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Rami always has good some good insight, and he's one of the best public speakers in the game dev community.  Vlambeer seems to be on a pretty long break right now. Rami is going around giving talks and presentations and as far as i know JW is working on Minit with a bunch of other people.

 Anyways, thanks for the link, i didn't see this one before so I'll be listening to it in the background while doing some work!

Thanks for the review! I did see the talk shortly before making this game, along with another 200 thousand talks by Rami. With this project i was mostly setting out to try to apply as many of those principles and see what comes out.  Didn't have time to put in all the things i wanted to, but It's good to hear i got at least some of the Vlambeer vibe down, they make fantastic games!

Thanks for the review, BoarFrog, appreciate it! :D

The torch system is pretty cool, I'd consider making enemies attack you from a longer range so there's more gameplay impact from the mechanic. That UI is really really small, probably wanna make that a little bigger, i had to squint to see my life, torch and so on. The graphics look pretty good, the monster sprites in particular are very nice.

The collisions on the player weapon seem a little wonky. It seems every time i play my attack stops connecting after the first two hits or so. I dig the music though, classical is awesome!

I think a great and easy to implement improvement to this would be to speed everything up. The player, the enemies, the bullets. Right now it feels pretty sluggish. The sprite of the gray dude at the start is pretty dope though!

Overall this was a fun concept! The pixel art on the menu is the greatest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. That being said, the gameplay was a little boring, i thought the execution was great, especially for a jam title, but the base concept couldn't hold It's own for too long. The sound was also great, and everything felt pretty damn polished for 1 week of work, so good job!

You can download it here :

This is my first major project and I'm really happy to have released it. If anyone wants to give it a try, then I'd love to hear what you think about it!