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nope, you want October 21, 2015, same date the cubs won the world series

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i wouldnt be surprised about the comics, cos comics in general really have been trending in popculture for a couple of decades now, as opposed to the early days of 'only geeks read comics'. "geek is cool bro" #WordsHaveMeanings, but i digress :p 
but AVNs specifically out of the VN genre? from my maybe limited observations, more girls seem to be authoring them than playing them.
and while i might admire the technical aspects of the rendering¹, girl on girl just does nothing for me, unless its incidental to a 3some.
having said that, no complaints from me. slow plot progress is better than a stagnating game :) two "days" in ~60ish days, is not bad at all.

¹ you are using some really good lighting and reflection settings in your renders, they look amazing, without having that horrible "too much detail" feel you get from higher resolutions..
i mean, 4k IRL-video can be completely change a movie, removing the 'magical feel' provided by a slight fuzziness to the image, the slightly blurred quality of old VHS standards kinda lend a 'dreamy' feel to films..
you ride that line between 'TMI', and 'looks like IRL', love your work

personally, i feel that rendering a whole new set of scenes is just slowing down production and wasting your very good rendering skills on a such a low-demand feature. like, you're putting all this effort into something that maybe 5% of players (and thats being generous suggesting that 5% of itch-io users are female) are even going to access. i know that i for one will never play the female version, i just dont relate to it.

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game is complete. has a great, well-rounded story written from a practical point of view. story progresses at a comfortable pace. largely doesnt fly through looking for porn opportunities. focus is on story. a lot of content. definitely recommended for readers, not quite so much for dirty masturbaters.
has some bugs with the Stats screen disappearing for most characters if you close the game and re-open it beyond a certain point.

na, she's just too high maintenance, totally not worth it. she doesnt even cook or clean

i have the same problem. all the character stats except carol and naomi have disappeared.
i tried shift+D and shift+O but neither worked to access developer mode 

i'm a monster :( apparently im tormenting and abusing my poor lil orphan girl 

"lower the stat means the more insecure they feel"
thats exactly how i understood it too :/ like it is in the dictionary. the "stats defined" page is not clear on this either

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hmmm.. ive been playing it backwards then, cos the common phrase "that person has a lot of nerve" means that they are very outgoing, have a lot of confidence, and/or are very rude. "to have a lot of nerve" is the opposite of "is nervous".
i've been actively trying to max their Nerve stats to make them better survivors ...
dammit, and i'm already upto chapter 27, so considering what i know now about how you have interpreted it, and that ive currently got carols nerve up to 10, well, i'm surprised she's not trying to kill herself with anxiety. surprised she didn't get us all killed or drop the gun or something at Hanas house 

i lol'd
laughing out louded 

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still playing the game, not ready to give feedback other than im liking it a lot..
but i gotta say, at the beginning of part2, chapter9, it would have been quite epic if you had have kept count of the maybe 64 times i smashed the infected in the head at the end of part1 chapter 8, and re-played them to me in the "carol's quiet. probably rattled. for good reason" flashback sequence in part 2 ..
i would have soo been shitting bricks all like "oh god, i knew i shouldn't have hit it so much or sprayed carol with all that blood, oh crap the game remembers, what will the karma be, oh no i dun goofed".. as it stands my heart skipped a beat when i saw it was a flashback starting 

at this point, the story is so good i'd be happy with still images, im sure i'd still be LMAOing 

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he's prolly one of these guys that prefers 100 perspectives of the one repetitive action, instead of 100 unique scenes.
ProTip: he cant have them both.

just noticed the game now has 1.3k ratings.. only 100 less than the gold standard AVN, Sisterly Lust.
congrats, you certainly deserve the recognition :) 

"wish it was a more choice based"
but isnt that the whole point of the plot? 
MC has no control over anything that is happening, your daughters have complete control, not you 

alright, it might not seem like it at first glance, but this right here, is some peter jordanson top-lobster shiz.
the good doctor would be proud of this story. sit back and lose control to a diabolical mastermind of manipulation, who is purely working to your benefit.
medium quality renders but the animations are as smooth as a freshly shaven vagene.
love it, pissed myself laughing, cant wait for more

no problem, enjoyed what i played otherwise 

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comment is wrongly placed, it was supposed to be a standalone 'thanks' to the dev, not a reply to  posomog

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the "landlady" IS the "landowner"... what are you talking about? not sure how to proceed.. did you mean "landlord"? (male version of a landlady)

how many days are there in chapter 1? 

yes :( yes i have

thanks .. ah yes, i certainly have played it... the question is, did i finish it? hmm..

