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nice one!!

thank you so much!!

really cool game but there is some stuff you can fix :) I really like the graphics of the game. I told you the things you can make better on discord :)

just perfect

i made a snowman in blender and I really liked it so I made a game about the snowman so if it was first person It wouldn't have the main reason that the game is made. Thanks for playing <3

Thanks for playing, can you tell me some bugs you found so I can fix them

i know we shouldnt do the develompent build we had some problems with the web export and we tried the develompent build and it worked 

me too

i found another team

can i join your team?

ok what's your discord but do you have experience with draw?

you send me this message while I was sleeping and if you are awake while I sleep we can't work

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ok do you have worked with unity before?

And your discord

do you want to team up?

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you can take my job if he wants

i joined another team

hi im in a team but i asked him to accept you in our team but he is not answering. If he isnt answer we can become a team 

oh ok

plz answer

whats your discord 

Can we add anather teamate?He asked me to become a team


Thank you for accepting me in your team my discord is gelis07#2464

I want to team up with you im 13 years old and im working with unity

i think yes but a lot of people dont hve a vr to play your game

i send you a friend request on discord

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Can i join your team? im using unity

I want to join you team a lot  im good at programming and a bit of drawing in krita 

Hi im 13 years old and i wanna join this jam with a team if someone want to team up with post it right here

im 13 years old

Can i join im using unity too

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hi im good at programming and a bit of drawing in krita im using unity i want to join your team a lot and btw im 13 years old

i changed the name to chaotic car and i added a new more detailed description according to what you suggested!

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thank you for playing my game and for the tips i will add some of your ideas when the jam is over


i like it good job !!

Thank you i forgot to add score :(

nice game

very good game. I love it!!