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awesome game. Loved it.

Thanks Jupi!  I'm a big fan of your vids... before a jam I always spend a day or two watching what you've played in similar jams.

Glad you thought it was fun!

I could try that by making the up arrow key take you in the top-right direction  and so on... will try.

Day 8

Day 8 Build:

Day 8 sees incremental improvements to the game and a lot of cleanup (thanks Abznak for joining the project).

- Refactor of general code, cleanup of sprite sheet organisation

- Better entity system added in preparation for enemies

- Added explosions\fire (first cut).  

- Painted a little more of the world

- Added some tests 

Day 6 Progress

Playable Build:

(If you have time to give me any feedback here I'd appreciate it heaps!)

I finally got some time to work on the game more seriously, added player movement and machine-gun\rocket rounds.

I did a paper design of the world map and began blocking the world out as well.  (It feels HUGE)  

Ammo and rocket counts\limits are implemented but there aren't any pick-ups yet to replenish them.  There's also a fuel gauge warning that appears, but I haven't built "running out of fuel" yet.  One idea I have is to make the player's battleship (which is in the middle of the map) a base to refuel\restock ammo.  Additionally, there will be fuel\ammo crates in the world, and one of the difficulty vectors of the game will be managing resources. 

Pretty soon I'll add some mission targets; destroying these will be the objective of the game, and a simple directional arrow will guide the player around the largish map and give some direction to things (although you can choose to complete the missions in any order).

Throughout this week the main task will be to add enemy types to the game; tanks, sam sites, gunboats.

One thing I'm not sure about yet is the name of the game.  I thought "Micro Strike" was clever and catchy... but I'm finding it's not very memorable and I find I have to stop and think for a second before remembering it.  

If you have any better ideas for names, let me know.


I love this art style. Looking forward to playing this one.

This looks really cool!

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Early Progress on my Desert Strike de-make in Pico8

This is my first game in Pico8 and I'm loving it.

Next up I'll make some missiles\machineguns... I can't wait to get some nice mini-isometric art happening.

I don't think so... that seems like a hefty price to pay for a few levels. :D

Semi Random Levels... an example would be:


x s rrrr  w   x


x = hard block

s = start pos

w = win token pos

r = Random (blank, hard block, breakable block, danger block).

The levels included were created quite quickly, so it's possible that the placement of random blocks may make finishing a level impossible.  Without any validation on levels, the solution in the near term is to create some levels with better design.

Not being clear where to go is an interesting issue... when I came up with the idea I initially thought of say, a minimalist metroidvania game where exploration is part of the player experience... as I've made a few levels though, the feeling I get is that smaller, more linear levels just play better.  Again it could be a design thing, having more directed levels to reduce the exploration aspect.

Thanks for the feedback on the visuals... that's very interesting.  My initial inspiration for the aesthetic was this image by Beeple ( with a 3-color palette like Downwell (using to come up with agreeable palettes).   I actually wrote the themes in and was going to have a meta game where you could unlock these by winning levels over time, but I didn't have much time at all during the week of the jam, so I scaled this back.   

The spheres\3 colors look is interesting but maybe it's not too readable to the human eye with all those spheres going on.

I had a lot of fun making this and I've been wondering if it's worth making a mobile version as a  longer project, so this kind of feedback is super valuable. 

Yeah the levels are potentially unwinnable... when I'm creating the levels I create the level by hand, but also have a "random" tile that could be blank, solid, breakable, dangerous... it's entirely possible that the paths through these random areas aren't winnable.  In most of the levels right now, I have one known path and one "random" path as a bit of a wildcard.

The levels need more love basically. :P

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi all,

I recently released this game as part of a game jam (minimo) and it has the ability to build levels.

I'm wondering if anyone is interested enough to try creating a few levels that I could add to the game?

At this stage it's unpaid "make a level if you think the game is cool" work, but I'm open to offers.

Let me know what you think.


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I've been working on a small and speedy Local Multiplayer game called Lucky Losers. Quick no-nonsense action.

The art style is inspired by old BBS ASCII Art. I'm still refining it and I'll be adding more maps every night.

-- Gorebang