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2 spooky

Its brilliant. My one comment is that i never used defence because C button is kinda hard to press, and attacking blocks anyway. In my opinion sometimes the best game design move is to remove or stip down features if they aren't useful.

How did you animate the stick figures in the cutscene, are they seperate sprites, or one large sprite? I used to do a lot of stick figure work under the name "greg-anims".

visual style is great (although those trees probably be less cartoony as multi-billboards)

gameplay is too minimal. so minimal that it may have worked better as a short film

ah fair enough

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No worries. Well i think personally each level should bring something new, so some new kind of mechanic or challenge and a lot of the early levels just repeat the same concept. For example: in my game skullface, the level structure was: introduce a new mechanic in a simple way, next level do it with a bigger challenge, and the third level do that mechanic but with another mechanic also intertwined - it was inspired by Portals dev commentaries so theres new challenges every level and a new mechanic every 3 levels. I also group mechanic types into worlds (first is basic, 2nd mostly jetpacking, 3rd is more puzzle themed) to add more variety too.

oh, how is python for this kind of thing? i use gamemaker for simplicity, but python might be fun.

if this is the highest fps on my beast of a pc then you should really look into refactoring/optimisation methods..

Solid start, but the level design is pretty weak - although i like the option for multiple routes. I'm guessing you could do a lot better today

awesome, thanks

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Seems really cool, i like this kind of game and level editor included with the proc-gen is awesome.

But the frames per second really sucks, and the mouse sensitivity is too low, also i cant find a weapon so i start games just punching dudes for ages.. be cool if you included settings in a txt file, for gameplay mods.

Pit achieved, awesome game. Shame i cant smash stuff or get a drink. Would be cool to see this as an rpg with more stuff..

Some depth issues: In future just set up some layers with enums (enum layers { floor, trash, people, player }, and give each object a layer in its create script (layer = layers.floor)- then reference the objects "layer" to decide its depth in a layer manager object or something. Much clearer than manually messing around with the "depth" values in gamemaker for every object.

looks v noice indeed

I understand that completely. Games take time to make.. there may be another way to do it that better fits the game though

Quests - sweet. Be cool if you earn actual stuff from missions like new areas or tricks

looks cool might have to give this a try

finished it, very cool. hope the game has more checkpoints for casuals like me

looks sick but i dont get why its in episodes, is each one a different character or something?

+ what can you do except skate and tag, are there missions like deliver pizza n stuff? i liked the missions in THUG where u start as a rookie and then move onto crazy shit like jumping helicopters (i made a bad sports game called tony eagle, its on gamejolt if ur interested)

ps - another bug is i spawned in a wall. wasnt a big deal as i could move out of it anyway

current best is the stage with 40 enemies. as i learn more of the game i realise a lot of my suggestions are stupid. fav tactic is using lazers and tryna fight enemies over a long distance

i read this:
Seems i cant open a GMS2 project ;__; maybe theres some kinda work around..

If i can get the project to open in GMS i can take a look and maybe refactor a bit (are u using scripts, macros, globals, state machines/enums, parenting?). Could also load most of the variables and such from a text file (.ini) so its easy to mod without even opening gamemaker. I had a very similar thing happen on still not dead, i smashed out the prototype in a month and after that had a hard time even looking at the project it was such a mess -__-' lessons learnt, i think in future i'll try to clean the code as i go :P

im guessin a lot of these ideas wouldnt work very well but itd def be fun to see how they play in game

also: holding down Rclick after a dash to sprint (but you cant shoot)

another idea: no chests/ammo/hp, but you get full health at the start of each stage. guns have 5-15 shots each but 1 in 3 enemies will drop their types gun (bit like hotline miami?), attacking without a gun does a crappy melee + but you can hold down click to throw a gun as a grenade. also some kind of progression you unlock the more you play, like access to harder areas, more skillful weapons / character types.

is there any chance i can get the GM project file ( is it GMS? cause i dont have 2.. ;_; ) to do some mods for this?
some ideas for options i wanna add to play around with are stuff like smaller maps, less ammo, health is a pickup not a drop, and a purchase system where things like dash/minimap/dodge..etc, need to be bought (maybe 1 point every level) so you have less to work with, making each system more valuable - but also meaning character customisation each run. If that's cool talk to me at: :)
ps - i did a similar pro/con system in my game Still Not Dead, but it was mandatory after each level and called blessing/curses haha

what do your door checks do?

lol pretty fun, i get rekt by peepaw all the time tho and give up aha

Seemed cool. I like this style and the inspirations. I got the duct tape and after that had no idea what to do, so after some trial n error pixel hunting i just quit

Awesome. Can only do the first few screens so i'll have to get further. What kind of techniques in gamemaker did you use to make this? Its pretty different to a lot of GM games on here.. thanks

Teleglitch meets NT ? Really awesome stuff.

bug: it freezes on 'placing chests' sometimes

SOOOPER joocy animations

Seemed nicer, better pacing :)

couldnt run it so i went into source and disabled fullscreen. game is fun, the look ahead of the aiming was a bit much for me.

Source Code: start using macros. They just keep any value that will never change and are super clean. Same as globals but you know they are right there in the macro folder, and will never change. So if there was a: "default_aim_look_ahead" macro here, i could have changed that in the project easily. (+ you can still alter those values with things like: global.look_ahead = default_aim_look_ahead * 2 - for a sniper rifle or something, cause the default will never change..)

Really fun game, but one my first run i played for a while and didnt find a single use for magic nails. Am i supposed to get much further to unlock another turret? The turret/building mechanics are far more fleshed out than the dodging/shooting ones.. is there any chance i can see the source for this, as i took a browse of your jam version and i think i could learn a bit, as well as help you to improve your projects.

Takin a look at source. Pretty clean, i know its a jam but i think you'd benefit from using scripts and state machines a lot more.

hmmmm, thats pretty tough to answer.. i don't know what the personality of the game is really except retro neon / isaac copy. If theres more to it than that, then you might have to try and communicate it in a stronger way.

ok i realised you have to not just place them, but then build them. A button icon prompt might have helped? The turret shooting sound is, reaaally annoying however. That said, really fun game. Ima check the source to see if i can learn anything :)

seems really cool but turrets dont do anything. just looks like a box i put on the floor and nothing happens -__-

pretty fun little neon isaac

i think the game could use more personality right now, i like the clean art but its all a bit plain . i found the flashing when i shoot to be a bit annoying

haha, no i did check that playmode was turned off, im not that much of a spanner

 no worries regardless, probably some random compatibility issue, thanks :)