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Note: The game is normally $2 (hence why it shows a price) but it's free through at least the 14th of December so everyone can check it out :)

- ✨Beth

OMG I love this genre and Across-Stitch looks super cute and unique. I'm being patient and waiting for Creator Day to buy it though lol


I love the gamified "you each have a secret rule, and violating it means that you turn you light on at them (not in the face, thanks for specifying that btw omg I can practically see the light just thinking about it)" so while you're trying to come up with these moments, you're also kind of figuring out each others' rules, but ALSO having to come up with uniquely creepy, scary stuff so that people don't get bored and light you up anyway.

And the way you describe from the comfort of having enough pillows and such to comfortably sleep to the horror of telling the tale and, tbh, the horror of having the spotlight on oneself... it all works super well!


DorkLordCanada streamed a playthrough of our game! Check it out here: 

Aaaaaawwwwww thank you so, so much for saying so! And ROFLMAO oh noooooooo!!! My original intent (didn't get a chance to playtest it yet though, clealry lol) was to end up with the most absurd sentences, like "and then he went to the store and bought some bread." 

I definitely love the idea of using a partial sentence, though, like a single phrase like that, as it allows for so much more flexibility and not being stuck with it for a whole day before trying again. So yeah, I'm gonna change that :D Thanks for the recommendation! 

And, in case you haven't double-won yet, your suggestion is awesome, really ✨A QUALIFIED JOINT!✨


It was definitely our (Angel's and mine) pleasure :D And we look forward to the same as soon as we finish fixing a few things up lol. Angel was just commenting on one to me a bingo one a few minutes ago and how awesome it looked

My goodness, yeah, seeing and hearing about what you were making was incredible! You did more than Angel and I combined!!! 🥳 That bundle sounds awesome btw :D

Oh my goodness, this was so fun! Thanks so much for running it :D We didn't discover this until like 5 days ago and we managed to make 4 games between us! PLUS they were our first bookmark games 🥳 

I really hope you do another jam in the future, and if there's any way to be notified when it happens, I'd love that :)

- ✨Beth

Thank you so, so much!!! 🥳 I'd followed you too, I'm super interested in the variety of your other games, and looking forward to what you continue to make :)

LOL that's a wonderful inspiration for going all out

Well thanks! I think every place is good for comments, and anyone commenting on anything of mine anywhere at all makes my day :D I'm still figuring all of this out too lol

I'm so glad to hear that, because the A.B.C. is too dang adorable to ignore :D

Oh my goodness, thank you so, so, so much for saying so!!! That means so much to me :D I'm so glad you enjoy it 🥳 

And I totally agree about Itch, it's such a magical place because it's so fostering of creativity. In a matter of hours, anyone can get anything up here, and people come up with such unique, interesting things. The fact that it's all PnP also means that there's (next to) no monetary investment for the creator and minimal investment from the buyer too :D

LOL that's so wild that both of those words came up a bunch, despite the fact that I could probably search most books (or, like, ANY books with tergiverstation) and not find them more than a handful of times!

A few of us were just talking about how, back in the day, we learned so much of our vocabulary from having to look up new words from books. I'm glad to see the tradition lives on :D

Goodness this is an amazing use of this system. Even just reading through it feels so... weighty. Like... the weight of getting diagnosed. Of dealing with how it's my own fault somehow (I AM bad about putting on sunscreen... and I haven't been to a doc in many, many years). Of the concern over being a burden on others. Or just feeling worthless to myself... 

But it doesn't make me feel bad about these things in game form, it inspires empathy in an amazing way. And honestly it's a little hopeful? Like... I've always worried about memory-related illnesses, losing my hearing, my depression getting the best of me... And this kind of points out the reality that (1) these are the kinds of things that can happen to ANYONE, and (2) I think most people are worried about them to some extent

- ✨Beth

Oh my goodness, yeah, long COVID is REAL! Angel and I both got it very late, and despite the fact that we (even now) haven't left the house since November 2019 aside from going for walks. 

