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Beautiful, but totally lacking of gameplay. Controls are a little bit too weird - sometimes it seems that I am walking on ice. I downloaded your project when I read that you worked on the DarkPlace engine . Oh boy! I remember Nexuiz ++

My favorite project. It is more than a simple game - it is more than a weird contemplative travel. Manifold Garden is a master piece. If you liked Antichamber, Portal or Fragments Of Euclid, you will love this one too. As an indie dev, MG is a constant inspiration source ++

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Hello. Theorem has been shared in the Racial Justice and Equality bundle. Go to your account setting, my librairy. There is a columns in the left with "my purchases". You can see games and bundles which you bought. All will be listed (more than 59 pages), but you can find games by names.Have fun ++

Hey Ohnana. Thank you for your brief feedback. Unfortunately, I don't planned to do something for Android. Theorem is a full game just for Windows. Sorry. I wish you the best :)

Hey Ohnana. Thank you for your brief feedback. Unfortunately, I don't planned to do something for Android. Artefactum will be a full game just for Windows. Sorry. I wish you the best ++

Great! Let me know what you think about it. Have a nice day ++

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Hello. Thank you for your feedback with which I totally agree. As an answer, I would like to recommend you to test my new project which is more or less similar because of cubes. However, there is another gameplay and all features which you expected in Theorem - a clear visual, a key to go back and more. I cannot work on Theorem so as to add those features because I am developing other projects. I created Theorem a few years ago when I had not skill. Today I have more competence in order to work efficiently. Please take a look at my latest puzzle game - Artefaktum and you will understand what I mean. Thank you for your support which is for me really appreciable. I wish you the best. Bye ++

Hello. Thank you for your interest with my game. I would like to inform you that someone has posted on Steam many video so as to explain how to solve each level. Maybe it is too easy for you, but you can find some help. Take a look at the community forum by the Theorem main page. I wish you the best. Have a nice day ++

Ok. I understand your point of view and please excuse me if I caused some trouble to hypersensitive people. It could be better to add some warning in order to avoid any health hurt. I will try to do that - and soon as possible. Thank you for your explaination. Have a nice day ++

Well. Thank you for your feedback. I lost a star for a flickering light during a half-second. Respecfully, you are the first one who mentionned that, and I don't understand where is the problem. It's a simple feature in order to show that player has broken a logical rules - it's not a bug if it's what you meant. Thank you ++

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Hello gghaz. I create games for this reason - I want to share happiness with people. What a delight to know that your son likes Theorem. I really appreciate your kind words. You made my day. I wish you the best - for you and yours ++

An interesting gameplay - totally unusual and fun. A really good surprise which I bought in the racial Justice bundle with thousand other games. This one is amazing. Thank you ++

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A Z-key? It could be an interesting feature - you're right. Thank you for your feedback. I wish you the best ++

Amazing game with a neat aesthetic and a strange mood, but without any clever gameplay. This is not a criticism - I really appreciated. I did a pleasant travel inside your project, trying to understand the main message - and I guess that I did. Choir was beautiful. Thank you ++

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Theorem has been embedded in the "Racial Justice And Equality" bundle. Respectfully I don't tolerate any violence from protestors or cops, but if my project can help someone or a just cause, let's go boy! Have fun playing Theorem ++

Mon jeu Theorem est maintenant embarqué dans le bundle "Racial Justice And Equality" pour quelques euros, et avec un millier d'autres jeux. Que les choses soient claires - je n'accepte aucune violence de l'une ou l'autre des parties, mais si Theorem peut faire avancer un peu les choses, on y va dans la joie :)

Я горжусь этим - мою видеоигру Theorem можно купить с тысячью других компьютерных игр за несколько долларов (Racial Justice And Equality bundle). Вообще я ненавижу насилию, но я бы хотел поддерживать тех, кто хочет улучшить общество. Если вам нравятся головоломки, попробуйте! Буду очень рад читать ваши комментарии. Пока пока ++

This game is a very good puzzle game with a neat aesthetic and a quiet mood. However, for me it's something more interesting. Reky has been released a few days ago on Steam for a few bucks. As an indie project, I assume that it could raise a significant amount of money to its developers during a few weeks - and after a short time, like many other little games, it will be forgotten. This is the cruel rule of market. Being aware of this, developers did a real sacrifice so as to add this amazing game in a bundle in order to support antiracism movement. I like such point of view - some selflessness. As an indie dev, I don't know if I could have such morale fortitude or conviction. Impressive. Thank you for your good exemple. I really appreciate Reky. You deserve my respect. I wish you the best ++ 

