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Fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well this is horribly embarrassing. This should be the correct link:

These are very useful comments, thanks!

Currently the only way to see your hotkeys is to open the config.cfg file in a text editor. This is an oversight; I didn't think about seeing your hotkeys when making the hotkey system. I'll add a hotkey viewer to the next release.

You cannot currently do anything to the gears of destroyed meks.

Normally your character can only take part in one adventure at a time; when the adventure is finished, the character gets ejected and can then be loaded into a new campaign. There is currently no way to exit an adventure before the end, though I should probably add one. You can, however, find the ghcaramel folder and rename the backup_[character name].sav file to egg_[character name].sav. This will allow you to load the PC into a new adventure again.

Do you have a portfolio or samples of your art?

Your work looks good; I will be in touch.

I am seeking an artist who can create portrait bits for the GearHead Caramel portrait generator; preferably someone who can match this style but has a better fashion sense than me. More information about the portrait generator can be found at:

Yes. The only change in the Windows v2 is to fix a problem that only affected Windows.

GearHead Caramel is a tactics style Roguelike mecha RPG. This is the third game in the GearHead series, but was designed to be a great entry point for new players. Features include a detailed mecha build + customization system, procedural story generation, lifepath based character creation, a portrait editor, both personal and mecha scale combat, cyberware, and the ability to import characters from GearHead Arena.

You can download the current full version from the GitHub page:

I hope you enjoy it.

I'm a bit surprised there isn't more papercraft on here. I should start encouraging all the other devs I know to release paper models of the characters/vehicles/meks in their games.

I've just uploaded my first ever paper model kit: the SAN-X9 BuruBuru mecha from GearHead RPG. I've always wanted to have a real model kit of one of my mecha designs, and now you can have one too.