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Linux is to Windows, as Netflix reboot is to Original motion picture.

could  you link it?
actually, the name sounds familiar, thats what caught my eye in the first place

"Idk if what I said came off wrong or not" - maybe a misunderstanding due to Poes Law :) no offense taken ..
keep up the good work, i did enjoy what i saw, loved the humour, and i will go back to find what i now know i missed, just as soon as i finish up the latest The Headmaster update :) 

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and that is working? obviously not. as i said, i saw around 10% of what you say is included in the game. that made me lose interest, and the only thing that brought me back was pure luck. how many others didn't come back? are you aware of the widely-known statistic in retail that only 1:10 ppl actually give feedback when they have an issue? 9/10 customers with a problem usually just leave and never return.
butt sure, you can ignore my advice if you want, its your loss. #NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys

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"maybe the world is bigger than itch" - and maybe this is itch.. ppl dont got to mcDonalds to buy a Whopper.
"The Headmaster« is an incomplete game, too" ~ the vast majority of AVNs are incomplete, just as the vast majority do not charge for play.
you dont go to a bookshop to buy half a book.

your feeble arguments are logically invalid.

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bar? what bar?
this game definitely needs some kind of hint system, i definitely didn't see anywhere near 1/4 of 4800 scenes ,, i prolly only saw 500 (1/10th of the game?) ..
i was left with the feeling that this was a small game so far, and was feeling disappointed and wasnt going to follow it any more -  so with that in mind, hints would help you retain a player base.
lucky i came back to check up on the game and saw this comment.

in the meantime, i guess i'll reinstall it and try again when the new update is released 

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cant find anything on itch called "pale carnations" or "what a legend" and Beauty and the Thug is $10 for an incomplete game.. not exactly a useful suggestion list..

here, my collection of the best on itch, with my 'review' of the games quality.

12.2 + some more stuff

the game tells you - "in a future update".

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linux is a custom operating system,. you need a custom solution for your non-standard computer. standard computers have no issues, on any of the various operating systems.

the quality writing vs pace of releases ratio for this game already far outstrips any other game out there. i dont know what more they could do, aside from bringing in extra staff, then the games "vision" would get lost in translation and it would end up ruined.
you are asking the impossible.

fuck patreon who want nothing to do with adult content unless it is "woke".
make your donations through Itch, who wholeheartedly supports adult content.

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another brilliant update devs, thank you.
its like, the brilliance of this game isn't even in the porn, that's just an added bonus, its just so well written.
i love the MCs damn psychology lol, every time i play this game i laugh my head off ..
especially the gaslighting and manipulation.. totally unrealistic, but certainly hilariously logical.
eg: 'that means looking at their privates too??'
'yes that's an excellent suggestion ruth thank you'

this game is in a class of its own ,there is nothing else like it.

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i ended up making a save too, and i turned down the speed of the auto-advance, and put it on auto through the crashy bit.. got through it on about the 3rd attempt after that. 
it wsa also an animation that was crashing it in teh other trouble section i had with rachel too.. 
i think its having memory issues with loading one animation while yr already trying to go to the next animation 

irrelevant. it could be microsoft paint and this game would still be the best AVN in existence

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any idea how you got past it?

maybe it will help with the crash i am getting during "pet play" in my office
edit, im aalso getting crashes in the scene you mentioned now..looks liek amemory leak?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

error: Out of memory

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "D:\Games\TheHeadmaster-\renpy\", line 316, in bootstrap

  File "D:\Games\TheHeadmaster-\renpy\", line 578, in main

  File "D:\Games\TheHeadmaster-\renpy\", line 143, in run

  File "D:\Games\TheHeadmaster-\renpy\", line 908, in run_context

  File "monday.rpyc", line 1987, in script call
  File "monday.rpyc", line 359, in script call
  File "monday.rpyc", line 1987, in script call
  File "monday.rpyc", line 2332, in script call
  File "monday.rpyc", line 4545, in script call