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does the color mixing provide any mechanical advantage, it's really hard to see what happens when i connect with mixed colors from 2 symbols

Edit: I mixed red and yelllow to an orange and it didn't work, so I guess not

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I still feel the pacing is slower than intended but I'm able to pick any bottom piece to start, which definitely cuts out a bunch of time spent staring at the game without making progress.

I would remove the sound that plays when connecting the wrong symbols, it happens so often, there's no real penalty and often it plays when make a valid connection or just making good progress, and thats confusing.

would be nice if connecting a symbol would remove all adjacent symbol of that type, like in bust-a-move, which would allow more long-term strategy than removing each individual tile.

the pathing code here must be complex

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The inclusion of empty spaces and overpasses severely limits the possibilities. I feel i spend the most time ruling out the impossible shapes by working backwards because starting from the bottom is rarely fruitful.

Edit: apparently I can move tiles, this obviously changes a lot.

tbh I'm gonna continue on windows, just brought this up in case it was an unknown issue

I got the same error with Patrick's Parabox mac download as well. I wonder if it's a problem on my end?

No rush, I just downloaded it on my windows machine and it works. brilliant game, btw

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When i open the application I get the message: “Linelith” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash. 

Much, much better!

I'll give it a try, thank you so much!

Having a ton of performance issues on my macbook. its pretty unplayable :(

I want to like it but I'm really struggling with this. is the bar on the bottom right the snow meter? it never goes down no matter how much I skid; it just hits max, stays there for a while and then I lose. You did a great job giving feed back about my skids (love the effects) but gave no feed back about how they affect my snow problem.

I really dig the Mode7 style, too

I feel like the winning strategy is just to rush forward and pray

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It's short but I had fun! I was hoping the actual moving around would be more puzzling but the ability to move horizontally when sideways makes getting around pretty trivial. It seemed to focus on action platforming and timing, instead, which is cool, but detracts from the themed mechanic, imo

love the cut scenes, the graphics, the dithered sky. Love the music, too. the game is fun but i felt the end arrow was frustratingly unhelpful, in general getting through and finishing the level took trial and error rather than skill and finesse. In general I wish a lot of games like this zoomed out to show whats ahead, it will feel less speedy, but I get to react to things

It says C to attack but I don't seem to ever attack, even when I have power

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Cool game, a fun unique style of puzzle-platforming. Nice graphics and overall vibe. It felt nice a really nice winter game between the pacing, music and graphics.

The gameplay felt a bit tedious and grindy, It seemed like you wanted me to break every iceblock which just takes a long time, as you have to loosen each individual clear block. I felt the shop and currency overall hindered puzzle and exploration aspect.

It's nice to see a game without literal "rolling", a combo mechanic system is just as much "gaining momentum" as physically rolling, but that said I felt like the size of my combos were predetermined by the level layout, and I never once felt like i was "on a roll"

To be fair I played 2 games where I died pretty early, before I learned how important farmers were.

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Man, I went real hard on this one, and got really into it. love this concept, but it gets a bit monotonous. The mystic forest was cool, but I don't know what the doctor does. Day 50 with like 17 people, farmers are key.

The graphics are simple but the animations were nice and everything was snappy. The theme is there, it's decent, but any resource management game will fit so it's not an interesting use of the theme.

they don't even need to have action animations, just move the corresponding person up before the overlord eventually takes the lead again.

I want more, more levels and more juice. I think the concept can go much further, but it was a decent amount for the jam. would also like little animations for when the dragon removes trees or someone sacrifices themself, because it wasn't always clear what was happening.

Fun game, do more

you can try pixel perfect collision, or what I did in Ritz with it's big ol spikes

I like the style, and it seems pretty fun, but the last bit of the second level is pretty ridiculous. plus you seem to like cheap deaths when the camera is panning, and that's always a mood killer. I'd love to see the rest of the game but I've tried 10 times and every time I fail I go back to the start, save that for New Game+.

I didn't really see the theme in the gameplay, which is where I look for it in jams. regardless I plan to visit back here periodically to see where you take this.

fun little game, I wanted to get all of them but I gave up on that tiny little guy hiding behind the big guy.I wish my bearing indicator showed my last angle rather than telling me the number in a different menu.

other than that this is well executed and nifty

I love the concept but I had a hard time getting into it just from the numbers, They spawn faster than I can kill, overlords seem to take way too many bullets, where buddies die faster than teens in a horror movie. I'm sure it's fun if I can precisely and quickly kill a few overlords and get a few buddies, but I'm having a real hard time doing that.

It'd been nice if maybe the starting enemies were weaker and it got stronger once you had a chance to get a decent army. but the fact that I can't spray and pray against damage sponges is really holding the game back. I had better luck in sacrifice if I just camped out on top. 

With some more time, some number balancing, some more progression this can be a really cool game. 

I feel like there's something I'm not getting, the best move always seems to be to not move and stay in my safety zone. most of the time if I move away from it they can snatch it up in 1 turn, but then again sometimes I seem to lose and i have no idea why

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got 26

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I tried to solve it mathematically, by determining the number of lines needed for 26, compared to the max possible in a 19x19 grid, but i suck at math :'(

got 25 on the biggest and I'm 2 away from 26, has anyone beat that?

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I was unable to submit scores after logging in, nothing happened when I clicked submit, played another game after logging in just to be sure and still could not submit.

I like that you stuck with WASD orientations of keys. cool game, but way too short

the best execution I've seen of the scrambled-controls type of jam entry

macbooks only have 1 control key

winning doesn't seem possible, which is true of RL Karens too

I would have added some health. I usually die right away because it takes some time to get used to the game so I spend more time restarting the game than learning how to get better at it

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There's so many ways to use the theme that don't involve cumbersome and annoying controls. this was just kind of tedious and the bouncing only added to the confusion

Cool use of the theme. It's fun to juggle all the different mechanisms. The dials on the left could use a bigger, more stable hitbox as I found them frustrating.

Looks like you didn't choose the correct window size, I see text getting cut off

I really enjoyed this, fun concept with a nice and simple execution. changing the arrow for the first time wouldn't always work, but other than that it worked fine