent!

Haha, I was immediately slaughtered and repeatedly. Good job!

Highly enjoyed this. Very cool execution!

Where was this when I was working on my entry?! Very cool!

Brings back Vegas PTSD. Awesome!

Much like a real courtroom, I was very lost. Good job!

Very chill and ballsy.

Very cool. My poor memory though…

Can I leave this room. Why won’t Jeffy let me out!?

Only opened the PDF version but it was pretty neat!

Terrific drawing!

Great style!

Are they ears? Are they hair? Either way that character is cool.