Anyway, when we got it, it was brutal. I don't remember being too horribly sick, but I remember losing my taste and how scary that was. How eating was just such a different experience. Taste wasn't 100% gone, but MOST tastes were 100% gone, so everything tasted like nothing at all or had the weirdest little bits of flavor and tasted far different than normal.

And then the brain fog, geez... Even, what, a bit over a year of recovery time and my focus and ability to remember words are still so much worse...

The mechanics of this game are so freaking brilliant that I'm jealous lol, and goodness is it a gorgeous game as well. Angel said the other day that you really need to keep creating games because you're just so dang good at it, and I couldn't agree more.

- ✨Beth

Oh my goodness, this is so clever! I've been meaning to make a sci-fi journey game and this captures it so efficiently and cleanly, with so much room for interpretation!

- ✨Beth

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I love these! It's such a cool idea, and you gave SOOOOOOOOOOO much flexibility for readers to make sure that what we've got tucked into our book represents us :D 

- ✨Beth

Oh wow, that's a HUGE book!!!! And no pressure whatsoever, I'd hate for you to spend a bunch of time trying to find it cuz I mean the whole point of reading is to enjoy it and not stress and stuff :)

Note: this is the same comment I left on the game page, so if you read that already you can ignore this one lol, I just like also adding it to the game page so if anyone comes by outside of the jam they'll see it too

Oh my goodness, I love this! It's so cute and encouraging and it genuinely feels like having a companion from reading it :D I'd love to tell ABC about what I'm reading 😊 

- ✨Beth

Oh my goodness, I love this! It's so cute and encouraging and it genuinely feels like having a companion from reading it :D I'd love to tell ABC about what I'm reading 😊 

- ✨Beth

LOL yes!! This is exactly where the inspiration came from: so many authors (or even us in everyday conversation) use certain words soooooooooo much, and very rarely use others. I hadn't seen one where they decided to use the heck out of one in the middle of the book though 🤣 that's amazing! I'd love it so much if you go back and give this game a try with that word, and then you can keep it as an artifact of the overuse of that word forever 🥳 

- ✨Beth

Note: the game is $1 but it's free through November 3rd so  people can grab it during and shortly after the jam :D

Awesome!!! Thank you so very much for letting me know, we're excited to take part! 🥳

ROFLMAO way to protecc that cash! It looked like a butter knife anyway, and then when they get it they sit down with it like they're eating it (they're probs counting it but I wanna believe they're eating it so that's what it is)

Bird Jam community · Created a new topic Tabletop Games

Hi there 🙋‍♀️ Angel and I (Beth) are tabletop game creators, and a friend of ours (Carla) is as well. We actually make TTRPGs together as a team, too, and it's kind of a running joke that Carla makes EVERYTHING a bird game. Heck, she has a bird game coming out this week, AND our team is called Quirky Bird Games lol.

So I have no doubt we'd all love to join in with this jam :D Do you allow tabletop games and TTRPGs? I realize that if a game requires it to be printed out and pieces to be used, far fewer people will check it out, but that's a risk we're fine with taking...And a lot of the TTRPGs we create don't require anything at all, or they just require a deck of cards or some dice :)

Whether that's okay or not, I appreciate your time, and it's lovely to meet you!

Hello :D Lovely to meet you 🙋‍♀️ 

I was scrolling through the jams and found this and it's so chill and lovely 🧡 I made The Epicathelon for Ludum Dare earlier this month and decided to throw it in here, plus maybe it'll motivate me to finish it next month.

I'm excited to see what other people make and submit, and I really hope to use future months of this jam to motivate me to keep creating things.

We (Angel and a friend of ours, Carla) started a Patreon a month ago and we promised to make four games a month (we make tabletop games, and small TTRPGs can be quite quick to make, so it's just one game from each of us plus one we design together), and this jam wll help me stick to that :)

Note: this stream was postponed until next week, but I'll be there then instead :D

I was more than happy to! It's so amazing what games come out of Ludum Dare, and yours is definitely one of those that blew me away. It, and you, deserve it :D

This is super cute and I love how polished it is. I may or may not have died several times from not being used to using a keyboard to move quickly (I’m a console gamer 😅) but I really liked this and could easily see it being on a handheld or something :D


PS: I love how my sparkles look in this font omg

Oh my goodness, you really took this concept to a whole new level, and I love it! Really well done, from the different personalities to the worldbuilding (I never thought I'd say that about a game where you click when you think 10 seconds have passed), the music, the art, the SFX of guessing the time, even the way the results are shown after everyone's guessed!

