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This is nice :)

Lovely work as always - there's always so much life, atmosphere, and creativity in your games and this was no exception! This was an interesting take on the bullet hell genre - the shield and force fields give you plenty of time to strategize, but there's still a lot of frantic dodging and damage boosting in later levels which is satisfying to pull off.

I liked the enemies too! It's cool you were able to create so many unique challenges by putting different enemies together and building environments that suit their strengths. I think sound effects and a couple of songs would go a long way (even if they're stock, no one will notice)! Great work, I enjoyed playing this.

The #server-guide channel describes the process - you have to react to the message at the bottom of #server-guide (with an emoji) and also some things in #roles before you can chat freely. I think that's it, if you're still having issues you can message a moderator though. And I'm not quite following what you're talking about in the previous message (about pydbag, perhaps you meant, "pygbag"? The #pygame-web might be able to help with that though). Anyways, I hope you're able to find solutions to these things!

Thanks! The documentation for how to set up custom cursors in pygame is here:
And src.utils.profiling is a module I wrote (using cProfile) that I used to help identify performance bottlenecks during development. The idea is that you toggle it on, wait a bit (while the game is running), and then toggle it off, and it prints a report of which methods were called during that period and how long they took.

For more pygame-specific questions I'd urge you to check out the pygame community discord, where lots of experienced pygamers can help with stuff like this!

This was really cool. It somehow felt like both an authentic slug experience and an engaging platformer at the same time, which I wouldn't have thought possible before playing this! Nice job.

This is a neat idea for sure. The limited visibility makes it tricky to juggle (or even notice) all the aircraft in the playing field, but I'm guessing that's intentional. With a little luck & strategy I was able to get a high score of 35 though! (Before two planes crashed somewhere offscreen, I presume). Nice job!

This was really fun and satisfying to play! Watching the playfield fill with ash faster and faster as I continue to upgrade the ash droprate and enemy on-death AOE damage made for quite an interesting gameplay experience, haha. Well done.

I liked the overall vibe of this a lot! The setting and characters were great and the fishing / stat boosting system was fun to interact with.

This was cool! It was very chaotic at first but once I learned how to play I enjoyed it. I was impressed by the in-battle graphics and the fact you managed to implement a full shop interface & upgrade system with so few pixels. I think sound effects will add a lot of juice to this!

Also I think I won with a single second to spare :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for such detailed feedback! The art took some inspiration from RE for sure (as well as Halo, Event Horizon, Alien, and every other space horror movie I've seen, haha). I'm glad the mood & atmosphere was effective (the big guy nearly gave me a heart attack one time during development too, that screech is something fierce lol~).

And that's an interesting bug~ It's not something we knew about until you mentioned it, but I'm glad to hear it (probably) improves the gameplay experience (instead of like, crashing the game, ha). I'm also not sure about the buzzing sound. That's not intended though. We're using a fairly experimental process to get this python/pygame game to run in the browser, so I'm guessing it's related to that.. Anyways, thanks for playing :) Glad you enjoyed the ending!

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Wow, this is really impressive. The sheer amount of content (both graphical and gameplay-wise), and the fact it all fits so beautifully in 64x64 is amazing. I liked that leveling up helped you both in-battle and while mining (it makes you feel the upgrades that much more), and I think the core gameplay loop is rock-solid (pun intended). I think there's a lot of room to continue developing a game like this, if you decide to!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words! The isolation, claustrophobia, and overall sense of fear was a goal of ours, yeah. And I think the resolution restriction actually helped with that somehow, haha.

This is a neat little proof of concept! I like the seed-based generation system (which allows for "sharable" levels among players) and the visuals were cool (with the very trendy, toggleable CRT filter no less). Both the seeds I tried, "ghast" and "Ghast" ended rather abruptly with a seemingly impassible chunk of ocean, is that intended? Maybe the generation should ensure there's always a path down, or something like that. Anyways, cool project! Enjoyed watching the development process on twitter as well :)

This was fun! I was a little unsure of what to do at certain points but I managed to beat it with a little trial and error.  I liked the characters and overall atmosphere of the game as well! It doesn't perfectly adhere to the 64x64 restriction (i.e. the character can move and render at positions "outside" the pixel grid) but I think that's more of a programming issue than a gameplay one. Anyways, I liked this, nice job!

