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Cool Tools

a collection by alienmelon · last updated 2022-05-17 15:41:31
Creature Creator
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A living tool that generates infinite zines.
A tool that analyzes and reverses blurs on images
Generate sprites from multiple layer combinations
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Visual impairment accessibility tool to control contrast/brightness of a screen area
A mini color picker tool for pixel artists!
Automatically copies photos and videos from your camera, SD-Card etc. when you connect it
A generator/painter that is pretty useless
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Easy tool for creating ready-to-print PDFs from trading card game images
An even better way of making cover letters
drip painting tool
A drawing tool where you dont decide your brush's angle
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An all-in-one tool for creating games that feel like they were made on the Famicube console.
long exposure game screenshots!
A simple tool to display a VTuber from .png images that changes dynamically while speaking
A paint-anywhere graffiti game
Tamagotchi style stream pets
a minimal linear narrative engine
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The emote artists best friend 🐹
Create animations swiftly in Aseprite
Commodore 64 character graphics editor.
Pixel Perfect retro textures in Substance
a collection of pixel fonts

This developer specializes in fonts, see all:

Procedural textures authoring tool
A hack where you can play multiple bitsy games at once
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