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This concept is genius, there should really be more games of this type made, or at least in the same vein of innovation. It's a dynamic text adventure pouring with style. It bleeds tension. I really can't say enough about this game, it's probably my favourite horror game in years, due to it's aesthetic design, it's expert attention to atmosphere and eeriness, and it's ability to put a dynamic twist on a classic style that I already loved.

It's a shame it's short, but it works. I would love a series of these in different genres, with text adventures that affect your surroundings, and having to use the changing environment to solve more difficult, intricate puzzles in the text. But even it's length and pacing feel intended and fitting. it's all so perfectly designed, the creators really know how to connect with your sensibilities and take advantage of that through design, detail and genuinely understanding how fear works - and that's what so many horror games fail to do nowadays. It's simply marvellous.