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Cool Tools

a collection by alienmelon · last updated 2024-02-23 17:33:42
Virtual MIDI hub
(WIP) A tool to create playable Rhythm Heaven custom remixes, with many customization options.
Alternative experimental painter
Ever wanted to make music using a 90's user interface? Of course not, but why not do it anyway.
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a tiny gamemaking tool for collage-based worlds (that is a game in itself)
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A juicy, jiggly drawing program
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Generate colorful art with mutating pixels
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A lightweight software that generates spritesheets of particle simulations using Unity's Particle System as a base.
Minimalist and ergonomic MIDI sequencer
Godot plugin to make point n' click games in a similar way to tools like Adventure Game Studio and Power Quest.
This plugin adds WASD movement and customizable Dash keybind in RPG Maker MZ.
Bitsy Font Tool
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An Unreal Engine 5 tool for helping you find potential problems and optimisation opportunities in your project
Silly drum machine
Make your own Hypercard game with its original graphics!
Make your own Hypercard game in Ren'py!
sfx design tool and generator for PICO-8
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Bounce tiny drops to make music.
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Engine for retro pixelart games
Paint on any surfaces with numerous tools!
A preview window for stacked sprites
8-bit Acid Synth and Groovebox
post-process material you can freely use for your projects
Turn all files into BMP images!
Pixelator Engine is a simple image-based pixel art creation engine.
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