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Hey. Thank you for your help. I will test it soon in my new project - and I will let you know if it works as expected. I wish you the best ++

PS : tested and approved. Some FX are amazing and really useful. I love them. Thank you :)

Thank you for your answer. I just understand that you are Terry Cavanagh. I know your games. A few years ago I made something like SuperHexagon. Take a look at this project. I wish you the best ++

Toute mes nuits résumées dans un seul jeu. Thank you for this cool entry. A really good use of the theme - and a clever gameplay. Really well done. However I would like more time at the end (game over) just to read my score. It comeback too quickly to the menu. Thanks ++

As usual I'm in :)

Et je serai très heureux de considérer ton entrée. On garde le contact. A bientôt ++

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As usual (and as usual I use these words - as usual) you made a solid entry - a fun game with clever gameplay for a minimalist aesthetic. No matter what you do, each time it seems like something new - pushing the Pico8 limits. Well done ++

Thank you Daniel for your answer. I bought your asset in a bundle which has been released 3 years ago - and today I need it for an URP project. I understand that you are busy.  With patience I wait for your next answer - or a new release. I wish you the best ++

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?

Thank you for this first review. If I broke your brain, I am happy :) If you can reach the end, let me know ++

Hello. I am trying to add these FX in a project URP, but I have a strange error message which I cannot fix. Do you have any idea what it means? Thank you for your help ++

You can only call cameraColorTarget inside the scope of a ScriptableRenderPass...

Hello. I have a problem with your asset for URP. I have this message : You can only call cameraColorTarget inside the scope of a ScriptableRenderPass...

What it means? Thank you for your help ++

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Amazing project which reminds me my old Atari 2600. The controls work well as expected and I love the minimalist aesthetic. I would like to know which engine you used creating your game?

Hello. It's true. There is a problem with international regulation. I cannot pay for this game, living in France. However there is no regulation with Ukraine - only with Russia. Paypal supports people in Ukraine reducing its fee for them. I cannot clearly say what the problem is, but his account is blocked. You can ask him directly in order to know what it means. Maybe he born in Russia and he's Russian citizen ++

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A really well made game about recipes from the past. I really appreciated the videos with socks which are hilarious. The main idea is clever - travel in the past in order to get some recipes. I had fun playing. The main aesthetic is a little bit too disturbing, but gorgeous too. Some parts could be improved (I think about the camera movement in the maze), but all works well as expected. Thank you for this strange travel. It deserves more good ratings ++

PS : Those who invented fire were not vegan :)

Impressive mechanics - and clever gameplay. I know you because I rated some of your entries for LudumDare, but this one is really amazing. I have no clue how you made it, but I love it. Well done. I wish you the best ++

Well done. Of course, it reminds me of the great Choplifter game - the same feelings playing. Love it ++

Impressive framework. I made something more or less similar with many restrictions but using C++. Well done. I wish you the best developing your amazing framework ++

Nice little game. I used the word "little", but it is not a criticism. In fact, GiveMeStrength is a poem - something without any pretension, but which gives us the desire to meet people, interacting with others. I really like it. This game made my day. This is exactly what I expect from a game. The main aesthetic is minimalist, but with great animations. The music is beautiful - something ethereal and quiet. Thank you ++

Impressive game. I love its aesthetic. This is an old entry for a LudumDare session (compo entry - code is required). However (and respectfully) I did not find the source code? I would like to take a look at the main mechanic. Is there any way to get it somewhere? Thank you. I wish you the best ++

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Metal Slug sequel. Very impressive work. I have never seen such beautiful pixel art like this project. The main gameplay works well as expected - and playing I feel all those vibes which I have known in my arcade rooms when I was a teenager. Well done. I wish you the best ++

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Really good FPS which reminds me of another game - BoxLife. I am surprised because I found your game recently and I don't remember it when I participated at this 43rd LudumDare. The controller is a little bit too weird and I think that it could be improved. The main gameplay is clever and I can imagine how hard it was to correctly create the unique level without any way so as to break the rules. The main aesthetic is gorgeous. It deserves more ratings :) Thank you for this good game. I wish you the best ++

PS : I downloaded the source code taking a look inside. I increased bullet velocity and I have modified some parts to get the game in fullscreen. Funny cheat :)

Is it Turing complete?

