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I'm very happy that you like it! MMnMM rules and I'm glad to have added something to it!

A beautiful game capable of producing transcendently nightmarish house designs. Easily matches Delver as a game for producing surreal situations that nevertheless remain perfectly legible, and as such I'd call it one of the truly great procedural map generation games. Absolutely play this; the Zener card mechanics in particular are inspired. (noncommercial, physical game)

I enjoy the parameters on rolls that it places with position and effect, but by far my favorite part of the system is how much it encourages players and GMs to perceive time and consequences more fluidly than most games, not just in terms of flashbacks but also with how the resistance roll functions in play. There's a real drive in the rules to explore possibility and pose questions, and agree on what happens rather than just say what happens.

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After working for about a week straight I made a first draft of an entire Forged in the Dark game for Wizjam, the Otherselves, where you play regular people in mundane circumstances who also happen to have wildly powerful magic at their disposal. It's meant to evoke the likes of Mob Psycho 100 and Cultist Simulator in what kind of stories you can tell with it, primarily, and it's been a great time both making it and thinking about it for the past two weeks. It follows a dichotomy where using magic utilizes the standard FitD mechanics while mundane life operates as a diceless game. I also plan to keep working on it in the following months, editing and adding stuff over time to render it into a finished product, but it nevertheless ought to be playable as it is right now.