This was cool! And three games in one, all charming in their own way (except I lost!? I didn't even realize you could lose, lol). Anyways, well done! The sprites were fantastic and the concept was creative and well-executed :)

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9/6/2022 10AM EST - sorry folks, the web build is broken at the moment (stuck loading at 0%), due to factors outside my control. The Windows download should still work though and hopefully this outage is resolved quickly.

Edit: should be fixed (for now~)

Haha, thanks :)

I can't accept all the credit though - the real work was done by the folks over at,  I just followed the instructions and ran the script~ It's a big leap for pygame for sure though.

Thanks Bacon, and you did great haha. I'll probably rework that one level after the jam.

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Thanks! :) I'm glad to see people are enjoying the story, haha. Very cool technology there!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm probably more inclined to enter jams now that this web stuff exists! It's always harder to get plays/ratings when you only have a downloadable exe so that's kinda been a point of friction for me in the past.

Thanks a bunch :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words! It was a lot of fun playing around with pygame wasm (for web stuff) and OpenAI (for text generation). I think there's a lot of potential to discover in those tools.

This utilized the theme in maybe the most creative way I've seen so far! And the battle system was really deep and fun to interact with. This was ambitious and you delivered a great result, nice job!

Thanks! And I agree, it's awesome that this is possible now.

Thanks a bunch! Glad you're enjoying it :)

Thanks! I think you've gotten past this already, but for anyone else reading, the hint is in the name of the level, ha. Hard to say more than that without spoiling it~


Copyright avoidance is tricky. Even if you come up with a good method today, that method might not work in the future as copyright ID systems improve (e.g. you used to be able to just pitch-shift or slightly speed up/slow down a song to get past YouTube's systems, whereas now I believe that doesn't work anymore). So you kinda have to mangle songs pretty badly at this point to slip past the filters it seems. And in addition to the automated systems, there's also manual review which you'll still be susceptible to if your video/song gets too much attention. There's also ethical problems with redistributing other people's work without permission. It's not something I'd probably ever try to do tbh

This is cool. It makes me want to learn more about jpg, ha.

Here's my piece! My only request would be the ability to select characters beyond the ones on the keyboard (if it's not already possible). Lovely tool though.

Great stuff. I left my piece in the comments :)


I had fun playing around with this! I love the look and it's very responsive. I found the one-handed controls a little uncomfortable but I made a quick autokey script to rebind them and it was smooth sailing from there :)

Oh my bad, you're totally right - when I did right-click -> Open Image in New Tab it displayed with the white background so I assumed it was baked into the image, but when I save it I see it's actually transparent. Nice :)

This is a convenient little tool for quickly making graphs and exporting them. There are like 1000 features you could add to this kind of thing, but some I'd like to see would be the ability to add labels to edges and the ability to have directed edges. Nice job.

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The plants look lovely. I'd love to see some more generation settings. Also, the output would be more useful if the background was transparent. Nice job though!
Edit: It actually is transparent if you save it, my bad!

Thanks! This sort of stuff definitely comes up in the medical imaging world, yeah! Most of those errors come from the physical behavior of the imaging particles themselves (e.g. getting deflected into the wrong detector, losing energy unevenly as they travel through different kinds of tissue, etc.). And since this happens on a probabilistic level it does result in a sort of "blur". There are specialized techniques for dealing with each of these things, but I am now starting to wonder what this tool would do too, ha.

Thanks! And totally. Blurring a sensitive photo is not protection. And even other methods that seem to avoid the issues blurring has, like blotting out someone's face with an opaque brush, can still leave more information than you'd like (e.g. metadata in the image file, details of a person's clothing (which can be identifying), etc). Best practice is to not take photos of people without permission and not release them at all if they contain information you don't want to share.

Thanks! I had the same experience during my first several attempts with pygame. As you become more experienced it gets easier to use though because you'll get better at organizing your code and writing stuff that scales. But yeah, it's probably not the best library if your main focus is releasing finished games.