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This is a hilarious game that is so existentially infuriating that I love it. Feels like a similar idea to PacMan 2 for the SNES.

Hm, I wish I knew what the problem there was. Sorry that it didn't work out, but thank you for trying! 

This is legitimately incredibly clever. This game is short and sweet and silly, but there's honestly depth to this idea that I never would have considered emojis could have.

Really interesting idea here. Occasionally was a little frustrating getting timing to work out, since you can't move a window when it's touching the file, but that's just a side effect of the way the game was laid out. Great job!

Nice idea. As others said, quite short, but not a problem for a jam. Good job!

Incredibly interesting game. Had a lot of fun with it even though I usually get bored of Tetris type games quickly. Not sure if there's a reason that sometimes I wasn't able to walk through a single empty tile between blocks, but that's the only issue I noticed. Great job!

Very interesting spin on a platformer. I do think sometimes it was hard to see objectives from far away, so I missed every once in a while, but that's a minor problem in an interesting game.

Sorry to hear that you weren't able to place towers! A few potential reasons off the top of my head for your issue:

1) There is collision detection active on placing towers on the map. If you attempt to place a tower too close to another structure (not including the enemy projectiles), then you will not be able to create a tower there. We likely should have added some visual indication of whether placement was allowed, or a sound if you couldn't place at that time.

2) If you weren't aware of the mechanic that tower health decays over time, then you might not have noticed that some towers were being destroyed when you placed new ones.

Does it seem like either of these could have been your issue? Otherwise, apologies, and thank you for trying to play!

Thank you for your feedback! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game.

Thank you for your feedback! We certainly could have done with more time for balancing the numbers out.