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A retro first person shooter with roguelike elements · By MaxwellSalmon


A topic by glovegames created Aug 31, 2018 Views: 168 Replies: 4
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Seems really cool, i like this kind of game and level editor included with the proc-gen is awesome.

But the frames per second really sucks, and the mouse sensitivity is too low, also i cant find a weapon so i start games just punching dudes for ages.. be cool if you included settings in a txt file, for gameplay mods.


Thank you for the feedback. The frame rate is as high as it can get. It is made in Python, which is quite slow. As for the sensitivity, you can change it in the settings. The game is a bit unforgiving at points. I might tweak that.

oh, how is python for this kind of thing? i use gamemaker for simplicity, but python might be fun.

if this is the highest fps on my beast of a pc then you should really look into refactoring/optimisation methods..


Python is not suited for these kinds of projects. The issue with the game is not optimizing. It is the language it is written in. Python is very slow, so the performance of this game is as good as it can get.

ah fair enough