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Out of the games I've played this is probably my favorite interpretation of the theme. Platformers are tricky (especially with a dynamically-sized main character) but this was fun to play through.

This was really great. The mechanics come together in surprisingly complex and varied ways throughout the levels, and I like that although it's a real-time action game, it's more-so about solving encounters strategically than it is about running and gunning. This was lengthy and felt really rewarding to play through, which is hard to achieve in a 1 week jam! Nice job. Here's my playthrough.

Nice work :) Here's my playthrough if interested.

This was cool. Great polish, great graphics (especially for web!). Here's my playthrough.

This was really cool. I love geometric puzzle games. I played a while and stopped when I felt like I could keep going indefinitely. Ironically it seems to get easier over time past a certain point because you have so much accumulated edge area to build off of, which is interesting. It makes me wonder how you could limit this on the design side elegantly... anyways, lotta fun, nice job!


Thanks! I'm glad the linux build worked, haha.

it's just `pip install Box2D`. However, when I worked on this a few weeks ago it didn't seem like Box2D supported python 3.9, 3.10, or 3.11 (pip install gives an error). So I had to use python 3.8.

It's a shame this didn't make the jam's deadline but it's easy to see why - this is really well-constructed! I played it in my video regardless if you'd like to see. My only complaint is I wish there were more levels and mechanics because it feels great to play and the core gameplay and everything else is super solid!

This was really neat! The graphics are awesome - sort of cardboard-cutouty with the flat colors and drop shadows, and the gameplay mechanic isn't something I've seen before. It's cool how you're constantly having to decide whether to fill up big blobs to make them go away or feed smaller ones to prevent yourself from losing. Very fun! Here's my playthrough.

Quite an impressive amount of content! Very difficult though!  I couldn't quite beat it, but enjoyed playing it nonetheless. Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This was quite fun and addictive! And the guns had all had a lot of character despite mostly having numeric differences. Well done. Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This was neat and it's cool that you built something other than a game. I especially liked that you could drag your own music into it so easily - it was cool to see it animate my own song! Here's my playthrough/reaction.

Finally this got added to the jam, ha.

I liked it! The story and audio was fun and was way more than I expected - and the combat (while a bit hectic) felt like something you could get better at with practice. I couldn't quite make it past the first boss but I think with a bit more practice I could. This is a well-polished project, nice work! Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This was an interesting idea for a game and a creative take on the theme. I'd be curious to know what the best strategy is - I think you basically want to waste as little water as possible while balancing the distribution as evenly as possible, which I think means there's probably an optimal movement pattern to achieve that. Anyways, here was my playthrough, I got 3:52.

This was fun! I liked the mechanic and enjoyed the visuals as well. I think the rabbit should be able to hop across gaps though, haha. Here was my playthrough if you're interested.

Thanks. If I had two weeks instead of one, I could add volume controls and 100% more fun, ha. In short jams like this, if you're doing something experimental you sorta gotta commit to an idea quickly and hope the result is fun. It doesn't always work out super well. In this case I was envisioning more of an abstract strategy game, where reflection angles and precise positioning would be the main gameplay loop, but it ended up being a bit jankier, physicsy and RNG-heavy instead. Which has its own charm, but could be improved, yeah.

That's interesting! I've been brainstorming ways to expand on this concept, and adding other types of particles is an interesting approach. The neat thing about virus particles (in the context of Meltdown) would be that if they infected some kind of biological "host" object, then that object would start emitting the particles too. So you could kind of chain the particles from one thing to another (by infecting new things) in a way you can't really with nuclear radiation. I'll add it to my list, thanks :)

Aw thanks, I'm glad you like my work :) No pressure to watch it if you don't want to! I record these videos mainly because I personally find it insightful to watch people play my games, and I want to pass that experience on to other pygamers if I can. If that sounds useful to you, it's available, and otherwise no worries! I'm not trying to be the ultimate critic of other pygame projects or anything like that, ha. Anyways I enjoyed playing it, well done!

This was one of my favorites so far. On the surface the gameplay is quite simple but as you play you notice more and more little details that accumulate and create a cool little gameplay experience. It looks great too! Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This is cool. It does contain non-original music though, which isn't technically allowed by the jam's rules. Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This was cool! I would have liked more colors! Here was my playthrough and drawing!:

I found this frustrating and hard, which I think was the point, so well done. My only real gripe is that some of the level transitions in the post-checkpoint section felt unfair. There were a couple places where you enter a door and immediately get whipped into the wall by the wind, and now you have to start over. The combination of that + sparse checkpoints made this hard to play, but other than that this was well-crafted and I enjoyed it! And I think the pre-checkpoint section is quite fair and fun on its own. Here's my playthrough.

This was neat! Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

This was great! The overall polish is awesome (graphics + sound) and I enjoyed the boomerang mechanic. I found it a little awkward to catch the boomerang with F, since my left hand was already responsible for WASD to move the player (I think catching with right-click would work?) but other than that I liked this a lot, well done! Here's my playthrough.

This was cool! I really liked the visual effects, especially the pulsating object in the center. Here was my playthrough if you're interested.

I fixed the error and gave it a play. There's not much content here but it was interesting looking through your code. Here's my playthrough if you wanna see. Congrats on learning python :)

I liked this a lot!

At first I quite struggled to understand the rules, because I couldn't tell what was happening when I clicked a square (I thought it was swapping tiles, or deleting tiles, I thought there was gravity -- I saw that when you hover over a tile, it seemingly rises up and connects with the tile above it, which misled me).

But once I got past that I enjoyed it quite a lot. It's an interesting take on the match-3 genre I haven't seen before. Here was my playthough if you wanna see my brain firing on all cylinders, ha.

I love the art and sound design and I appreciate that you interpreted the theme in a non-Easter way :) It's very charming. Here was my playthrough (note: I had some technical difficulties at the start - not the game's fault, sorry).

This was a well-constructed little game! I made it to (I think) the final boss but died. Well done. Here's my playthrough if you're interested.

Congrats on submitting your first game to a jam. Hopefully the first of many! Here a video of my playthrough if you're interested.

This was fun. I haven't played Vampire Survivors but I've seen others play it and this seems to fit that vibe well.

This was fun! I liked the little details like the cutscene in the beginning and the menu animation! Sometimes the ladders run out and force your run to end prematurely but I enjoyed it nonetheless :)

Thanks! This actually doesn't use raycasting per se (raycasting is more of a rendering technique for calculating the colors of screen pixels).

Everything in this game is controlled by a physics simulation (using Box2D, a physics library) where the particles are small circles, the player is a circle,  the walls are polygons, and they collide and interact based on physical parameters I've set like mass, density, and friction.

Here's what it looks like under the hood. Definitely interesting to make games this way - it adds a certain dynamicism that's hard to achieve without 'real' physics:

Thanks! I believe Box2D isn't supported on python 3.11 (and possibly not 3.10 either?) yet so that's probably why you're getting errors. I was using python 3.8 throughout development, so using an earlier python is what I'd suggest if you want to run from source.

Thanks :) This is what I used primarily:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

The organizers should be able to let you in - I mentioned your post on the discord, hopefully someone responds soon.

I added a link at the bottom of the description.