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Great game so far!  I couldn't figure out how report a bug, so I'm putting it here: It is possible to swap out a locked (unmovable) piece with a piece not yet on the board, which causes the locked piece to get stuck off the board, making the level impossible to complete without restarting.

Attached is an example from Level 9.

This is a fun little puzzler!  The concept of staying powered up is simple but is used in such interesting ways.  The fact that the wire acts as a physics object was such a fun surprise.  The boxes themselves become an interesting challenge in later levels.  This has a surprising amount of polish for a game jam game.  I'd have liked to see a better indication of attaching/detaching from the cord and auto-detaching between levels (that was a bit confusing).  But overall, great work.

This is so fun! I like how you slowly give more things to do and teach the player with pictures. Some of the things are a bit confusing, like the landscaping pieces (I didn't know what they were) and how the animals work. I also didn't expect to be able to send an empty truck, so now I need to fill it with things I don't have yet. I wish I didn't have to wait so long for crops to grow, because the mines get tiring quickly. I hope you make more games that are so fun!

Neat!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get too far in this game, but I like what I did play.  The atmosphere was so unsettling with the music and sound choices, although the footsteps became a bit annoying after some time of walking around.  The rain did a good job of adding suspense to exploring the area, but it also made it hard to see much of anything in certain spots - "find the mop" was more trouble that I expected.  The map was interesting to explore and felt like it could hold a bunch of extra secrets in all sorts of places.  I hope you continue to work on projects like this.

What a smart concept!  A bit tricky to understand the controls at first but great fun!

I like the writing, the art is nice and the sword mechanic is clever.  Good stuff!   

Clever concept!  It feels a bit rough around the edges, it was tricky to understand what's going on with all the blinking boxes, but this was some great fun.

Brilliant concept!  I'm having a lot of fun.

Brilliant concept!  I'm having a lot of fun.

Had me howling, great job!

By the third iteration I was crying with laughter.  This is extremely clever, I love it!

Simple concept, great fun!