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As far as I can tell it works (tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge). Make sure you're using a desktop computer (i.e. not a mobile device) and pressing Enter to start the game.

Oh I see - I thought the teleporting just brought you back to the start of the same level. That makes more sense

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah enemies basically just carve their way directly to the crystals in this version, so you're limited in the types of strategies that are possible. I'm going to try to fix that to make things more interesting, as well as adjusting the towers and enemy stats, etc. And yeah, there's no sound because I ran out of time~ It's tough working a full-time job and doing a jam at the same time. Anyways, thanks for playing, that's a great score :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback. I was originally planning on showing the stats of units and stuff but I just ran out of time (and space on the screen). If I keep working on this that'll be something I prioritize. The wall is impassible until it gets destroyed :) Scavengers pick up gold off the battlefield and deliver it to the energy crystals (giving you gold to spend), and miners mine rocks and deliver stones to the crystals to give you stones to spend. It's definitely not well explained though. Thanks for playing!

This was super fun and very impressive on a technical level (especially the graphics and sound design). Nice job! Is there a way to heal besides getting regeneration? As it stands I found it hard to find a strategy that doesn't involve getting regen since you tend to just gradually die otherwise. Awesome game though and it was cool to see your progress on the discord. Here's my playthrough: youtube

This was fun! I like the concept and the procedural level generation, and I thought the camera was really well done. One issue though is that it's very easy for the platforms to spawn in such a way that it blocks you from above, preventing you from progressing any further. But other than that it was very cool. Here's my playthrough: youtube

This was fun! As a fan of block-pushing-puzzle-games this gets the stamp of approval from me :) Here's my playthrough: youtube

This was a blast to play, haha. Really creative and probably one of the more memorable games in the jam. Nice job! Here's my playthrough: youtube

This was pretty fun! I liked the minigames and the story. Here's my playthrough: youtube

What kind of chess board do you play on? Lol~ Anyways, I liked the use of procedural generation here (the title screen, levels, and songs, I assume), and overall I had a lot of fun playing this. Here's my playthrough: youtube

I like the concept and the presentation! Around level 8 or so the levels start getting really difficult - and I'm not sure which features are actually important for finding outliers? (is it just shape? Or does color, size, pattern play a role too?) Anyways, nicely done. Here's my playthrough: youtube

This was cool! I think this would be great as a part of a larger metroid-like game. Here's my playthrough if interested: youtube

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words :) One day I may make a sequel or do a re-release with more content but no plans currently. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing :)

Source can be found here: github
Requirements are listed in requirements.txt (pygame, PyOpenGL, and numpy)
The game can be launched from

It was my pleasure! I find that watching someone else play my games can be really insightful / satisfying, so I try to provide that experience to others too from time to time. Plus it's just plain fun to play / record these. Congrats on the placement :)

This was a lot of fun and not a puzzle I've seen before. My best scores were 2, 3, and 31 moves. The interface is very clean and the sound design makes everything feel responsive. Nicely done!

I think this concept has a lot of potential! And I liked the shaky pseudo-3D art style! I think a little more "gamification" would go a long way here - like adding a lose condition and increasing the player's speed as they accumulate points, for example. Very cool though.

Very cool! I got 109. The menus are a nice touch.

This was really awesome! Very cool that you used mini-games to repair the ship and the cutscenes / art / sound design was fantastic. Nice job.

Sorry about that but thanks for investigating and posting your findings. There was another player a while back running into similar issues with libstdc++ on ArchLinux, who was also able to get the game running using LD_PRELOAD, so I think that's the best workaround for this.

I think the real issue though is that I'm compiling the game on Linux Mint, which will bake in certain assumptions about system libraries that won't necessarily hold on other distros, and I'm not really sure how to avoid that besides making different builds on every distro I want to support (which is a pain).

And I assumed that since Mint is based on Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is sort of(?) based on Debian, I could at least assume those three would work but perhaps not - I'll remove "Debian" from the download link and sorry again that it didn't work.

The sound design and level design was really cool in this - it almost felt like a rhythm game. And the player's sprite had a lot of personality. Nicely done! Here's my playthrough.

This was a neat idea for a puzzle game and I liked how polished everything was! Figuring out the rules/mechanics was little hard but I was able to get through it. Here's my playthrough!

This is one of the most unique games in the jam, both aesthetically and emotionally, and I enjoyed playing it. And the interface on the phone felt very authentic which was cool to see! Here's my playthrough.

This was cool! First game I've seen that toggles both the lights and gravity so kudos for that. Would love to see it expanded further. Here's my playthrough :)

This is maybe my favorite game in the jam in terms of "feel" - the slight screenshake when you kill an enemy, the sound effects, the smooth explosion animations, etc. It all comes together in a really satisfying way, and every part of the first boss fight is great. Really impressive stuff. Here's my playthrough :)

This was a cool concept and very addictive! I also liked the art and menus, which were nicely animated. My high score was about 65. Anyways here's my playthroughif you're interested :)

This was fun to play around with! I liked the procedurally generated, destructible terrain. Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This was fun! I was impressed by the level design. Parts of it were challenging but never felt unfair. Here's my playthrough if you're interested!

This was well executed and I think it fit the theme perfectly. And it's the first game I've played that's actually used the numpad, so kudos for that! Love the humor as well :)

Aw thanks. I like yours too :)

Thanks :)

Thanks! I haven't seen this idea in a game either - what actually inspired me was a famous math theorem called the Ham Sandwich Theorem

Thanks! Yeah originally I was going to have the player control the bar using the arrow keys, but I think it's more fun this way

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks! I was thinking the same

I actually recorded my playthrough as well if you're interested. Once again, nicely done :)

This was fun! I liked the characters and the boss fight. Here's my playthrough if you're interested

This was absolutely amazing - the art/animations, the depths of the mechanics, and the sound design in this game were top-notch. Truly inspirational! Here's my brief playthrough if you're interested