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Found it! Thanks!

I just learned that reviews are invisible to other users for some mysterious reason only knows. ;) So I am posting my review here for the reference of others.

Rating: 2 stars

I do like the concept, and there are two things which would make this a 3- or even 4-star game:

1) Have someone check your grammar and spelling. There is a grammar mistake at the very beginning of every game, and I spotted a spelling error in the first five minutes of play.

2) Add more potential outcomes. I feel like the game's intended artistic message is diluted by the fact that so many (all?) the endings are unhappy ones. Also, remove or rework the ending message; it seems a bit pedantic. Good luck, and thank you for sharing your work with us!

Or while replying to someone? Since the option to subscribe is not on the reply screen either.

This is an extremely fundamental and, for many, vital feature to be excluding from your storefront. I have no doubt that it is costing you sales. Is there an official reason for this? I saw another moderator comment about's plans to revamp its review system, but that was from three years ago.

I hope you guys change this sometime, as I think that fills a unique niche and would really like to see it gain more traction.

Lovely. The sound effects in particular were great. I encountered one apparent bug toward the end, where some of the final rewards were floating high above the box that was delivered and could not even be seen until the box was moved down into the playing field.

One suggestion: Add a few more achievements to give it a bit of an endgame and give us a reason to breed more of those special chickens. Maybe even introduce an uber-rare breed.

lump sump?

Don'cha think?

Thanks, mailordergod. I too struggled with this, until I saw your post.

I recommend Mt. Zao (equally beautiful in summer, though it is more famous for skiing in winter), Yamadera (aka 立石寺), and at least one good soba shop.

Any particular reason you set this in Yamagata? I went to 南校 (in the 90s, no less!), so color me curious.

Windows 7 Pro 64.

Lovely piece of software. Space bar didn't work for me (Windows), but c'est la vie.