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PuddleQuest is now on!

PuddleQuest is a top-down action platformer with a "puzzle-strategy" flavor: you can fly in any direction as far as you wish, ...but only in straight line
Use platforms or bounce on walls to catch 8 Pollens and restore the Lotus Flower.

also some years ago the concept of "flow" was popularized in some videogames by ThatGameCompany (Flow, Flower, Journey..)

Originally based on which describe a particular state that could have something in common with mindfulness..

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I'm also interested :) (I practise meditation & taichi) Videogames and meditation may seem 2 worlds apart, but as an expression medium videogame can deal with any subject, so why not meditation? I'm curious about your games :)

I've thought a bit about how could videogames convey interest in self-cultivation. Most games rely on heavy use of external senses (sight, sound, touch,..), pattern matching, learning automatic reactions to stimuli, etc.. and it's exactly what meditation try to get rid of! Finding inner calm, be open to stimuli but not follow them, finding the deeper parts of yourself, may seem difficult to use in a videogame :) But fortunately, videogame ecosystem is so rich that many genres exists, and new genres are yet to be found!

ps: some years ago, Ubisoft released a game along these lines: (you have to genuinely be aware of your breathing, etc) Did'nt try it because it uses a special device, but looks interesting.