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If I Had a NickelView project page

A bookmark game about pushing your luck with language
Submitted by Beth and Angel Make Games (@BethMakesGames) — 6 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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I love the concept of this game already; I was reading An American Tragedy over the last few days and right in the 'middle' of the book, the author seemed to develop an obsession with one word in particular. I kept thinking that surely there must have been a synonym they could have used!! 


LOL yes!! This is exactly where the inspiration came from: so many authors (or even us in everyday conversation) use certain words soooooooooo much, and very rarely use others. I hadn't seen one where they decided to use the heck out of one in the middle of the book though 🤣 that's amazing! I'd love it so much if you go back and give this game a try with that word, and then you can keep it as an artifact of the overuse of that word forever 🥳 

- ✨Beth


I was reading An American Tragedy, which is 866 pages apparently. I was scrolling through on my phone, so it may be a lot harder to find that place again, but I will try! :)


Oh wow, that's a HUGE book!!!! And no pressure whatsoever, I'd hate for you to spend a bunch of time trying to find it cuz I mean the whole point of reading is to enjoy it and not stress and stuff :)


Oh, I already scoured the book once already to find the word that had most been bugging me - "tergiversation". I thought it was some kooky error in the ebook, but nope, it's a real word. I am well-read, but never encountered that before!

 Now I will have to find that other word... I swear the author must have used it like 26 times. :P


Took me like a half hour, but finally came across the word I was thinking of again: "inimical". But even though it felt like it was way overused, it was only eight times in the whole book. :P Maybe I was thinking of another word after all... I had to look up several words while reading that tome!


LOL that's so wild that both of those words came up a bunch, despite the fact that I could probably search most books (or, like, ANY books with tergiverstation) and not find them more than a handful of times!

A few of us were just talking about how, back in the day, we learned so much of our vocabulary from having to look up new words from books. I'm glad to see the tradition lives on :D


Note: the game is $1 but it's free through November 3rd so  people can grab it during and shortly after the jam :D