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Hey, I found the stream and I really enjoyed watching you play it, and trying to figure out how to pass the levels- thanks for playing our game!

Thank you so much- that really means a lot (:

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I loved to hear that someone likes my page design- making it was surprisingly more work and thought than I expected lol. But it was nice, just messing around with the settings (:

Haha that's surprising! We actually didn't have as much time for polish as we wanted to- no player animations, only button click sfx, and barely any particles... Maybe the minimalistic style and music just sells it 😉

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That's interesting.. we noticed that in the beginning of level 6 and tried to lower the ceiling in the beginning to make it harder to pass and 'talk the player out of it', but didn't think about the room at the end of the level with the other wiring board haha.

Though I don't really know how can we restrict the player there... Maybe shorter levels or checkpoints could help make that less 'punishing'? 

Haha the reddit guy! Glad you liked it.
Your post brought ~400 visitors to our game page- thank you!

Thank you so much!

Fun, fast paced and a cool upgrading system- I enjoyed it thanks for making it!

For some reason non of the controls work for me and I am stuck in place- It looks like a nice game though...

Hi! Nice game! the dialogue is funny and I like the voxel models- they look great. Got to the second level with "4" with only one bullet, and couldn't kill him- is there a way to obtain more ammo?

Thanks! Glad you had fun. BTW I've played your game and it's absolutely hilarious- I actually laughed out loud a few time

Waking up and seeing your comment made my day- Thank you I really appreciate it.

Not sure if we have the time to continue working on it though... The game files are also messed up in all sorts of game-jam-y way haha

Thanks a lot! We're glad you liked it

The game is fun, the music is good, and I like the shop- keep making games! (my high score is 547)

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it

Thank you so much- we're really glad you do

Amazing drawings, the game feels very balanced and yet every wave makes me feel like a pro when I beat it!

Nice game!

Great game (especially for your first solo one)!


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Did you delete your game?? I really really liked it

Great concept! also the music is great

fun and polished game. good job!


1 day left! any more games?

Thanks haha my best is 124 (:

this game is so fun!!! good job

btw my best score is 1.03

sure there is XD


great game!!! for some reason I had to press shift+Q to return to the default gravity

oh i get you (:

Thank you!! usenowgamer made the art

This game is so addictive! well done

a very fun puzzle game. good job!

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934 mg! hmm too big for me ):

great game! the music is nice and the gameplay is fun.

great game!!! I love it!

Thank you for your feedback. We considered to do that thing with the mouse but I was too lazy XD

Can you please tell us why the gameplay is too simple for you?