Thanks for the answer. Maybe soon :)

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Receiver was (and it still is) a really good game when it was been released almost 10 years ago. It was one of these games which gave me the fever to become a developer using Unity. I wonder if it has been updated recently? Now I wanna play again. Thanks ++

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Console window stays active when something goes wrong (warning or error). It appears clicking on the bottom of the Unity application. I don't use timeline often. Sometimes as a tab when it is required ++

Hello. Is there a way to get some informations about the engine behind all these projects? It seems really cool. Thanks  ++

Hello. Developing games we apply some layouts to get the best creating environment. What is your favorite? It seems to me that I am the only one who wants something clean and absolutely minimalist, closing a big part of the windows. Let me know what you prefer - and why ++

Window > Layouts > Tall [One Column Layout]

Really good game with a weird mood - and a clever aesthetic. The atmosphere is incredible (like a dream or a nightmare). It reminds me of Antichamber or a game like Stanley Parable which is one of my favorites. I Have to finish it. Thank you for this strange experience. I never see doors the same way as before :)

Terrible! ça mérite son billet ++

C'est super cool de voir un tel enthousiasme. J'ai considéré avec attention plusieurs de vos projets sur et LudumDare (score très honorable) et j'ai vite compris, qu'en fait, vous avez de bien solides compétences. J'aurais dû passer par là avant de poster mon message :) Je suis content d'avoir découvert votre talent commun. Du fond du cœur, je vous souhaite à tous une bonne continuation ++

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Without any doubt, one of my most frustrating experiences in game - because of the character controller which is not bad, but it could be improved. Respectfully it seems to me that you only bought an asset from Unity Store, integrating it in your project - and no more. I cannot appreciate each distance between platforms because of a minimalist aesthetic. Black color for the top of the platform is a bad idea. To put it in a nutshell - help us in judging distances. Also I think that you should increase white tiles' size to get a global feeling of tower space (first section). However your project has serious potential. I would like to recommend you to take a look at another game which is more or less similar to yours - REFUNCT. It uses a really good character controller and the main gameplay is based on the same key - jump, fall and repeat. Don't be offended by my words. It's just the point of view of another french indie dev. I wish you the best, developing it. If you need a beta tester, I will happy to help you ++

Ceci étant dit, si votre objectif est de focaliser le gameplay sur le seul Speedrun, oubliez tout ce que je vous ai dit. It works :) And as you said ->


Vous êtes en classe d'info/développement ? C'est pas mal du tout les jeunes. Pour une petite team, je trouve que vous avez une bonne fibre esthétique et de bonnes idées. Bon courage à vous. Je garderai un œil sur votre projet ++

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Hello. I don't know for what reason, but the PostCompo application is checked as a Trojan by my Microsoft antivirus - and for a few days. This is a false analysis.


This is not true - I know each code's line of my project :/

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Interesting gameplay - something new. However it's not always easy to kill the enemies because we cannot shoot with accuracy. There is a good potential. I guess that your project could be better on mobile devices. I had fun playing. Can be improved with a better visual - and some sounds (pew pew pew). Don't forget a button to quit game ++

Amazing game which is beautiful. I really like this arpeggio with your guitar. Thank you for this travel ++

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Good stuff.  Really interesting project. Thank you for sharing. Any idea how to implement floating numbers? Is there a way to get the remainder after an arithmetic operation?

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A shrink is a psychologist - informal language. It was just a joke because of my game. Don't be afraid I don't need any help :)

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Интересный маленький проект. Мне понравилось, а музыка слишком коротка. После несколько минут, становится скучно играть - это настоящее мучение. Я выкинул компьютер в окно :)

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Weird pictorial experience with an astonishing visual. The main aesthetic is a little bit too confusing, but I really loved this strange travel - a modern artwork. The sounds helped me. Maybe I am wrong, but there are some keys in order to progress in a game. This project is not recommended for those who have some seizure disorder or something similar. 5/5* Thank you. I wish you the best ++

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Круто! Мне очень понравилось, но к сожалению не понимаю всю историю. Наши языки (более менее) похожие, а есть много разниц :/ Рисунки красивы и атмосфера страшна ... Я думаю, что тебе необходимо перевести тект с украйского на английском языке, чтоб мы могли играть в самых лучших обстоятельствах. Тебе желаю всего хорошего. Спасибо ++

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5/5 One of my best experiences playing a game in some abstract world. I really liked this one - the main idea under the story is unusual and clever : what happens when I send an email? Also this project is well executed. Everything works well as expected and the player controller is really smooth. The main aesthetic is gorgeous. It is confusing because you used some clean textures with sometimes hard pixelization (especially for the letters). Totally unusual, but a nice environment. The way you manage the pseudo OS is amazing. There are so many options and features! I felt exactly what I have in mind thinking about some old Operating Systems from the 80s. I could buy a game like yours. You made my day. Thank you for this weird experience. I wish you the best ++

The main mechanic is good enough. I tested your project and there is some potential. Don't give up and show us soon some progress. Bye ++