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This is by far one of the funnest indie games I've ever played. The references are done so lovingly and cleverly. The control is fluent enough to make the game addictive without becoming a pain, or infuriating, or tiresome. It's visual and audio design is also kick-ass. Money well spent for a neat little experience and well worth the price tag.

Only issue I found was that, at one of the intersection events (not sure of the reference but it's two dark cars chasing each other), the back of the truck would always clip me. But it's always on I think the second intersection, and doesn't happen on the others, so not sure if it's a timing issue. Either way, it's only a passing chance that that exact reference would show up at that exact spot anyway.

Definitely one of my favourite indie game experiences of the year, and a real kick in the nostalgia!