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Thank you, really, for playing the game!

So, played this right now, and all I can say is: it's amazing, Really really amazing. Good writing, amazing voiceover - like, it's really incredible how the voices played out during the conversations, specially the one with Ted - and a story that certainly will cling to me for a bit. I hope there's more to come, because i really want to know moore about WTF is going on, and more about Dave.
Nice job, really nice job.

Wow, it was a very fun ride, pal. I mean, spooky and scary, but very fun. I got all the endings, and I loved the way you built them. Very, very good job. The only thing I missed was a soundtrackk, just that low tune to keep me more focused and building the sense of terror. But anyway, good job.

Thank you so much foor the feedback. I'm not a native english speaker and writing the story and coding the game at the same time was hard, I couldn't spellcheck the game in the end. But thank you so so so much for playing it.

Folklore Jam community · Created a new topic Urban Legends

Hello everybody, how's it going?

So, I'm willing to participate in the jam, and am fresh out of Scream City Jam, and the horror theme is quite around me right noow. As a former japanese graduate student (never finished the course, tho) I was fully imerse oon japanese culture during four to five years of my life, and am pretty sure I can create something related to it without offending the culture and people.

I'm planning a Powered by the Apocalypse game set in Tokyoo, but my theme would be Urban Legends, like Aka Manto, Kuchisake Onna or the horrifying Teke Teke.

My question is simple: are Urban Legends considered Folklore?