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i like how you have different game "stages", reminds me of the fight/build of room builder.

i bought like.. 5 things :)

Seemed nicer, better pacing :)

couldnt run it so i went into source and disabled fullscreen. game is fun, the look ahead of the aiming was a bit much for me.

Source Code: start using macros. They just keep any value that will never change and are super clean. Same as globals but you know they are right there in the macro folder, and will never change. So if there was a: "default_aim_look_ahead" macro here, i could have changed that in the project easily. (+ you can still alter those values with things like: global.look_ahead = default_aim_look_ahead * 2 - for a sniper rifle or something, cause the default will never change..)

Really fun game, but one my first run i played for a while and didnt find a single use for magic nails. Am i supposed to get much further to unlock another turret? The turret/building mechanics are far more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting ones.. is there any chance i can see the source for this, as i took a browse of your jam version and i think i could learn a bit, as well as help you to improve your projects.

Takin a look at source. Pretty clean, i know its a jam but i think you'd benefit from using scripts and state machines a lot more.

hmmmm, thats pretty tough to answer.. i don't know what the personality of the game is really except retro neon / isaac copy. If theres more to it than that, then you might have to try and communicate it in a stronger way.

ok i realised you have to not just place them, but then build them. A button icon prompt might have helped? The turret shooting sound is, reaaally annoying however. That said, really fun game. Ima check the source to see if i can learn anything :)

seems really cool but turrets dont do anything. just looks like a box i put on the floor and nothing happens -__-

pretty fun little neon isaac

i think the game could use more personality right now, i like the clean art but its all a bit plain . i found the flashing when i shoot to be a bit annoying

haha, no i did check that playmode was turned off, im not that much of a spanner

 no worries regardless, probably some random compatibility issue, thanks :)

i would, but the code is on an old computer which is fucked so i cant access it. try checking out the sequel, it costs but its much better i promise you

heres what i did: https://twitter.com/i/status/1027551426799706112

but thats all i could do cause i kept having problems with the program, which is a shame ;__;

problems were: color wheel not working, title changes not saving, gif recorder wouldnt record properly, cannot place exits. dont rly know whats happening but im on windows 10, using google chrome)

fair enough, i just don't think you should force the player to re-do stages to progress when the stages are so similar to begin with. in fact i think if youre gonna work on anything in this game, it should be a meaningful sense of progression - maybe an overall simple narrative like reaching some maguffin, then a map screen between levels so it feels like you're travelling somewhere ?


yes it did, thanks

is there a demo anywhere? looks nice

Niice. I like how smooth and responsive everything is, the audio design is really good. A bit of the weirdness reminds me of some of Cactus' old games before hotline miami. Dimension switching enables/disables certain instances? How did you do the trippy graphics, is it an animated overlay for the noise, and the lights are drawing a black square over the screen, then drawing a circle that cuts out of that square? thanks

No those are great answers. I did similar things on Still Not Dead and now cannot even bear to go into that project. I dont suppose you could say what kind of parenting techniques you use? Im new to gamemaker and organization is really something i want to improve at, it lets me down a lot. Also, can you hazard a guess why the speed/direction GM variables, caused that dissapear bug? Are they getting pushed way out of screen? Is their depth getting messed with? Im assuming you used "solid". Many people say the built in vars are crap, but i want to know why :P Thanks again, sorry for so many questions..

haha, really interesting!

Been playin this the last hour or two and its fantastic, sent you a few dollars as a thankyou. I finished the game and heres my feedback if you ever go back to it:

  1. smooth the camera with some lerp
  2. if 2 directions are pressed, multiply movement speed by 0.75 so diagonal speed isnt faster
  3. spend more time on the audio design, its the weakest part
  4. be cool if when you pass the first dungeon, you unlock a gate or something as a shortcut back to town

I have a few questions how this was made if you dont mind answering?

  1. what is your parent heirachy like? do you have: moving object > enemy > slime > green slime, for example?
  2. are you using bounce_all, for characters?
  3. the weapon.. is it a single sprite that only faces mouse on its "idle" frame, always follows the player, and on its attack frame enables something (on the sword, a collider - on the bow, a spawn arrow code) ?

any other info on how you made such a big game in 10 days, so effectively would be really appreciated, Thanks and keep making cool shit!

This is fucking phenomenal. Incredible work. Only played twice and died to the bull both times, my only feedback is that there's so much movement and color on the screen that you might want to add a "hardcore option" that dials down visual clutter in favor of pro-highscore chasing gameplay / i can see everything thats happening in a slit second and react in time. expect a twitter follow and me bugging you to ask how u made this so good

just gonna add that i never used dodge roll once

also i had no idea the game had this much depth, nice stuff. I think content unlocking is too slow so people give up, for me - having to do every stage twice to move onto the next world seemed like boring backtracking..

have fun :)

sweet, yeah the sound plays to let you know theyre coming then its up to you to spot from where, supposed to build tension

thanks glad you enjoyed it

i only played a bit but i like fps games with lots of atmosphere, powerful guns, scary enemies and sweeet level design but this didnt really have any of that for me (that i played) but i like the art style and production value - so ill probably have to give it another go, i dont think i scratched the surface here.. also i want to save cactus cause that dude is cool.

(not deadlock, deadbolt .. but just cause the outline item interactions)

(SPOILERS AHEAD! for this and the last of us..)

Damn the one near the ladder spun around and wrecked me, made me jump out my skin. Great atmosphere for such simple presentation! I think maybe the death would've been more effective if he didn't say anything and there was no music, just the wind or something.. a bit like that early death in the last of us.
Reminded me a little bit of Deadlock or Flashback

Thanks for buying my game Still Not Dead (FPS pixel zombie shooter) ages ago. Am gonna download and play this now :)

GAME HERE >>>  https://glovegames.itch.io/still-not-dead  <<< GAME HERE

Its been on sale over at Steam for a while,  but now it's released to the wonderful itch.io community! Thankyou :)
Why did it take so long? I've kinda been sleeping on itch.io for a while now, and am only just discovering how great this place is. Thanks a lot to whoever put all this together, its a godsend, especially now that steam seems uhhhhhhhhhh not as good as it was, for indies.. haha :P

- Greg (glove)

Luminous community · Created a new topic art style

looks great, ill have to check this out

oh i won this time, fun for 20 secs :)

died instantly, dunno how to restart -__-

tough game

shooting feels nice and punchy, wish the hero was more interesting to look at though

snake boss is sweet. i like how u can see his health

cool style

playin all your games after swordvania. this one does what it says on the tin, cool music

Its ok, i like the idea. The orbs have a mind of their own, probably shouldve done a lerp(orb position, dude position, speed) instead of add force on rigidbody.

Unity is a bad choice for this kind of game imo