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A playable game that fits on a bookmark single-sided or double-sided page will be accepted. This can be an RPG, A dice game, or card drawing game, prompts, etc.

There is no theme for this Bookmark Microgame-jam. Anything goes.

Welcome to Bookmark Microgame-jam, where we make microgames as creative as possible because a bookmark can only fit so much information. The theme is "Anything Goes!". If this is your first time don't worry, the theme is just an excuse to try something new.

How to participate?

  1. Sign up for a free account if you don't already have one. It's free!
  2. Join the Bookmark Microgame-jam on  If you don’t already have an account, sign in with your google or facebook or email.
  3. Make a microgame.
  4. The design and size must be bookmark friendly.
  5. Submit your game through

Consider making your game accessible, whether this is through font sizes, layout, colors, or even the language you use. 

Judgment & Prizes

There is no voting and ranking for this Game Jam, maybe in the future. However, as of now in order to reward those that participated in this jam and to show our appreciation, we will give out Trophy/Badge. 

The prize will consist of a virtual trophy/badge that you can display on your project page, to show off your participation during this game jam.

Help—I’ve never created a game before!

With so many free, open-source game systems, communities, and tutorials available online, there’s never been an easier (or more exciting!) time to try out game designing and dabble in TTRPG!

Creativity is key. You can make a game about anything you like, but try to be creative with it.

Because this is the Bookmark Microgame Jam, try making your microgame feel like a bookmark or even have some sort of relationship with one.

The challenge would definitely be your creativity. How do you fit it all on a small piece of paper, while still being readable? 

Can your art fit?

This is all challenges that you will need to resolve. I hope everyone enjoys this jam and if you face any trouble, just head to the community page and drop us a message. Maybe some of us will have ideas?


Curious about any aspect of the Bookmark MicroGame-Jam (BMGJ) taking place in October 2022? Check here to see if your question(s) can be answered!

Q: Who can participate in the BMGJ?

A: Anyone and everyone! We welcome participants from around the world at any game designing skill level.

Q: Where does the BMGJ take place?

A:  The jam will mainly take place on the Itch Game jam page. If you have any question you can direct them at the Community tab.

Q: What is Bookmark Micro Game?

A: A playable game that fits on a bookmark single-sided or double-sided page will be accepted. This can be an RPG, A dice game, or card drawing game, prompts, etc.

Q: What about Game Components?

A: Your rules, instructions, or any text should fit in the bookmark. You can indicate the use of dice, playing cards, and tarot as an additional component in your game. You can even have the player own a specific book to play the game!

Q: Must it be a standalone game?

A: No necessarily, it could be part of a module of another game but you can hack it by an all-purpose generator as well. If it is a tool for another game please indicate it and point that out in the bookmark.

Q: Do I need to participate as part of a team?

A: No, this event is open to individual developers as well as teams. We strongly encourage participating in a team for all kinds of good reasons, but solo developers are welcome too.

Q: When is the deadline for registration?

A: Anytime before the game jam ends. 

Q: When does the jam start and end?  A: The BMGJ officially starts on 1st October 2022. The current end date may be extended depending on the participant's request. However, it may not exceed the month of October.

Q: Will there be a theme?

A: No theme for this jam as the bookmark requirement is already pretty strict. All you need to make sure is that it is designed in the form of a bookmark and can function as a proper bookmark.

Q: How big can the bookmark be?

A: Any size, but we understand that a custom bookmark may come in any shape so long as it remains reasonable and can be used as a bookmark. Standard bookmark size is recommended:  2.5" x 8.5" inches. Try to challenge yourself with this. You can even go smaller than the recommended size. No rules here.

Q: What types of games are accepted?

A: All types, TTRPG, Solo, One-Page RPG, Versus, Co-op, and anything you could think of that could fit into a single bookmark (front and back).

Q: How did this jam come about?

A: I've been browsing the game jam page and was inspired by a previous game jam that was organized 2 years back. The game jam focus was bookmark and it was a little idea that the organization thought of after consulting a friend. I quickly thought of a few game ideas and wanted to bring this game jam back. Also the lack of Ttrpg, one-page game, and microgame spur me to create a jam where game designers in this field can participate.

Q: How many games can I submit?

A: As little as 1 and as many as you can.

Q: Do I need a completed game for submission?

A: No, you can submit work-in-progress, previous work, or completed work. 

*Use the #BMGJ and #bookmarkjam2022 when participating in the game.


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Infuse your favorite hot drink with some magic to help you through your day.
A bookmark solo oracle and procedure for Mork Borg
The 0D0P tables let you use any writing to roll a D2-D20.
A game for young adventurers to get active while catching and helping a cranky dragon.
A bookmark that turns any big book into a small solo dungeon-delving game!
A bookmark passport keepsake game your reading journey
a 2d6 oracle bookmark
A bookmark game about pushing your luck with language
A tiny solo game about learning tarot created for BookmarkJam 2022
A lone wanderer, bereft of memory, trapped in a universe created by a glitched portal's text scan. Can they get Home?
A wild goose chase micro-RPG
A mindful solo LARP on a bookmark about a rook who wants to read with you.
Can you find this special butterfly's name so it will stay by your side?
a bookmark sized solo journal rpg
Will you keep your holiday spirits high enough to keep Krampus from taking you away on the night before Christmas?
Role Playing
A solo-journaling game on a bookmark.
a GM-less TTRPG for 1-5 players that fits on a bookmark
A bookmark word game to test the books you read!
Three spooky games for younger players, each on their own bookmark!
A bookmark character sheet for the Fallen RPG
Steal a catchphrase from anything with words. It's yours now!
A friendly companionable bookmark, ready to listen to the stories you read. #BMGJ
An ultra light collaborative storytelling game where the rules of the story take priority.
A game about sharing moments with your pet
A bookmark says you can become a ninja...if you prove yourself
A pair of bookmark games for the BMGJ
The world is bad - chairs are not comfy, iced coffee costs $$$, and people are weird
Work together in this light mixture of competitive story telling using words from your favorite books.
Two microgames on a single bookmark!
A bookmark with lots of ideas to engage further with the story in an imaginative and practical way. #BMGJ
There's a bookworm hiding in your books! Can you chase them down and send them away?
A hero/rival battle generator game using two dice!
Can your young reader catch when characters should use their manners?
Can you find what you need and survive the wildfire?