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these are beautiful

yeah this is very nice

Ah, that's great!

really nice

very nice

ah nice

100% agree. Cheers for playing 🙂

really good!

This project by Ben Fredericks, that I've been helping out with, is now available.

It's best played with VR, but it does support a mouse only option.

You play as the captain of a ship, responsible for making a series of decisions which balance the lives of your crew, with the population of a planet.

It has this great FMV based art style and some really nice performances.

Would be fantastic to see some feedback from players, as we are starting development on the next project.

i seem to have ended up devoting most of my gaming time to Cook, Serve, Delicious 2! It's great as a couch co-op with keyboard and mouse.

really appreciate your comment and taking some time with work, cheers

Thanks for having a look and your comments. I love e-paper and it is on my list to play around with some soon!

I just noticed an error I had made in the sorting of the lines. It's now fixed and should hopefully play as intended. I hope you enjoy!


this is a really good list of constraints!

really nice

very kind, thank you

sorry, my bad

nice work. some really nice artwork 

really wonderful

this is what a game might look like!


wonderful. really nice work.

I’ve been working in a few ideas for Isolation Jam.

I’ve started so many different things with Bitsy- but never seem to finish them.

This time I finally did!

Field 137 is a Bitsy about exploring a cellular automata and removing tiles that have been misplaced. As you move through the levels it becomes a bit trickier, but you also pick up more information about the rules that build the space.

It is hopefully quite relaxed and chill. The pieces you collect will talk to you and ask you things too.

Please give it a go! 

I'm helping run #PhoenixIsoJam. We set it up as a way of encouraging  folks we would usually engage with at the IRL Phoenix, through an online project. I've submitted a couple of games to it, but it's open to anyone and all kinds of interactive work. Please join if you would like! The full details are on the jam page but the keywords for the jam are:

Isolation, Distance, Closure

Community, Networks, Idleness

Join in here


I wanted to share a pen 'n' paper game I published a few days ago.

It's called CAR GAME.

It is a take on the classic Racetrack. Players draw their way around the map.
Racetrack has a great feel, with caution needed around corners and braking.

I've included some additional rules that allow for exciting things like BOOST and DRIFTING.

I wanted to create a big map for the project, which is what is included in the download. 
The next step was to develop some missions and races using different locations across the map.
Development on that has stalled a little bit, but I realised there was no reason not to share the map as it is. 
If you want to check it out, I'd recommend just printing a couple of pages at a time. It is best printed at least larger than A4.