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Amazing work. I love especially Spring - nice ethereal ambient. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate. I wish you the best👍💯

Brief but efficient - thank you for your feedback :)

I would like to know what seems to you so confusing? DreamLo is really powerful and easy to integrate in projects. If you know better, let me know please ++

Hello. I use DreamLo leader board system and a custom script which I did :

Technically really interesting but I cannot figure out what you could do using that ++

Hey! It's always interesting to se someone playing one of my old games. Thank you for your support. I would like to know what is your screen ratio because UI seems to me a little bit strange. Have a nice day ++

Thank you for sharing - a good stuff ++

Ok. Thank you for your advice. I start today :)

Today I played Another World on PS4. Yours is really well done. I am always surprised by what it is possible to do using PICO. I am an Unity user, but sometimes it seems to me that I should try PICO - just for fun. Thank you for this game. I wish you the best ++

Interesting - really interesting. Of course, it reminds me DevilDagger (and my project Abaddon - available on The big problem which I noticed is the main gameplay. I don't like controls which we have to use for shot - unusual and frustrating. The main aesthetic is oppressive and weird/creepy and it fits with the gameplay. There is a big amount of work on the monsters - amazing. Thank you for this game. I wish you the best developing your project ++

No One is Here community · Created a new topic wtf

Amazing project with a weird aesthetic - something which reminds me DearEsther. Effects on camera are great with a glitch/dithering and some minimalist textures. I spent many time so as to reach an eventual goal, but it seems to me that there is nothing - except an oppressive atmosphere in this abandonned town. I was in the cavern, in the house, trying to reach a platform above, etc - I would like to know some keys... However this is a good trip ++

Thank you for your comment. I did this project a few years ago - and I totally abandonned it. However I really appreciate your advice. "Translesbian Black Woman"game  - maybe next time :)

It's a pity. A part of the community is often trying to spread malicious viruses or something else, using a free platform like Itch. I - bad content too, but it's another conversation I guess. Have you ever banned someone because he was trying to harm other people? I assume that GitHub or Kongregate encounter the same problem sharing thousand games and project. However, I would like to tell you that you were the first who supported me when I needed to promote some of my little games - you are still the first one in my heart. I wish you the best ++

Also Theorem is available on Steam ++

Sokodice community · Created a new topic Well done
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Very good puzzle game with a clever gameplay (it reminds mine). Mechanics work perfectly as expected. I like this quiet mood - for a game which requires a lot of concentration - I guess that it is a frist requirement. Also I assume that the main aesthetic could be improved with more time. Maybe, using some symbols instead numbers on dice, it could be better. A dice as a main element is a little bit too usual - almost annoying. However, one thing is certain - you are working on a great project. I wish you the best ++

I Love it. Fun and great experience ++

Maybe one of the most weird aesthetics which I have ever seen in a game. The mood is strange - something between a nighmare and a beautiful dream. No tutorial and it's good - a great experience. Also I would like to add some words, just to say that custom character and all mechanics are just smooth and really efficient. I didn't expect anything when I launched your project - and finally I loved it - especially these strange loquacious creatures. I guess that there is a key so as to understand that trip. Well done. Thank you Thana ++

Interesting aesthetic showing some pictures which was on walls in France during these events, but we are far from the war fever. Link between May 68 and popular march in USA to protest against free weapons is opportun and clever. You are right - youth are not shutting up. So youth are speaking up - maybe sometimes a little bit too loud :)

Que reste-t-il de cette révolution manquée? Les politiques n'ont plus le charisme du Général, et les idéaux ont été vendus au plus offrant. Il y a bien une nostalgie dans l'air, mais objectivement, tout ceci me semble bien pathétique (un peu comme cette Marseillaise des escargots). Heureusement, ton projet rehausse un peu l'ambiance. Merci.

Quiet experience and relaxative journey. Music improves your project and I love the low-poly environment. I noticed so many details (debris, seagulls, etc) and all mechanics work very smoothly. Thank you ++

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Impresive work for a beta. I like the main aesthetic and the freaky mood. However it could be a little more intense, maybe increasing movement speed. Please, add an option so as to disable blurry effect when player moves - not really good. At home, the game seems to me more darkly than on pictures. Effects and weapons are great with a good feeling. I noticed many free assets that I used too for my own project. I wait your game on Steam. I wish you the best, developing your game. Bye ++

Mine using the same monster :)

Hello. To be honest, DD is really more interesting as a survival game. Mine has been created in less than a few days during the 38th LudumDare session. Don't expect an AAA game, but it seems to me that my project is fun. Thanks ++

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Very interesting game with an unusual aesthetic which sometimes hurts my eyes, but overall I loved it. I had fun playing, and finally I found what she want. The gameplay is very simple, but I thank you for you shared with us precious things - some personnal memories. Well done ++

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Really good. Freaky and weird, but never terrifying (I don't like frightening games). The main gameplay is good enough with some interesting keys so as to create some tense situations. The retro aesthetic and mood are great, but I noticed some clipping with walls because the character is too big (regarding walls and roof). Set camera's clipping planes value to 0.1f - so it could be more efficient. It's not really annoying, but I gues that you could improve your project fixing these minor bugs. Overall, I liked the experience - and I finally escaped. Thank you ++

PS : have a drink :)

OK. I understand now. With the new template on, there is too a little bug. Fixed ++

Do you see the "Download Now" button? Not a big deal I guess ++

One of my favorite projects during the last LD session. I liked it and I like always. I am very happy to see that you did finally a full game which deserves many compliments. Well done. See you later for the 40th LD. I wish you the best ++

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A good puzzle game which could be better if you add some new features. I noticed that you could also round the cube position in order to fit it with the board. No sound FX? I wish you the best developing this game ++

Fixed some minor bugs ++

It reminds me the old movies with Vincent Price. Great ++

Whoa! it seems really impressive. However, there is a way to download somewhere a windows version? Thanks ++

Hello friends. I did many games in the past so as to participate to LudumDare and I would like to collaborate with you for this french event. I hope that you enjoy my submission. I think that this project could be enjoyable for kids. I wish you the best ++

Un petit mot encore afin de vous dire que je suis aussi français - sur la frontière Luxembourgeoise. Je ne savais rien de votre projet. C'est une chouette occasion afin de présenter son projet. Merci et bonne continuation à vous ++

Cool! I had fun looking you - fighting against all monsters. Nice video. Thank you ++

Hi. I don't really understand the main idea under this event, but you are intriguing me. May I know more about this CD? PS : I like your work as a photographer. You catch the urban aesthetic like no one else. I wish you the best ++

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Some minor bugs as been fixed - jump and movements. Now you have an option - The All-Seeing Eye (a rear camera). Have fun ++

Too slow - you should increase player speed. This way this is just bored :/

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Sorry I forgot to allow comments. If you have a question, tell me more ++

Great game ++

FireStrike community · Created a new topic Nothing

Nothing more than FPSkit. Another one :/

Thank you. I was really interested by the shaders which you used. Bye ++