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Really interesting mechanics with a neat aesthetic. Good game - fun gameplay. I would like to play in fullscreen mode, but I have a reduced size screen. What about music track ? Thank you for this game. keep it up ++

Please add my game Theorem so as to support them. Thx ++

Please add my Game Theorem in this bundle so as to support them. Thx ++

I would like to know what you thing about the new player prefab - a rounded cube. Thank you for your support and feedback ++

Извини меня. Я только, что помню мы познакомились несколько лет назад. Ты объяснил мне, что где ты живёшь часто возникают землетрясения. Помнишь? Быть может, я ошибаюсь, но мне кажется, что ты находишься недалеко от Сахалина Остров. Прав ли я ?

Simple gameplay for a relaxing puzzle game. Musics are beautiful and pictures clever. Sometimes it seems to me that I am searching some clue in pictures like in BladeRunner. Thank you ++

This game is one of my favorites on platform. It has an amazing gameplay with some gorgeous minimalist aesthetic and efficient controls.

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Hello. We should do, but... I have no time so as to develop something with someone else. I would like to create games or projects further, but I have a full time job, a family, some responsibilities which play an important role in my life. Sometimes I can work hard on a game and deliberately I forget all for a month or two - until I have a new illumination :) Really, noone can tolerate such collaboration. Furthermore, I have no suitability so as to collaborate with others. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate your help. If I can do something for you, let me know ++  :)

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Thank you for your feedback. Yes - you can climb/drop an artefact if you have the same color on their top independently colors on other cube faces. On your first picture, you have red tile on red tile - all is good. Thank you ++

If I have to keep in mind one project done during the Covid-19, this is Healthy Man. Great retro game which reminds me my old Sega & Nintendo consoles. Amazing aesthetic. Thank you ++

Hey. Great video which shows us first levels. It was for me really interesting to see how you solved these levels. The next ones will be harder. Thank you for your support. I wish you the best ++

Merci pour ton feedback - je vais réduire les possibilités de mouvement de la caméra afin de ne pas aller au-delà des 40/50° de chaque côté. J'ai travaillé avec Epitech, il y a très longtemps (en 2010). Il y avait du bon, mais aussi du mauvais. Je me souviens un jour où il m'a fallu corriger des articles pour un magazine en sécurité informatique (hakin9). Des élèves me rendaient leur article et je corrigeais les erreurs techniques, les fautes de grammaire et d'orthographe, etc. Les gars étaient tellement fainéants qu'ils me balançaient (en retard forcément) des paragraphes entiers en anglais pêchés sur le net - de simples textes en mode copié/collé. Pitoyable. Ce n’est pas un bon souvenir. Après techniquement, il y avait de bons trucs, mais dans l'ensemble, c'est une boîte à diplôme assez prétentieuse. Ne regrette rien ++

Is there a way to run your game as an executable? I downloaded the zip file, but I cannot run the make file. It does not work. Strange ++

Merci Jean-Marc. J'apprécierais un feedback, surtout d'un étudiant Epitech. Quelques mots suffiraient - pas besoin de verser dans l'emphase. Merci ++

Interesting concept with an amazing mood. I liked the minimalist aesthetic and background story because I understand the main idea - I am just crazy, loosing my mind, trying to solve inexplicable things. Really too short (6 minutes) so as to define what could be a full game, but I loved this project. I want more ++

Enjoy your quarantine. For a few days Theorem is free on - have fun. I wish you the best - and wash your hands ++

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Amazing game with an interesting background. There is a really good work on the aesthetic and especially on the canvas. The main story is freaky but not too horrible. I had fun playing. Thank you. PS : just an advice - use a second camera for weapon. As an indie dev, I always take a look at the way how the dev manages it (only noob use a unique cam) ++

Well done. Weird aesthetic and strange mood for an efficient platform game. I had fun playing. Thank you ++

Amazing work. I love especially Spring - nice ethereal ambient. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate. I wish you the best👍💯

Brief but efficient - thank you for your feedback :)

I would like to know what seems to you so confusing? DreamLo is really powerful and easy to integrate in projects. If you know better, let me know please ++

Hello. I use DreamLo leader board system and a custom script which I did :

Technically really interesting but I cannot figure out what you could do using that ++