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Omg super game ! 


Feels like pro made game ! really polished, funny dialogs and cool art 

I loved this game for its art and music, gameplay also was good but little bit overwhelming, overall i liked it, good job!

Cool puzzle game ! I liked element changing mechanics, Wish art was somehow better but overall I enjoyed it

Game is really good ! nice concept, nice art and music, It is not only good game jam game but it can be extended and have more levels, different settings, little story. I see how it become full small game ! 

Good luck and keep it going !

Thank you so much <3

Game is really cool ! idea, art sounds everything was nice, i loved it

Hi, thank you for your comment, 

We thought thank luck based gameplay could be fun but like I see everyone wants some kind of choice. 

Yes 1 is not valid quantity, because group is made by 2 or more 

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Hi all, thank you for your comments, this game is a simulation of rolling dice and testing your luck not about choices, game ends in few seconds and it's just a comedy. Have fun ! 

Cute art and music, challenging and fun game

I agree about tutorial, I understood it after submitting game, when time was out, happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for your feedback it means a lot!<3


yes, after playtesting i understand all those issues, it's so good to read these comments, feedback you give gives me not only motivation to do more games, but also knowledge and understanding what i did wrong, what was good, what needs to redesign and so on. 

thank you so much <3

hi, i really liked the idea of switching abilities, wish you had more time to do more levels and platforming puzzles! overall i like it ! 

cool game!

love this game, cute and minimalistic, and music is soooo good <3

i will totally check it out now ! yes antidotes are those pink flowers, they're always near mushrooms <3 thank you so much

it's so cool to read so good feedback from people, this kind of constructive critique means a lot. i know timing on mushroom could be longer or it needs some visual signs, which tells you to run fast for antidote. i don't think i can change it now because game is already submitted.  this is our first game, and this is first time to participate in game jams.  the lesson here is that feedback from people who plays your game is one of the most important thing in development process. 

thank you for your comment ! <3

thank you! Really good advice ❤️

thanks for playing <3

About souls like - it was a joke 😁

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aahh, the trick is you should move fast and run away fast as soon as you pick up mushroom, yes i understand what you saying timing there could be longer 😁❤️

hi, thank you for your words, if you pick up flower after bad mushroom it works every time, and works as antidote, gives back normal control on character's body.  

hope, you will give it a try again <3

Thank you for your feedback, so after bad mushrooms your control changes, and you should pick up flowers, for antidote, and than your normal control comes back, i'm pretty sure if you will play it like 3-4 times after dying you will  master it ! <3 

thanks! so theme for game jam was out of control, so we made mushroom collecting simulator, where some mushrooms are poisonous, and can cause hallucinations :D, so your control goes mad, you should pick up pink flowers, which are antidote for bad mushrooms, so it behaves like dark souls you should  remeber everything, haha just joking about dark souls.

thanks for your feedback it means a lot !<3 

thank yo so much ! <3 

this is our first game