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Loved this. The battle mechanics are really fun (and deep!) and the art & story elements are great. Nicely done.


I beat it! This game is really solid - there's an amazing amount of narrative & puzzle content (a lot more than I expected, honestly) and it all comes together so well. Beautifully done. Here's my playthrough:

Thanks so much. Glad you liked it!

I'm enjoying this a lot so far! The puzzles / transforming mechanics are really clever and the art & dialog are lovely. Can't wait to keep playing.

I enjoyed this! Loved the theme and the boss fight and overall it felt good to play. Nice job. Here's my playthrough:

This was awesome. Love the look, the enemies, the grappling hook, and the atmosphere. Really well done! Here's my playthrough:

I enjoyed this a lot. The central mechanic was really cool and the rest of the game supported it well! Here's my playthrough:

Aw, thanks <3

Ah, that explains it! Yeah, I thought there was only the six suspects to choose from. I’m sure those UI updates will help. I can take down the video if you like, not that it’ll get much traffic, but I don’t want to misrepresent the game if I can help it. Up to you! I still had a lot of fun playing it. 

This was a lot of fun. I was a little confused about the clue system though - it seemed like even when the majority of the clues matched a specific person it would turn out that they weren't the murderer. Not sure if I was missing something. Anyways, here's my playthrough!

This was really sweet. And the art was amazing!

Here's my playthrough if you're interested:

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For anyone trying to run this on windows, and getting the "code execution cannot proceed because libwinpthread-1.dll was not found" error, I was able to get it working by:

  1. Running the installer ("AfterMath_Win64_1.0.0.exe").
  2. Downloading the missing dependency "libwinpthread-1.dll" from
  3. Unzipping the dll and moving it into the game's install directory ("C:\Program Files (x86)\AfterMath").
  4. And then running the game.

It seems like the installer doesn't include it for whatever reason. Anyways, I enjoyed it! Hope others can too. Here's my playthrough:

I enjoyed this a lot! The death system is really clever and everything else is really solid. Nicely done. Here's my playthrough if you're interested:

Oh I didn't realize the levels were generated! But yeah lol it started getting pretty tough at that point. I think every block on the screen had 60+ HP and in the pyramid layout I couldn't find any pixel-perfect bounce angles to clear them efficiently, so I just kinda ran out of ammo. It was fun getting to that point though!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

There is. There are "cloning machines" scattered throughout the game that save your progress when you enter them. The first one is right after the town.

Very fun and satisfying. I like that the shots can collide with each other! And I love the sound it makes when it bounces between two blocks really fast. I made it to level 22 or so (where it's a pyramid) and got 44k points.

This is really cool. Love to see math problems re-imagined as games.

Thanks so much! And thanks for featuring Skeletris in your January video! I'm honored :)

Haha, don’t be. I really did enjoy it! Overcoming the challenge was really satisfying in the end 

I did! I recorded a video too, it's really long, and disorganized, and I started losing my mind halfway through, but maybe it could be useful to you. The only real complaint I had was that you couldn't rebind the controls (I wanted W, A, S, D + space). I eventually rigged up an autohotkey script to allow for this myself though (got it working about 40 minutes in). I appreciated that you could see all the levels upfront by sacrificing family members too!

Great idea and flawless execution.

Loved the sound, atmosphere, and art. This was so cool.

This game was painful, but in a good way. The dialog and art gave it a lot of charm. It took two and a half hours, but I made it through without killing anyone! Whew

This is awesome.

Thanks! There are some roguelike elements for sure, but it's a lot simpler (and more linear) than games like Nethack and Pathos. And you can save your progress at checkpoints. Some of my main inspirations for this were Spelunky, Path of Exile, Pokemon, and Tetris, although it doesn't really *feel* much like any of those in my opinion.

This game was such a blast. I sat down expecting to just play a couple levels but ended up going through all 20 of the "tame" ones. I was hooked as soon as I saw the giraffe could extend its neck as a bridge for small animals to use, haha. The mechanics fit really well with the theme and the puzzle design was really solid!

Loved the art and sound design, and was definitely getting creeped out by the end. Altogether quite enjoyable, thanks!