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I really enjoyed that! I just defeated the Ruined King and wanted to jot down some of my initial thoughts. Right off the bat, I am interested in how it would play with different weapons; I went in with the Spear and Erupting Flame, which made some fights rather easy (ranged damage!) but really hampered my ability to move away from creatures that tried to gang up on me. I didn't end up dying, but I got close a couple times. Definitely considering re-starting with a Scythe and Strider's Boots or something, just to see how it affects the vibe. 

I had some questions about rules that I just made my best judgements for (I may have missed where you said things): 

  • If something has a range of 2 or 3, is that in a straight line only, or can it turn corners? 
  • When an enemy has an action that isn't move, block, or harm (for instance, summoning a skeleton), when does that take place? 
  • Related, do summoned enemies act immediately roll a die for their Action Set, or do they spend their first turn just standing there?
  • If I kill a unique enemy (or the rune lord) and then die, does that kill still count? 
  • Is Harm dealt by Draining affected by bonuses from (say) the Sun Scorched ring or being in the same square? If so, does the healing increase as well?

Those were the areas that were unclear. But on the whole, I had a wonderful time; in particular, when I finally decided to go to Graven Keep and I realized that, because I had collected a bunch of Lore earlier, I got to skip two fights? That was delightful! That felt very much like I was being rewarded for my exploration. I am very much looking forward to seeing what larger and more complex realms look like. I really like having both Lore and specific items that can act as keys, effectively, for letting you access other items and areas; it feels like it opens up a lot of space to play in. On the Grim Coast it's easy to visit every area and do almost every thing, but in a larger place I could see areas that you could access with sufficient Lore, or with an item dropped by a hard boss, or by going along a path with several fights, all rewarding different approaches to gameplay.

Thanks for putting this together!

It is GMed, and generally aimed at 2-4 players.

a a a! sina ken jo e ni lon tenpo kama lili! 

Haha, whoops! Should be fixed now, thanks.

musi ni li pona a tawa mi! tenpo pini lili la mi kama sona e toki pona. tan musi ni la, mi sona pona e nimi ale pi toki pona. nasin "lipu nimi" lin pona kin tawa mi. ona pana mi e ni: mi ken sona e nimi kepeken toki pona. tan ni la, mi kama sona,

tenpo kama la, jan James Moulang li pana e nimi ku suli anu seme?


I like this game! About two weeks ago I started getting into Toki Pona, and thanks in part to playing this for a few rounds every morning, I have learned all the words. The Lipu Nimi is great too, because I can read the bits in Toki Pona, practicing my comprehension. 

Do you have any plans to add the "nimi ku suli" from the Toki Pona dictionary? I see tonsi and monsuta are already there (which is good because I am indeed a monsuta tonsi) but I was wondering if the rest would make it in.

Thanks for the game!

The Rusting of the Relihoust

From Diwher's shimmering shores we ventured forth, our hurangs bright
Our stores of sunlight full, our Solar-Beams pierced through the night

The Relihoust, their helmets firmly fixed,
But grieve! An innocent by Hambing's Helm was tricksed

Behold, Purchankruly, blade of furred heroes
Betwixt the strongest teeth, hath felled our foes

Alas the Hambing's arcane specter wrought yon Purchankruly's hilt to rust
Before the eyes of friends and foes alike the hilt was turned to harsh and swirling dust

Hwaet and harken, harriblex and child:
when seeking foes without, still look within to what seems mild

Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And making the rules summary available as a quickstart PDF is such a good idea that I spent this morning doing Just That. It's a little rough around the edges (I don't have access to my layout files right now, so I had to edit the PDF directly), but it's serviceable enough and lets me put a free downloadable on the page for folks who, as you say, might find it daunting to jump straight into the extensive and self-indulgent morass of the game proper. Brilliant!

Thanks also for pointing out the name and capitalization issues; I will put those on my list of things to take care of when I'm able to actually edit the thing effectively. 

That's super cool, thanks for telling me! I've always thought of Flintlock as something I wanted to go back to and adapt into a bigger game, and it's great to know that it worked out for that! 

This is great, and I'd very much like to submit some of my very silly tabletop RPGs to the cause.