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The free demo was made many years ago. If you want to play the full game you could try playing via Proton on Steam as we don't officially support linux any more.

Nah sorry mate.

I can actually confirm Mac is coming back and very soon along with some other news. Unfortunately linux is not happening. I'll never say never but right now it's a no.

You should see the new version :p

I left the demo up so people can try the old prototype from 3 years ago but if you'd like more content the full release is available for purchase.

Hi Rijitsu

Can you update the name of your video to Fruits of a Feather instead of Feather as that is the old prototype you played.

We nearly shipped linux but ran into some crash bugs due to some experimental shader work we did. 
Hopefully we'll be releasing linux support in an update. 

we had a Linux build before launch but ran into some serious issues and frequent crashes so we decided to cut it for now. Hopefully we'll roll it out in future patches. 


If we go back and polish up some stuff we might do OSX and Linux. 

Fixed the issue you mentioned, thanks for pointing that out.

oh cool. 

Who's that?

Thank you soo much for your kind words <3

The soundtrack will be launched on steam with the game but for now our composer has the album up on Bandcamp.

make sure you're watching if you want to see updates on what that's gonna look like. 

Hey greencloud.

Glad you liked the game, we've actually got a big re-release coming soon so keep your eyes open for that. 

As for restarting, that's a secret.

The VR support isn't out yet anyway. You're probably just lost. 

Thanks for the lovely let's play. I'm sorry you've had tech issues and I hope this ended up calming you down a little if even for a moment.

Updates are a possibilty. We're still trying to figure out exactly what this game is and what we want to do with it. Also since it makes almost no money it's hard to justify. For other projects head to !!

Hi Blitz,

Go nuts!!

Thanks dude! Yeah the first version was very much just the fresh out of the jam iteration. Glad all my optimisations helped.


Glad you liked it after all that effort :)

That sounds like an itch issue. Is anyone else having this problem?

Noted, thanks for the questions.

We support controllers. What are you trying to use?

Yes but it's a secret.

If you're on windows check the mixer make sure it appears to be outputing audio.

Hey treefrogjohnson, have you tried hitting ESC to open the settings menu and changing the resolution? Also on the controls, are you using keyboard/mouse or a gamepad?

We'd considering new things/updates/fixes but we're super busy with real dev and I've got a studio to pay for. So it's a maybe :P

Can you email us your system specs contact at samuraipunk dot com


yeah sorry we optimised this from V1 but our enginge is just not fast at rendering this kind of world.

This is it for now besides a possible steam launch and bug fixes. But if it does well on steam we might consider taking another crack at it. It's sad that we can't work on it more but it's revenue is so low and we opperate a proper studio full time so this is like a relief project for us.

um itch is pretty trustworthy.

We just pushed an update that changes and improves the flight controls, fruit layout and collision. We still don't think it's perfect but it's a big step up.

You should download 2.0 and let us know how you find the new flight controls.

Hey there! Apologies for the slow reply. You can reset your progress by holding down the "R" key for 1 second while you're in the game. :)

Hey there, you should just have to unzip the file. :)

Hmm, that's annoying. :( Can you send a screenshot of the error message to contact [at] and we'll look into it for you?

We we're thinking of adding stuff along these lines but we wanted to keep the game small and simple since it's free. If we come back to it though something like that might be added.