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You had me at Dairy Clown

This has been my favorite so far. I love the whole idea of it, and the puzzles were tough enough to be satisfying without becoming frustrating.

It was too hard for me, but the concept is solid.

This is a cute one. I saw a couple other comments mention WarioWare, and that's where my mind went too.

Great presentation and a compelling narrative. I really enjoyed this one.

This one was a lot of fun. I'm seriously impressed at how you managed to have what was essentially four separate, polished games.

I like the mechanic. The part where you leap-of-faith hit the switch is a satisfying moment.

The presentation on this one is great, and the theme is cool (pun intended). If you end up tweaking it now that the jam is over, it would be nice if the camera could scroll with the player. I kept accidentally leaping up into the stratosphere and leaving the game behind.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I sure enjoyed doing it.

Spooktober has a boggling number of high-quality games. Thanks for playing ours!

I haven't tested that so I can't promise it'll perform perfectly, but it was made in Ren'py so theoretically it should work with a gamepad, yes.

Here's a small hint: If you haven't seen ending 1/4, that means so far, you've done a good job talking to everyone.

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much for playing!

This game is adorable. Who wouldn't want to spend their time with some chill capybaras?

I would have liked the ability to run. I don't think it would affect the feeling of relaxation much.

The story and atmosphere in this one are great. As the kind of person who immediately tried to kill everyone for giggles, the raw desperation of the ending still got to me.

Thanks for the heads up!

The aesthetic of this game is on point. I like the mechanic as well. It's simple but compelling.

Super charming and fun to play. Also, Zicros is a queen who has very clearly done nothing wrong.

I really enjoyed this. It's atmospheric and engrossing, with tons of room for role-playing.

I also love that you included Onfim's drawings. Onfim rules.

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Thank you for your feedback! I'll fix that bug ASAP.

Edit: Actually I'd already fixed it, but forgot to delete the old version from the downloads. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

There are four in total.

I was also surprised to see this was a solo project.  You have an incredible amount of polish here, from the UI to the sprite poses to the carefully directed character animations. Well done.

You're absolutely welcome to make a video about this or anything else I've made. The team and I are always happy to see others engaging with our work.

Thank you for playing, and let me know when your video goes up! We'll be glad to check it out.

Thanks so much!

This game is charming and funny with great art. It also builds a beautifully oppressive atmosphere. Even smashing space through the tutorial kinda feels like being back in the office.

I will wear it like a badge of honor.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! I see we made the mystery a little too easy for you, but I'm glad you had fun anyway.

Best of luck to you and your channel!

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts. I am taking every single bit of this comment as a compliment, even the disagreement. That is a healthy reaction.

Thank you and welcome to the list that we are presumably both now on!

If you wrote such an essay then you'd officially have thought about it more than I did. I started from a philosophy of "Wouldn't it be great if Pennywise made out with Pinhead?" and went from there.

Well, also "there's somebody out there for everyone" and "something something queer journey something." Mostly it was inappropriate crushes on horror movie monsters though.

Thanks so much! We had a great time and we're hoping to build this into a full game. 

Thanks! That was my contribution to the project. Also the programming I guess. But mostly the dog pics.

Thank you for the awesome jam, and especially the hard work of playing through 27 games in an afternoon.

Huh. Quite possibly. I haven't been able to reproduce that. did you do a small, upper-case L with the H? I probably should have made it recognize lower-case Ls as well...

I was definitely able to reproduce the subtitles thing though. I'm adding it to my list of bug fixes. Thanks again!

(1 edit)

Sorry about that! We're definitely going to add some hints in the next build. I'm going to add them as spoiler text on the actual game page.

For now, HINT 1: The important thing about "get me into heaven" is that the "G" and "H" can be ripped individually -- in other words, made into different letters.

EDIT: I've added a puzzle guide as a dev log on this page. Thank you for the feedback.

The art is charming and the mechanic is clever. I shall protect my sweater with my life!!

I liked this one a lot. The aesthetic is on point and the story is touching.

Also, thank you for not stopping me from putting buildings underwater. That sparked joy.

Polished and well-written. I'd play more of this.

This cute little sci-fi game gave me a glimpse into a future I'm quite looking forward to. :)

This one charmed me. I love the worldbuilding, and the cast is all very distinct and vibrant. The aesthetic is on point as well, with the watercolors and music really setting the mood.