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That's an interesting theory, but I keep seeing many more recent posts appearing, while this one is still lagging…

I've just published a devlog, but it doesn't appear at all in the "most recent" list.

I couldn't find any info about why could this be happening… is there something I've missed?

Exactly, that's the second option: they have to go to the site, because it's an online multiplayer game, with no offline component, and no open source component. It's just online, just on the site.

There is nothing to upload. It's an online game. And it's closed source anyway. There really is nothing to upload, it's not a single player offline game, it's a online multiplayer game.

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No, sorry, I didn't manage to explain myself clearly: it's not that kind of game.

It's not offline, it's online-only.

There's nothing to download, it's a website. It's just an URL, and you play over there.

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I'm creating a page for a Web Game I'm developing, so that I can post devlogs to keep people updated.

However, it seems that itch assumes that there will be something to be downloaded eventually, since I cannot select anything relevant from the dropdown:

Even "HTML" seems to imply people would download the file and play it offline, which isn't the case: this is a full-fledged website, I would just give you the URL and that's it.

What am I supposed to do? Just select "downloadable" and then don't upload anything at all, putting the link to the game in the description? Or am I missing something?

Current are: red=jump, blue=push&dot, green=freeze.

There are likely a few other powers planned, but I'd have to find the design doc first…