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Thanks! I can't wait to see it!! :D

Can I hold off on my CoinSides choice until I see what the new one looks like? When will it be coming out?

Cyberpunk??? Is this another new one coming out?? 

Very exciting news! :D Congratulations to everyone, and I definitely look forward to getting a CoinSides of my very own! :D Hope you will have another game jam next year, ex1st!

Thank you so much!! That's a huge honor!! :D

I am glad you are happy with it!

And congratulations, you just earned the "I Left a Review on Yelp" achievement! ;)

Have a great Christmas, and thanks for the game creation exchange!

Thanks for letting us know! Enjoy your upcoming holiday! 

haha, I literally was watching the count-down for the same reason!! ;) Best of luck to us all! 

Hi ex1st! Just curious who won, because I didn't see any ratings for our games yet; I thought they would have shown up automatically once the voting closed. 



Thanks, Beth! It's been my most popular game by far, much to my never-ending surprise! 

Hi Charlie, just one quick question: the only other ranked game jam I was in, the participants voted on each other's games. Is this one where you vote on your favorite? I was looking for a way to rate everyone's entries but couldn't find anything, and didn't want to miss out if it was up to us. 



Yeah, absolutely! My email is

Did you know there is a ninja-themed game jam happening now?

(Also, on a different note: I emailed you a little game I thought you might like/be able to expand on if you want.)

I would do it again too! :)

Hi, I am Rachael from the USA. I make non-digital games here on I love reading, so I am excited to create something for International Games Month!

You guys are geniuses! My only tweak would be that sometimes a phrase from a sentence would make more sense to steal than the entire sentence. :) My phrase was "a qualified joint", part of a much longer sentence from information about a retirement annuity (no idea what it was even talking about, which makes it all the funnier).

Just posted a new one, as a matter of fact! ;) 

Ahhh, the cuteness!! Did you illustrate your own entry? If so, would you consider a custom illustration? I have two pet rats, and I would love them on a bookmark like that! :D

I made sure to follow you, btw. Your games are creative and inspiring! 

Nice! I look forward to seeing your new game!

What a fun idea! It sort of reminds me of my own book game concept: I had tried to create a Mad-Libs styled theme (open a book to find a name, another book to find a verb, a third book to find a preposition, etc.), but I had no idea what direction to take it ultimately. Your concept is much simpler and achievable! I am excited to play!

Took me like a half hour, but finally came across the word I was thinking of again: "inimical". But even though it felt like it was way overused, it was only eight times in the whole book. :P Maybe I was thinking of another word after all... I had to look up several words while reading that tome!

Appreciate it!! :) 

Oh, I already scoured the book once already to find the word that had most been bugging me - "tergiversation". I thought it was some kooky error in the ebook, but nope, it's a real word. I am well-read, but never encountered that before!

 Now I will have to find that other word... I swear the author must have used it like 26 times. :P

Thanks! I admit I haven't quite figured out where the best place is to leave comments, but that is a smart idea! 

haha, thank you! I never release a product, free or paid, unless it makes me smile and is something I would personally use myself, so yes - I may read to the A.B.C. too! ;)

Appreciate that! Thanks, ex1st! 

I was reading An American Tragedy, which is 866 pages apparently. I was scrolling through on my phone, so it may be a lot harder to find that place again, but I will try! :)

I like the design and the simplicity of your bookmark; the illustration and text is beautiful! It inspired me to make my second entry, actually! Mine is a chatty bookmark known as the Amiable Bookmark Companion (the A.B.C. for short). :)

I would love it!! Are we allowed to team up for this game jam? 

Oh! Thank you for the extra detail. That makes a LOT more sense! 

I think I need to try this game to actually understand how to play - just reading the instructions didn't help me figure it out yet - but I love the concept of having to 'rescue' the poor bookmark in distress! A different take on how bookmarks are usually used in books! :) 

I love the concept of this game already; I was reading An American Tragedy over the last few days and right in the 'middle' of the book, the author seemed to develop an obsession with one word in particular. I kept thinking that surely there must have been a synonym they could have used!! 

I used Anantason ExtraCondensed Thin for my entry.

Congrats on your first game! :) 

Thanks for playing! Hope you and your friends enjoy version 2.0 even more! :)

I believe it was compiled automatically based on all our votes. There is a link to the results from the main page.

Interesting concept. Never played as a sword-wielding coffee cup before; that's a first! 

I like the attention to detail, such as the steam coming out of the cup as you carry the hot coffee to the guest. I didn't realize at first that the 'x' on the customer request meant that they DID want sugar; I thought it meant no sugar. Took me like three tries to get that right! The music was nice too; not overwhelming.