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Phoenix is Leicester’s centre for independent cinema, art and digital culture. We currently closed, like a lot of places.

Inspired by our recent work with Studio Oleomingus, and given our current situation- we are launching Isolation Jam. 

We invite people to submit games on the themes of 

Isolation, Distance, Closure

Community, Networks, Idleness

We will be running several livestream sessions covering different game design tools, as well as listing resources for you to find out more information.

We encourage experimental submissions, from all levels of experience.


Interpret the themes as you like!

Use whatever tools you like! Print 'n' Play style games are also encouraged.

Be supportive to other participants.

Help each other out using the community page.


Some tools we would recommend are:

The Twine wiki is great starting point.

Read Claire Morley's Bitsy tutorial here.

Everest Pipkin has posted an incredible list of game making tools here.
*for inspiration definitely check out Everest's latest game, gift game.

Nathalie Lawhead has curated a brilliant itch based list here

Details about livestream and tutorials will be posted here:

Visit our mini series of workshops here;


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A short 3D Bitsy puzzler with the Moomins
Interactive Fiction
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An exploration Bitsy game that reflects my current status.
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REMAKO Visualizer is an intractive, real time music visualizer featuring music from "REMAKO (Final Fantasy 7)"
Solo tabletop dungeon explorer
an endless game where you have to destroy as many viruses as possible!
a short Bitsy about tidying up a cellular automata
Interactive Fiction
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Interactive Fiction
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