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This was one of the first Indie games I ever played and there really is no other game like it. It's nice to have a game that focuses entirely on ambience and relaxation and not challenge and controls. It really makes it more of an experience than a game, and there just aren't enough of those around. 

I played it over a year ago and always come back to it to chill me out, I'm so glad to hear that it's being expanded into a larger game. That being said, I do think that 'Fruits of a Feather' is a much more unique name than 'Feather', but I'm thrilled to see that the aesthetic style is staying the same. My other piece of advice would be, RELEASE A SOUNDTRACK! The composer did a stellar job, it's some of the best in any game and I would love to listen to it while doing other things too.

Sometimes, less is more, and that sentence sums up the success and gameplay of this game perfectly.


Thank you soo much for your kind words <3

The soundtrack will be launched on steam with the game but for now our composer has the album up on Bandcamp.