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I played Superhuman Industrial on stream (I've linked the vod), and I thought it was SUPER solid! Sure, I stumbled over stepping on the prompt's toes a little bit, but that's on me for thinking too far ahead! It's a great little way to generate on the fly story prompts, and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Not only is the concept a fun angle to build off of, but the roll 1d6 to get the next piece of the prompt is easy, intuitive, and simple. If you've got some kind of writer's block, I'd heartily suggest this as a warm-up prompt generator, especially if you find storytelling in this genre easy.

Played this on stream recently, fantastic work! It's honestly shocking how far you've pushed the NES here, and it comes together into an addictive, blast of a game, too! I'll definitely be getting more than a few screens into this one on my own time.

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This is the second wretched and alone game I've played on stream, the first one that got properly recorded, and I enjoyed it very thoroughly! The system that's used as a base is a fantastic way to tell stories, and the writing that goes into the prompts is fantastic, spurs on the setting and ideas to work within the setting. I saw someone describe the game without the falling block tower as potentially becoming a "walking simulator", and honestly, that concept sounds really entertaining to me, and this game in particular, moreso than any other wretched and alone game I know of, would be particularly suited to it. Spend a long time exploring the design of the ship, what went on in each area, how the ship and your character's view evolves over time, etc, etc. Long story short? This is a fantastic way to tell a story by yourself, and I've found it a great (albeit a little doom-and-gloom heavy) way to spin yarns for an audience. May play it again, on my own time, in a longer form, along with the soundtrack, and I'm sure I'll enjoy every moment. (also I got this via the BLM bundle, but honestly I'd have paid full price for it given how much fun I've had with it so far)

I won't lie, I picked this out of the bundle because of the sheer confusion the genre choices gave me, but having played a level or two? the dev pulls it off, and fantastically. Can't wait to play more, and really glad I picked it up.

Honestly? I wasn't expecting big things from this game (it felt like something you'd get as a gag gift at first glance) but I found it rather fun and engaging! Seeing everything you can do in that little room, all because of a set of blinds and a few controls? Super fun. 

I'm really rather bad at this game, but it's a good time! Simple mechanic, easy to use, difficult to master. One click runs everything, so I'm sure that's good for accessibility, too! Enjoyable stuff. 

This game is exactly what it says on the tin, and I dig it for (or maybe despite?) that. Good stuff, dev!

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I got a little ways into this game on my stream, and enjoyed every second. Very much looking forward to finishing this game up, fantastic aesthetics, well-thought mechanics enabling that aesthetic. Overall, a fantastic game! Glad to see you're considering adding music or sound, that'd address the only shortcoming I've spotted so far! Even just some ascii-bell like beeps on successful actions would be fantastic.

I think I've got my gamecube controller firing properly, I can send you a screenshot of my bindings I think? (I'm using the official adapter and the driver built for it)

fantastic work, i loved this one! The dialogue from kyndle was loads of fun, and i often had trouble picking what i wanted to say because they were all great options. I got the Do Androids Dream ending first, and it was incredibly heart-wrenching.. or at least, i thought it was, until I got the friendship ending. Had i gotten that ending first, I probably would have burst into tears live on stream. Silas is a really fun character as well, and I loved how he grew over the story!

i had a great time with this game on my stream! There's a few rough edges here and there, (and while i talked about them during the stream, the biggest one was the very repetitive stress message) but that's to be expected from a demo anyway. Great work so far, and such a neat concept too! I'm looking forward to the full version!