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Very good game in general. The music is phenomenal! Entertaining and well made. Perfect schore IMO

Awesome graphics and music, wish there were more levels. Cool idea and a very nice execution :)

Thank you for your feedback. I definitely regret the complexity of crafting combinations, it wasn't really intended to be that way. I ran short of time to smooth it out before the jam end, so the best I was able to do was to finish up everything I could. Glad you had fun playing it :D After the Jam I intend to fix some of the games problems and update it further.

Thx for reporting. I'll try to figure it out soon. An easy fix for now is to install the missing dependency separately. I'll let you know when I'll upload a fix.

Cool game. I see you also like sandbox games :D. Be sure to check out my entry. Impressive work!

Wow that's a swift response. I most certainly do enjoy it :) Props for the music. I myself am very challenged in that regard. If you have any tips for a beginner I'm all ears :D

Awesome concept. I was able to trick the turrets by staying just on the limit of their range, so that's something to fix. A challenging and fun game thought :)

Very cool game, but I do have some criticism. Definitely include the control scheme description in-game in the future. I see now that it's visible on the description page, but if someone looks up your game as I did, throuth the submission list of the GBJam, that info is not visible. I really like the classic NES game vibe and the Antonball speech sample is very amusing too :) kudos for a nice entry :D

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Haha, blushing buddha won me over :) Awesome entry! Also very nice codiing. I also user pygame for my project, but I have to admit I need to work a bit on the code structure.

Cool entry. I ran into some collision detection errors though. Very cool boss battle level. Keep up the good work :)

Awesome effort! As someone who enjoys the C64 demoscene I really appreciate what you accomplished. It might not be a conventional GBJam entry, but it's certainly something people should hear about.

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That's the thing you can craft it already :D, it's just not demonstraded on the GIFs. I intentionally left out most of the crafting recipes a secret. 

The game as it is now is very much completeable, just takes a bit of time to figure stuff out :)