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I do not say this lightly - this is one of the most amazingly written games, indie or otherwise, I have ever played. I was nearly brought to tears, and that's not something that happens often... like, AT ALL. The art and music is fantastic, and the writers should be working on feature films. The fact that this is free to play is as perplexing as it is commendable, because this is premium-grade artistry. I will definitely look forward to more games from Motvind. Absolutely blown away, thank you for the experience.

What a lovely game. Great art style, must have been hard to layer sound like that. Cool feature how you can mess around with the sound board at the end too. Good work!

This is an absolutely lovely idea, brought a smile to my face and will hopefully bring a smile to strangers who receive nice messages.

Just as a report, I use enlarged font on my screen so when I installed, the intro developer mail scaled too and without any way to resize the mail windows, the message got cut off, so would be cool if the window was scalable or similar. But, it looks great, is non-obtrusive, low-usage and is a brill idea.

Well, this game was unexpected... and incredibly enjoyable! Even though I never got far in it, just figuring it out and discovering the humorous moments was quite an experience. You guys are some of my favourite devs and I'm always looking forward to what you put out (especially looking forward to Feather!) Bricks, as I like to call it, is some great work once again!

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This was one of the first Indie games I ever played and there really is no other game like it. It's nice to have a game that focuses entirely on ambience and relaxation and not challenge and controls. It really makes it more of an experience than a game, and there just aren't enough of those around. 

I played it over a year ago and always come back to it to chill me out, I'm so glad to hear that it's being expanded into a larger game. That being said, I do think that 'Fruits of a Feather' is a much more unique name than 'Feather', but I'm thrilled to see that the aesthetic style is staying the same. My other piece of advice would be, RELEASE A SOUNDTRACK! The composer did a stellar job, it's some of the best in any game and I would love to listen to it while doing other things too.

Sometimes, less is more, and that sentence sums up the success and gameplay of this game perfectly.

This is such a nice idea. I haven't even managed to explore the whole game yet, it's so charming! I'd love to get my niece interested in games as she gets older and this will be a great one to be her first!

Great job on this game man, very sweet :)

This is a neat little game, simple and relaxing. Well done!

This is by far one of the funnest indie games I've ever played. The references are done so lovingly and cleverly. The control is fluent enough to make the game addictive without becoming a pain, or infuriating, or tiresome. It's visual and audio design is also kick-ass. Money well spent for a neat little experience and well worth the price tag.

Only issue I found was that, at one of the intersection events (not sure of the reference but it's two dark cars chasing each other), the back of the truck would always clip me. But it's always on I think the second intersection, and doesn't happen on the others, so not sure if it's a timing issue. Either way, it's only a passing chance that that exact reference would show up at that exact spot anyway.

Definitely one of my favourite indie game experiences of the year, and a real kick in the nostalgia!

What a great tester game, really reminiscent of nostalgic point and clicks like Monkey Island, Sam & Max and Broken Sword. These characters are really likeable, I'd love to see a full game with them. Most importantly, the animation and art style and the way they work together is masterful. It's probably one of the best-looking games I've seen all year. I just love the colourful, painted 2D look. A big congrats to your guys art design and direction. Noticed a few technical issues; the text at the beginning moves far too fast for one. But nothing to drop the score of this game at all. If this is a test of your abilities and skill in game creation, you've passed with flying colours. Bravo to Nogoodnik Games. Now, make a full version! :D

This concept is genius, there should really be more games of this type made, or at least in the same vein of innovation. It's a dynamic text adventure pouring with style. It bleeds tension. I really can't say enough about this game, it's probably my favourite horror game in years, due to it's aesthetic design, it's expert attention to atmosphere and eeriness, and it's ability to put a dynamic twist on a classic style that I already loved.

It's a shame it's short, but it works. I would love a series of these in different genres, with text adventures that affect your surroundings, and having to use the changing environment to solve more difficult, intricate puzzles in the text. But even it's length and pacing feel intended and fitting. it's all so perfectly designed, the creators really know how to connect with your sensibilities and take advantage of that through design, detail and genuinely understanding how fear works - and that's what so many horror games fail to do nowadays. It's simply marvellous.

When you can't make the Superbowl, so you practice your quarterbacking at Thanksgiving dinner instead...

What a crazy fun game. I've always wondered how many dentures and glasses I could knock out or off of people's faces (by which I mean, I've never wondered that), but now I know.

You don't really need to say anything about this game, other than it let's you launch your lunch, and any normal person would be sold. But it does have a great style design and lots of creative detail. It took me a few looks to notice you could knock out grandma's dentures. Runs smoothly too.

All in all, just quick, crazy fun.

Really nice little game for a Jam. While the mechanics were a little too simple to really class the game as a rewarding experience, the dialogue was witty, cute and well-written and the game was worth playing for that alone. Also love the visual style, both for it's pixel design and it's minimal colour and range. Good job, creators!

This is a beautiful game, reminded me a lot of Fruits of a Feather, which was another game I played recently on Itchio, in that it's also very simple in design yet very tranquil with a lot of ambience. For a student project, this is very nicely put together, noticed some graphical errors here and there but nothing game-ruining.

You can really just sink into the atmosphere and get relaxed with it. The small story needed just a little addition to be considered satisfying, namely the ending, but the experience as a whole was delightful. Great job, Joshua! :)

Very cool game, really like the pixelated style. It adds a sense of creepiness to the atmosphere. For a short experience, it works very well. I didn't even notice when playing, but I see in the screenshots that the dialogue is coming from a radio? The radio didn't show up in my game (possibly a bug?) but it didn't affect gameplay whatsoever. Good job all around to the developers.

Brilliant game! Fun, imaginative, unique concept and still challenging. I genuinely got stumped at some of the puzzles and rather than feeling frustrated, wanting to search for the solution elsewhere, it was a joy to try to figure it out of myself. Like the music, although my only complaint is that it can get a little repetitive after enough gameplay, but I like the style and composition.

The animations and visual design is great. Well crafted with a lot of care and attention, I would highly recommend it and am looking forward to playing the full game!

What a fun, incredibly soothing game. The visual style is gorgeous, complimented beautifully by the fantastic sound design/music and simple gameplay. This is one of the best indie games I've played this year (and I don't mean the past 4 days). Had an amazing time playing and would enjoy relaxing to it even after I collect all the fruits.

The island has plenty of little unique characteristics that make exploring it even more fun (like the cave, and snowy mountains) with cute physics for the bird to react against. My favourite thing in the game is the music, which is fantastically composed (kudos to Mitchell Pasmans!) and the fact that there's enough of it to produce a musical statue to use in-game in order to cycle tracks is a treat. Great job guys, I'll be keeping an eye on SamuraiPunk and their games from hereon!