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скилов не хватило на прохождение собеса. одной прочитанной книги не достаточно, да и вообще помогут ли они) , а с игрой для геймджема все верно было))


Спасибо что поиграли, оценивается разумность выбора, надо задаться вопросом будет ли польза от 2часов пролистывания книги или лучше потратить время на сеньора? и т.д. Правильный выбор дает скилы для собеса.

да была идея сделать взаимодействие, в том числе с телевизором и другими предметами, но ограничен во времени и я один всего) спасибо за игру.

м.б. браузер?

2048×1080  вроде норм все. Может в браузере дело.

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да я один автор, задача таки не только резюме собрать, там вполне определенный чек лист. На собес можно с любым раскладом прийти.

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а какое разрешение экрана?, в полный экран играли?

неужели не прошел собес?)

Привет, прошел собес?)

Playing "DarkLine" was an experience that transcended conventional gaming. It was a hauntingly beautiful journey that compelled me to face the echoes of my character's past and the entanglement of their emotions.

The narrative is impeccably written, brimming with nostalgia and tinged with a sense of dread that pervades every scene. It masterfully creates an atmosphere of apprehension and intrigue, pulling you into the character's emotional journey as they're drawn back into a world they once wished to forget.

The game's visuals were truly a sight to behold. The familiar streets, the old hill, the houses, each location is rendered with painstaking detail that made the setting come alive. The melancholic beauty of the hometown is juxtaposed with the chilling sense of impending doom, and this dichotomy is a testament to the game's powerful visual storytelling.

The gameplay is brilliantly designed, balancing exploration and puzzle-solving with narrative progression in a way that keeps the pacing tight. It's not just about discovering the secrets of the town and unravelling the mystery; it's about uncovering fragments of your character's past and understanding their fears, regrets, and unfinished business.

What really sets this game apart is its emotional resonance. It's more than a mystery to be solved; it's a deeply personal exploration of fear, regret, and reconciliation. It forces players to confront their character's past and the difficult emotions associated with it. It makes you contemplate, just as the character does on the old hill, overlooking the familiar streets.

looks nice

thanks, You have to figure out the game through experimentation, there are no clear rules, the main thing is to survive.


love game

inversion movement(

love game

look very good

aa ok)

sounds? He can’t shoot indefinitely, can he?

why is it so loud

cool - my top10

nice nice

oo, ok

all 5 stars cool game

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it’s very difficult to survive when the shooters appear

i win)

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I want to see bots)

thanks for playing

sorry bro) many mechanics - little time. thx for playing

cute legs

broken :(

simple good

nice idea  the game broke after he found out his parents died

thanks for playing, yeah, thanks for the indicator idea

thanks for playing, yeah, I just saw the problem with the attack.

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