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are you still here?

stfu n stop obsessing over me, creeper

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you're STILL stalking me even after being called out on it..
is your dick hard, #Creeper ?

i am not your 1st grade teacher, go pay for your own damn education, commie

at least i can form coherent sentences.

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You must be very a special little boy if you think i would be predictable. and wtf is this "social intelligence" bullshit? sounds to me like someone has been Conditioned, you soft-brained pleb.

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why not use patreon for patreon-related announcements? instead of spamming those of us who refuse to use such an unethical company .. if you made these advance releases to itch-owners of the game, maybe that'd motivate us to buy it on this site, which does not repress lawful freedom of speech, and is not involved in election-meddling.

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are you still here?
butthurt much? still haven't seen a valid argument from you, just typically meaningless ideological drivel.
don't you have a work of art to go destroy or something, like your brothers in ISIS or just stop oil? 
yes, this is ENTIRELY about chemistry, moron. the very core of the subject matter of this game is about chemistry, and Big Green Tech Industry propaganda

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damn straight, and i got the perfect one for you  and your incomplete biological chemistry knowledge base 

payback is a bitch, bitch 

but, but, but, she started it with a blowjob :o 

"tattoos".. did you mean "glaring red flags"?
if this wasnt a game, she'd be dumped for those emotional damage signifiers 

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plot twist, it not just your daughters you're banging in present day.. you impregnated their mothers too, making their moms also your daughters..  and their grandmothers too..
.. in fact, its all "your daughters" all the way back to 1764


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the top 1% of the 75% of shit, is still shit.

you can deny all you want, that is still not a valid argument. and at this point, you have lost the last of your credibility.
you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. your houses are built upon the sand.  #Fail 

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yea, someone is mad, at not having someone hold their hand as you "play" the game, and instead are begging for a linear novel.. someone is mad indeed. consequences make for interesting gameplay, its as simple as that. theres a millions avn s out there without this crucial immersion-building factor, try one of them, instead of trying to ruin a rare gem

you get what you give, creeper 

just choose the default position, you've already demonstrated you cant handle having choices to make, little bitch.

you're not man enough

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well how about we lay everything out in a nice little line for you one after the other, and then we fucking play  the game for you too? i mean, at what point do you choose to just go watch a movie or read a book instead? why have any kind of choices at all?
ffs, do you GAME, ever, butthurt downvoting-all-my-comments little bitch? 
*oh looky, you're a mod user.. no you do not game, you follow the instructions given to you by actual gamers. lame as fuck. go buy a book

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bro, learn to form, a valid argument. your iq deficiency is on public display.
schoolyard children make more intelligent rebuttals singing crap like ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚ i know you are you said you are but what am i? ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚.
everything i have said is factually correct. your type is #PartOfTheProblemhow many million will you add to the "lets make the world a better place" death toll?

but seriously, welcome back, best girl <3

na mate, some girls cant stand other girls, and it would make your life hell to try.and what you're describing is a story, not a "game" as you called it.
the game plays perfect as is. this is IRL dynamic what AVNs are missing. GAMEplay

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your baseless accusations and wild imagination is not a valid argument. but you don't have a valid argument, because you've fallen for the modern "big lie". have fun building your concentration camps for the rest of us that refuse  to entertain your delusions. 
fact is, the the the "H' guy who ran the "N" party from the 40's, he didn't wake up one morning and think "i'm going to be evil and destroy the entire worlds lives".. he woke up and thought the same thing ppl like you think = "i'm going to change the world, i'll make it a  better place".
and like you, his ideology was factually incorrect at its core. the biological fact is, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant. it is the foundational requirement of ALL life on earth, and this epoch of history has a dangerously low level of it in the atmosphere, to the point that plantlife is almost stunted already. if we add more, you get more plant growth, as verified by nasa as having been occurring consistently for the past couple of decades, decades which, mind you, have shown no evidence of global warming.. perhaps, did you mean one of the other carbon molecules, the noxious toxic gas emitted by internal combustion engines, "Carbon Monoxide" (CO), that stuff that we have put decades and billions of dollars of research towards the elimination from car emissions? cos then you might be partially right, if a little behind the times.
but no one is talking about CO anymore. the ppl who want to reduce CO2, are those with stocks in the Big Green Tech industry and IQ deficient plebs who fanboy all their green gimmicks, and the ppl who came up with such an evil idea, were probably the eugenic population reductionists. 

theres only ONE question that i would ask of any girl that wanted "a break" or time apart...
i dont care that she probably time travelled back in time too, this is still the only question that matters..

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"post-carbon economy" you know that is a literal impossibility, right?
so.. the aim is to kill everyone in order to make a few activists feel powerful and make a few billionaires even richer before they also die? 

LOOL its a cartoon ffs

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dont worry, you didnt miss much. chapter 21 was more like reading one page of a novel.. whats the release schedule? a new chapter each week?

run along now crybaby, go tell mommy and daddy that i hurt your feels

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no fucks given.. i'm guessing i found one. i hit the nail on the head eh?
but sure, keep telling me how you're a fascist running off to the powers that be to repress the right of superior ppl such as myself, scum.. try fighting your own battles for once.

its like the author has pre-chosen all the same choices that i would have chosen anyways. 
author is a lewd bastard just like me :D 

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i was the same, story moves slower than expected, but then its emotional hook is sharper than expected. then out of nowhere it becomes wittier than expected, and then you just let go of yr expectations and roll with it

nice. i like it so far :)
just wondering, so i can pace myself, how many days does the game have now?

99% certain these numbers come from a random generator every time you post 

-Overlord Patreons -  Available August 15th

-Paladin Patreons -  Available August 20th

-Every day helper Patreons - Available August 25th

-Free Public Version - Available August 30th

that means its been abandoned 3 times

agree'd. the intro animation would perfectly suit my pc as a screensaver right now

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i get this in a lot of games. i always thought of it as if the frame hadnt unloaded, and was still in the background (kinda how gifs can be layered in the background), which then flicks up on screen when loading a new scene takes more than a split second 

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its probably getting auto-renamed. delete the old file first and then paste the new one, or, drag and drop the new one directly on top of the old one. thats assuming the new patch file has exactly the same file name as the old

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TIL: throwing misty in the air makes her horny - she gets her horny-eyes.
gonna have to let a certain ninja incubus know about that lil secret ;) 

good man, your work is great, keep it up. the illustrations perfectly set the tone for your story. 100% better than stick figures, 99% better than live action  actors.
if you MUST remake anything, it might be the title, but hey, even i can accept thats just my personal artistic preference that will differ from everyone else, and is a reflection of my own personal tastes that i should not try to impose on an author