I never thought I'd say this, either, but I really want to see more of this lol. This was the perfect amount for Ludum Dare, I just mean I'd love to see it expanded somehow. I have no idea how though 🤣 


It took me a bit to understand but once I did, I found a game that's really unique. I'm excited to see where you take this! Engine- and deck-builders are my fav games, and I love that this really started getting exciting around round 7 or 8. That was when I started reaching the limits of what a space could hold, so it became important to build in the right places vs just "throw everything I can afford on the next space that'll get triggered" like the rounds before. 

Well done! And I really do mean it that I'm excited to see what happens in the future with this game 😊


I saw this on Itch and I couldn't help but try it out. It's super adorable! And I was sooooooo nervous going into this game because I have issues with time stress AND memory, but I rather quickly picked up on creating the drinks (especially thanks to the handy menu) and it felt great to do that! A greatness I wouldn't have felt if it was just "click here to make this drink and here to make that one." 

[LIGHT SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH] Plus, yeah, the whole "give the cat with a knife the money" or "the hysterical butt-forward monsters toilet paper" were especially hysterical. 

Very well done, this was fantastic 🙌 I really hope you continue to expand on this one, and if you do...PLEASE let me know! I followed on here so hopefully I'll see any updates to come🧡 

- ✨Beth

OMG this game is SO CUTE and it's fun but kicks my butt lol and it's so polished and with so much variability and it's just mind-blowing that this was done in 72 hours, good grief! VERY well done everyone! This is one of my fav entries 🙌 

- ✨Beth

Good grief, that was brilliant! I'll admit I couldn't quite finish it myself, but I found a speedrun(!!) of it here — (I made sure not to let it preview cuz it might be a spoiler) — that showed me the rest.

Brilliant use of QR codes, of learning how to play and to complete the game, and with such a magnificent use of the "every 10 seconds" theme. Plus I loved that you could just blink anytime to also just reset the timer, as a lot of the games I've played thus far don't allow you to choose to reset whenever you want.

I'm definitely a big fan :D

- ✨Beth

It blows my mind that you made this in 2 days omg. And you even managed to include a really cool lesson in the game?!?! Well freaking done. This is my favorite game of LD so far at least :D I saw it on Itch and couldn't resist it! You've absolutely got a new fan now for sure 🙌🥳  All the 5-star ratings are belong to youuuuuuuu! Now excuse me, I'm gonna go talk to some gates :)

- ✨Beth

(1 edit)

Well, this was quite a surprise! Really a delightful game to stumble upon this Ludum Dare. I really hope you join the next one too, I'm looking forward to what you do there :D Below is copy/pasted what I said on LD

YAY!! I am winner!! This was a lot of fun, and best of all, I can really see you doing a lot more with it too! There was good humor, the voice acting was fun, there were numerous types of baddies, and the weapons were a joy to use. It’s rather on the easy side (I’m normally AWFUL at these types of games and still had like 70% of my health left I think when I beat it?) but I appreciated that since it meant I could finish it and it wasn’t stressful :D

- ✨Beth

OMG LOL I love this comment and also the exuberance with which you delivered it 🤣 

That's a good question, and maybe it should have an official comment of some sort in the rules, but if it were to happen to me I'd try to play off of the fact that I drew the card so many times lol. Like... "Oh look, plunging the toilet is SO FUN that I'm doing it a THIRD TIME!" or "Well, Alice tried to tell you why taking out the trash is so great, but she didn't even take it all out so obviously she didn't love it too much. I sure do though, so let me ACTUALLY tell you why it's so great!"

And hopefully someone will point that out, too, like "didn't you JUST say four rounds ago that you hate taking out the trash? Now it's the best thing ever?"