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Interesting pre-release. I like the main aesthetic and the mood. The visual reminds me of another game - Paratropic. The main gameplay is good enough, but I hope that you planned to do more than a simple platformer game. The player controller is efficient, but it requires at first some skill. After a while, I could manage all movements without any problem. I don't understand how to use ice axes. Overall, a good alpha project which needs some improvements and better gameplay. I stay tuned ++

Ok. Thank you for your answer. I rated your game. An amazing entry ++

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Amazing entry. Question - when a line is almost red, it means that the tightness is too high? I love this game and its clean aesthetic. No sound - no music ?

He said that this game is really good, but it needs to be improved. He hopes that the dev team will fix bugs - going forword to optimization ++

Finally. I notice that you downloaded nine times this Zip file. So you have somewhere on your computer nine Zip files which are just useless :/ If you need help trying to understand some shaders, let me know. Have fun ++

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Ok. The Zip file is named MyShaders. If you extract it, you got a folder which is named MyShaders too - and inside it, you have two folders ; one for the shaders, one for the scripts :/

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Download the Zip file. There is a main folder which is named MyShaders. Inside it, you have two folders - one with shaders and a second with scripts. All these folders must be in your Unity project. Put one of the scripts on your camera. Done ++

PS : Respectfully if you cannot import these scripts, I guess that you are a newbie - and you should start with Unity taking a look at a tutorial.

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Hello. I don't understand your question. Do you have some experience with Unity? This is really easy to use them. Only put a script on your camera, adding in your project the folder MyShaders which contains all shaders. Nothing more ++

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Really good little game with a neat narrative background. I really like the main aesthetic and pictures. Sometimes there is a little latency between actions and sounds, but it is not a problem which could ruin our pleasure. I saw myself in this game - when I was a young boy. Well done. Thank you for this time travel. I really appreciated ++

Hey thanks for sharing. I really appreciate. I wish you the best. Bye ++

Good work for an amazing entry. A raycast tech demo is always impressive - and you did ++

Really impressive. It is more than I expected when I saw the cover image. All works well as expected and movements are really smooth. An amazing entry. Well done ++

Impressive. You made the grade, using the OLC::PixelGame engine. The main gameplay is usual, but all works as expected and I really appreciated this experience. Well done ++

Impressive work using the OLC::PixelGame engine. A fun retro style and an interesting gameplay. I would like to take a look at the code source, but no way :/

Hello Electropapst. Thank you for your comment. There is no header files - only OLC::PixelEngine which you can find on GitHub. And for the asset folder, you can find it with the game itself. Thank you. Have a nice day ++

Interesting Sokoban implementation. I did another one Sokoban game and I wanted to try yours. Well done and addictive. Maybe the background music is a litle bit too loud and repetitive. Overall, a great entry ++

What a very good game with an unusual gameplay and a beautiful aesthetic. I really love the music which reminds me some old French movies STO. One of my favorite entries for the OLC::CodeJam ++

Of course, you did the best entry. I really like the main gameplay and the background music is hypnotic. All fits with the theme. A solid project which shows clearly that your engine is powerful. Great game - so addictive ++

Thank you Megarev for your kind words. You made my day ++

Hello. I played your project and I did not understand the main gameplay. For this reason I downloaded the source code so as to read it, saying to myself that this way I could understand what I am supposed to do. Well. I think that you convert the entry for something, but I don't understand why. Really I need help here. You should add a tutorial or an explanation. Thanks :)

Impressive game in the Command Console. Maybe you could improve the pseudo colliders code because it is not always easy to elaborate a strategy trying to avoid obstacles. However I would like to say that it is probably the most impressive game that I have seen in a Console since a few years ago. Well done. One of my favorites for this Code Jam session ++

Interesting project with a good physics. Clever gameplay and addictive. Well done ++

It seems interesting, but my antivirus doesn't allow me to start this game. What it means?

I did a video so as to help players. Only 7 levels...

Eh eh :)

There is a little room in the left in which you could push the box until its goal. Don't give up. Sokoban requires many efforts so as to reach a good skill. I will do a video soon, achieving all levels. I wish you the best. Thank you ++

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Amazing project with an incredible aesthetic which reminds us of the old PS1 graphics. The mood is creepy, but not enough to discourage me. Also, there are many good ideas in this project which I cannot technically explain like the textures deformation. I loved the buffer overflow at the end. As a 6DoF controller, it could be interesting to change keys so as to approach something like Forsaken or Descent games. However, after a while, I could use them efficiently. Thank you for this weird trip. You made the grade. I wish you the best ++

Ах! Я не знал, что есть остров Таракан. Я подумал, что вы подразумеваете Таракан, то есть с франзуского "un cafard" (or in English - a cockroach). On en apprend tous les jours. Bien vu ++

Понял. Но почему называть эту игру Таракан если не существует на русском?

