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Beautiful! I could enjoy some more grass though :)

Brilliant idea and implementation.

It would increase the play time to find some random encounters behind the doors. Otherwise becomes quite repetitive soon.

Also, a bag would be veery useful. Or a way to combine wood sticks.

That frame is majestic. I liked the music and the animations as well!

That's a very lovely idea, put together very nicely.

Lovely game but very hard. I beat it on easy in my 7th trial.  That maybe strongly related to that it doesn't have a tutorial. I was aware that I need to push twice to read a book only in my last 2 trials.

Great! I would love to see these buildings using your city viewer in a generated city.

They look like they are maintained by a meticulous gardener.

** spoilers **

Wow I evolved into a rocket :)

Nice mysterious game.

Mysterious both in the story and the way you could achieve this functionality using  Bitsy.

I think the peeking interaction is quite genuine.

Thanks a lot! :)

I loved the camera perspective in rooms and when we get to peek out to humans. Beautiful!

I think, I'm lost in the forest :D

I came here to suggest the flip / rotate option as well. Would be a great help :)

Also having the walls as a separate layer might be more handy than having inherent wall property in a tile.

Scene design is very beautiful and atmospheric.

Thank you! :)

Nice compilation!

I would add the Stardew Valley's communal soup there :)

Graphics and effects are very lovely. I liked the action, too. But, I didn't get past the trio. Dying is easy, so it would be nice to have a check point or to preserve the experience over death.

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