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Thanks for the great feedback, judges!

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I went down to about level 55.  The game balance is all over the place, but if the goal was to prove that you can make roguelike dungeons then I'd say it was success!

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Heh yes there's a few gotchas in there, it ended up more of a puzzle game than I initially intended!

I thought I was prepared to explore the rich inner life of cows.  But it was so much more than anticipated.

Thanks!  Admittedly, there's not a lot to find out there yet, but I still have a few evenings I can put into the game.

My bad, the instructions are misleading.  It's in the WASD position, but actually it's more like WAXD, since it's the full 8-point cardinal directions mapped on both the left and (via the numpad) right side of the keyboard.

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Thanks for playing my game! 

It's interesting the feedback that you get when you see other people play your games.   Seeing your experiences in the game, I see that I did not communicate well that you can do diagonal movement, without which the game is certainly harder!  Also, I guess it's not obvious that you can destroy monster generators unless you played the original Gauntlet.  I need to keep these kinds of things in mind when writing instructions for players to get into the game.


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I've been continuing to improve it a bit.  If you want the version that was uploaded before the 2018 7DRL deadline, get the Gauntlet Rogue Last Chance Build in the downloads above.