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I like that you stuck with WASD orientations of keys. cool game, but way too short

the best execution I've seen of the scrambled-controls type of jam entry

macbooks only have 1 control key

winning doesn't seem possible, which is true of RL Karens too

I don't see why the feeding has to take so long, and there's no real decisions to make

I don't see why the feeding has to take so long, and there's no real decisions to make

I would have added some health. I usually die right away because it takes some time to get used to the game so I spend more time restarting the game than learning how to get better at it

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There's so many ways to use the theme that don't involve cumbersome and annoying controls. this was just kind of tedious and the bouncing only added to the confusion

Cool use of the theme. It's fun to juggle all the different mechanisms. The dials on the left could use a bigger, more stable hitbox as I found them frustrating.

Looks like you didn't choose the correct window size, I see text getting cut off

I really enjoyed this, fun concept with a nice and simple execution. changing the arrow for the first time wouldn't always work, but other than that it worked fine

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Holy cow, I get that the gun is supposed to be out of control, but it would be nice if I could comprehend what happens when I click it!

Cool idea, great graphics and art but the incomprehensible physics just ruined it for me. I'm on level 3 (I think) and it feels like I just need to try random angles to thread the needle on this gap

I like the look and sound but the gameplay quickly became "back up and shoot, forever", it definitely didn't feel "out of control"

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At first the player would move when all 4 directions had tiles in them, but after the second or 3rd turn I seem to have to wait 20 seconds even though there's nothing I can do or interact with. I reached a room with 4 doors next to another room with 4 doors, it didn't register that they were connected and I died. I've lost patience, sorry :(

took me a while to stop spinning, then i just moved forward fast AF, never hit anything, never saw anything but rocks and never saw my O2 deplete. I don't understand what I should be doing, now

Level 1: I reached the finish and died, twice. Nothing immediately happens when I reach the exit so I got impatient, clicked and died because I ran out of moves. It would be less confusing if it just said level completed as soon as I stop moving.

Level 2: I walked up and turned right and touched the gate and the game broke and my browser asked if I wanted to kill the process. Maybe that's a browser issue only but I'm on mac so this is my only way of playing.

It didn't really come together, keep at it

I couldn't really make heads or tails of this. Sometimes pressing up makes me float and sometimes it didn't. I never saw the theme-fitting mechanic because I would die in seconds from hitting  a non-threatening looking wall. the controls are just impossible

to be honest the concept of flipping controls is done to death. Rather than just flipping directions you scrambled up with left and so on and my brain just can't handle it. 

not playable in the browser

Cool idea but my brain just couldn't process the match 3 pattern. I feel like plotting future moves in games should be a means to a goal rather than the goal itself, because right now I'm just staring at squares for 10 minutes.

I would like to see a version of this where it test how many moves I can predict in a short amount of time, rather than giving me unlimited time to predict a certain number of moves.

I should mention I'm on a trackpad and this would probably a little less difficult with a decent mouse, but I found this to be quite frustrating. The play area took up less than 1/16 of the game's window and the mushrooms were only a couple pixels wide so when it came time to mass click it required tiny movements while clicking extremely fast, which just isn't possible for me.

It would be nice if I could just hold down the mouse and drag across mushrooms to collect. IMO this would focus on the puzzle aspect more, too

I ended up playing this much longer than I planned to give each game, so you hooked me! I thought the movement through the level felt precarious and finicky, while that added to tension I'd still rather not have the frustration. I wish levers were automatically pulled.

I'll be coming back to finish this.

X and Z seem backwards to me, and I kept messing up because of that. Unless I'm misunderstanding the control mechanic, it seems like keys routinely just don't work. often I can't move or jump even though I still have energy remaining

I'd like to see this worked on a little more, right now 45 degree inclines seem impossible. I have to restart a lot and it makes the game get stale a lot faster

I like the idea of switching controls but not a fan of how surgical it asks me to be, right away. The hair pin turn on level 4 (I think) is just too much, and not fun.

Glad to hear!

Any chance for a Mac release?

Amazing graphics and a nice combat system, but it got repetitive really fast. for a while I thought the gun wasn't hurting them. Wasn't a fan of the camera, either.

Overall it's a good jam game, but lacks substance. I'd love to see it extended with 3 levels and 4 boss fights!

Cool game, nice art, great feel! I'm gonna keep trying to beat it, but I'm having a hard time with space to jump and A/S/Z/X to shoot, I would much rather  jump with S or X

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if you go in the pit after collecting the first goal you can't win. It seems soft locked I don't even think it's possible to clear that gap

Thanks for the feedback and kind words! Glad you enjoyed it.

so it's a tutorial, then. Thanks for the speedy answer

I'm having trouble understanding what this is, is it a tutorial or a tool?

Could I use this to define hitboxes for a spritesheet and output a data file for my non-GameMaker engine?

Awesome, It's working great! thanks for the speedy fix.

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Possibly a bug

There's just the text that says "Adobe Flash is required to run this project in the browser" but no easy way to enabled it, where other sites like Newgrounds will ask if you want to allow flash on this page when you click the game box.

I was able to allow it by going into my chrome settings and adding each game to the allowed list manually, but why make it this cumbersome?

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I just bought the game before checking for a mac version, is there some way I can blame you for my own stupidity?
lmk when it's ready

Huge fan of fingers; bombs, not so much. I never thought much about combining the two, but boy do they go together like pb&j. I give this game 8/10 fingers.

I got a pretty good system going, but I haven't been able to beat it yet, and I'm still not quite sure what the end goal is, but I feel it could benefit from a scoring system