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Sorry I forgot to allow comments. If you have a question, tell me more ++

Great game ++

Created a new topic Nothing

Nothing more than FPSkit. Another one :/

Thank you. I was really interested by the shaders which you used. Bye ++

Hi. Thank you for this great experience. I would like to download the source code, but there is nothing - a 20ko file? Is it possible?

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Finally I could create some solid scene using this tool. I like it. However, I noticed a big memory problem when I created 3/4 layers like in your video. Unity simply crashes and I cannot do anything - except a reboot. Respectfully there is a lack of stability. For information, I use Unity 5.3 on Win10 64b. I am sure that the next releases will be more stable. However, at this stage - and unfortunately with regrets - I cannot work efficiently with this tool. Please don't give up. I will be happy to help you testing the updated releases. I wish you the best. Thank you ++

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This tool is just amazing allowing us to create some clever levels really quickly. This one is better than all tools which we could buy on Asset Store. Now I understand that I have wasted my time trying another way in order to create levels in my older projects. However I had some difficulties so as to understand all mechanics. Some tutorials could be really useful. Thank you for this great contribution. I love it ++

Created a new topic Big problem

Привет. Я попробовал этот проект, но к сожалению есть много проблем, которые мне помешали, чтоб я мог просто играть. Прежде всего, мне кажется, что ты должен обязательно перевести все тексты потому что, те, кто не знает русский язык не мог понять ничего. Тем не менее, есть интересные аспекты. Тебе желаю успехов. Не сдавайся!

I tried this project, but unfortunately I noticed a several bugs which don't allow me to play. At first, I think that you must change all titles because those who don't understand Russian language cannot understand anything in your game. However, it seems to me that your first release is a good first step. You should improve your game. Don't give up ++

Good boy :)

Oh Jesus Lord! Really great game - maybe except the background. Hell seems to me a bad environment, but I respect your artistic choice. I wish you the best. May almighty God in heaven have mercy of you - sinners :)

BrainRequired on GreenLight. Please, support me ++


Overall, this is a good experience - you can define it as you want. Thank you for the answer. I wish you the best. Bye ++

196 - I am the master confetti :)

I played with your project 20 minutes. I cannot define it like a game - but instead like a artistic experience. Overall I like it. But technically this is really weird. I asked myself how you did that. The dimensional door is really smooth and some shaders are impressive. I cannot figure out how you did that. For me, it is a little bit disturbing. Thank you for this experience in a great aesthetic. I would like to see more - maybe a full game with a real gameplay. Great ++

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Neat. I like the physics which you developed. I did 8.22 for the best time - not too bad ++

A release for Linux is now available. Please, tell me if it works. Thank you for your support ++

A new release has been uploaded with some minor changes - Oöcyte is still under development ++

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My best score - 127 ++

Man! you made my day. I didn't see your game during the last Ludum Dare session - I would like to rate your project with 5 stars, but now it's too late. I love this game which seems to me one of the most innovative since many years. Thank you for this hilarious hour. Great and well done ++

A new release has been uploaded with some minor changes ++

Great! Really addictive. I can't stop it :)

How many levels in this game?

Impressive for a game which has been developed on Pico. Great ++

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Rien que pour cette ambiguité, je serai rès attentif.

I wish you the best and I hope soon a first release ++

En breton aussi ? C'est une première :)

I played one hour and I liked. Music is so quiet. The physics is really good with a prompt response on each click. The game seems too hard at start and I have needed to focus on the right direction. After a few minutes, it becomes more clear and enjoyable. However I think you need start the movement of the ball after a first click because it's really frustrating to launch immediately the ball after a respawn. This is my point of view. I wish you the best ++

This project is really impressive. I like it. Do you use Photon or another system for network? Could it be possible to get the source code later?

It seems to me really interesting. Neat. I would like to test a version on WebPlayer or as an executable for Windows. Could it possible?