Ne réponds pas, c'est pour plaisanter :)

Игра называется Таракан. Я бы хотел играть, но с текстами на русском языке. Это возможно или нет? Petite question avant achat. Merci ++

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Hey. I did not say that I don't like it. It's not true. In fact, this is the opposite - I love it. I have nothing against this gameplay and I would like to go deeper. However I want to bring you attention to the difficulty curve which is just bad and really really frustrating. You should do something easier at start and progressively increasing challenge ++

Hello everyone. My name is Geckoo1337 and I have been active on for a few years. I developed many games in the past - and obviously I continue... I would like to ask you about what we can do so as to support people on Haïti. After a big earthquake people are struggling hard just to find help, some food or medicine. As we did in the past, I guess that again indie dev can do something to help them. I have no clue how I could create a bundle in order to help Haïti. In the past, I shared for free a game which I created so as to promote equality in the USA. Maybe the best thing that I did since I started creating games. I would like to do the same thing for Haïti. Do you have an idea in order to gather a big community around this idea? Is there something like it actually? Thanks for your help and advices ++

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Really good game with unusual gameplay and a neat aesthetic. However the levels are too large and it's really frustrating to fail a jump, bouncing, falling far behind previous position. You should increase progressively the difficulty curve. The end of the first level is just impossible. After 15 minutes I gave up :/

I will try again. Thank you for the gift ++

-- 20 minutes after my first review :

No really no. I tried without any success. This is the worst frustrating experience which I have had on because your game is amazing. This is exactly what I would like to find here - a fun game with great gameplay. I would like to play but I feel like a moron. Respectfully you have ruined everything applying in the first level such difficulty. It's a shame :/  

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Really nice game with a good mood and a frenetic gameplay. I love the main aesthetic. Relaxing for a while. The scoreboard online is always a good idea. Finally I have a good score :)

Hypnotic. Well done ++

I know how a good feedback can give us more motivation. Good luck ++

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Hello. Maybe the most weird experience in games which doesn't disturb me. I like the main aesthetic and this strange mood. It seems to me that I am travelling into an Edgar Allan Poe novel. Obviously we share the same passion for the modern art and some levels was really attractive for me - especially the video with Georgia O'Keeffe. Honestly I didn't expect anything from your project, but finally you made my day. It's weird, but pleasant - strange, but not freaky. Material shaders and for the camera are gorgeous. I came here because of another game that you know too - Rouge Noir. I wish you the best. Have a drink for me  ++

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Really good FPS with innovative gameplay. Malware is addictive. I liked the main aesthetic which is clean enough so as to fight in the best condition. Mechanics work well as expected. I noticed some bugs with colliders, especially when the player jumps and falls on an edge. Pressing the forward key you can stay in place without falling. I guess that you could fix it without any problem. I played many times so that I understood how to increase my score - but I assume that I missed something. It is a little bit frustrating. Maybe you could explain briefly how to manage a good score. I ran quickly, shooting all bots, picking up all weapons - but I cannot exceed 22000 points (honorable score). The main music track is a little bit too repetitive and after a while, it annoys me. Just a suggestion : have you tested the same gameplay, but with a player who can jump higher? It seems to me that you could increase the main gameplay allowing the player to jump all around the rooms. Not something too irrational, but allowing more space ingame (remember Quake). The player jumps as if he has some lead's soles. This is another thing which is frustrating when I play.  Overall, I like your project and I wish you the best development. Really I could buy it on Steam for a few bucks. It deserves a good community around itself. So I stay tuned ++

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Interesting gameplay with an amazing mood. Material shaders are great and I really like the procedural track. However the main gameplay is a little bit too slow. You created your project efficiently - without any physics including no rigibody or colliders (as you said - it's pure math). However cubes are rolling too slowly. I did a game more or less similar with cubes without any physics. Artefaktum - take a look. I wish you the best. Thank you for this game ++

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Hello. As I promised, I played your game again so that I could show you where (it seems to me) you can fix bugs. At first, when we start in the first room showing three portals, we have a significant loss of framerate (first picture). I assume with 3 big portals, this is too hard. I noticed a recurrent graphics bug which you can see in the picture (second and third pictures). I took a shot only two times, but this is really recurrent. Do you see the thin lines? In the last picture, there is a problem with your controller. I guess that you could fix it quickly by changing mass or gravity value because the player doesn't slide along the tunnel - he skips and it is really disturbing (last picture). Also at this stage, there is another loss of framerate. For me, it's no good. Your portal code is too guzzler :) You are wasting your resources somewhere. However, all these problems which I quoted are not too frustrating. Your game is overall very good. I wish you the best in developing it. Bye ++

Interesting. Now I have my main aesthetic, but if I need help, I will let you know. Thank you ++