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Great stuff as always



They look amazing!


Thank you very much!

Lovely! Cast shadows enhance the feeling of space.

Thank you!

Everyone gets a tea with infinite pouring! Thanks!

Thank you! I even wasted some texture space, I think :)

Amazing. Looks very delicious and beautiful.

I like the crispy style and the level of detail. Well done!

Looks very realistic. Great job!

Very atmospheric, beautiful.

Beautiful and entertaining. I love the details on the backside.

I like how the colors and shapes put together. It feels very complete, yet simple.

Beautiful composition

Mmm looks tasty

Neat! Don't put too many into one teapot :D

It has so high caffeine that it flies!

Amazing job. It feels alive

Thank you very much! I wanted to add a plane under it but my pico memory was already full. I plan to do it in the post-jam version, I can remove something to open space.

Both the concept and the rendition are fantastic!

Cute! Is this a marshmallow test for cats? 

It looks very friendly until you get a closer look, brilliant!

I think there is no merge option in PicoCAD. You can use PicoCADToolkit for merging meshes. It is not allowed in the jam though.

Sweet! I can already see those berries on my shirt. :D

Amazing! Looks very realistic


Nice texture!

Is this vegan? :D

Sweet! I love the art and the sounds.

Thank you, I referred to some old illustrations to help with the time feeling.

Brilliant concept. Beautifully done.

Thank you!

Lovely art, especially the surroundings.

I had similar problems with hit/miss mechanics, too.

Nice game for quick fun. Character designs are sweet.

I had a problem with controlling with a mouse, I think the axis should be centered on the bunny on the desktop.

Awesome mixture of different concepts. Well done!

Neat and beautiful

Beautiful! Looks very organic, both the shapes and textures

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Awesome! It is messy in a beautiful way :)