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Because then other, possibly malicious, applications have access to downloaded .apk files and can modify them before you install them.

This is theoretical but still a concern. To be honest I probably should add the option to just give public access to the downloaded .apk anyway, I’ve been putting it off for a long time.

If you press on an item in the update list, does it give you an error message?

Sorry, it’s a known problem but I’m not sure how to fix it since this does not happen on my device. I could add the option to download APKs outside of root/private storage, but that is a security concern.

So to be clear, you want Mitch to check if there’s a link to F-Droid on a game’s page, and if so, redirect the user to F-Droid, instead of simply installing it? That would make things more confusing, not less. Not to mention the added code complexity.

I’ve had Mindustry on my phone for quite a while now with numerous updates received through Mitch, and F-Droid never seemed to have trouble with this. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure F-Droid is smart enough to handle these use cases, as it also often co-exists with Google Play, Aurora Store, and other apps. If not, then as far as I’m concerned, that’s F-Droid’s problem. I know there is a way to check which “app installer” was responsible for installing an app.

On the other hand, most Mitch users probably also have F-Droid installed, so they don’t really need Mitch to perform updates of the games.

The main F-Droid repo can be slow to update. Also certain features might be removed to meet their policies. (granted, these “features” might be things like Google Analytics, but still, in general we can’t assume that the F-Droid version will be equivalent to whatever’s on

Could you try going into “Advanced” settings and changing the installation method to “System install”?

The possibility of app updates removing stuff from the library is interesting.

There is also a “database cleanup” task that runs every 24 hours which checks if an app is actually installed on the system, and if it’s not installed, it’s removed from the Mitch library menu. Normally that code should never run anyway, because apps should be removed from the library instantly as soon as they are uninstalled. Maybe that “sanity-checking” code triggers a false positive and deletes stuff for no reason. I will look into that a bit later.

Yes, this is probably the only page on the website that’s broken on mobile. Report that to the team. Mitch has its own mobile-friendly interface for this, should appear in the Library tab -> see all items

Have you tried going into Mitch settings and pressing “Cancel all downloads?”

Funny that I did not notice it, I use a password manager and autocomplete worked fine. That is strange though, I swear I used to write comments and community posts from Mitch just fine. No idea what broke it, but I think I fixed it, will push an update soon.

Looks like I got it to work, and fixed a bug preventing text input too. Will push an update soon.

The issue with icons in Hybrid turns out to be a fairly complicated problem with CORS, it’s taking me a while to fix it. I’m surprised that this does not affect more games.

I’m glad you got the update for Mitch and that it fixed the bug, I pushed it out a couple of days ago but you might have received it a bit later if you downloaded it through F-Droid

Could you send links to the games you have problems with again?

v2.1.1 should fix that game, sadly I have not fixed the scrolling/wrong screen size issues yet.

Could be a useful feature but is low-priority for now.

Also, is this a false positive? It shouldn’t send notifications for new uploads if the current file/version is still available.

Browser games have trouble with scrolling & screen sizes, that is a known issue which I’m looking into.

I’m not sure what you mean by contrast/brightness settings, what game are you talking about?

Android filtering has been disabled in v2.1.0

Implemented in v2.1.0

Ah, sorry, I forgot that the start page can also be set to ‘Popular games’ without an OS restriction. Yes, the filter works with that, too, there is no explicit restriction there.

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I started working on Mitch again, will implement this ~~tomorrow~~ soon, shouldn’t be too difficult. The current plan is:

  • Have two filters:
    • A “primary filter” using this hack that pkcheap found
      • This can be specified through the Settings menu
      • Will apply only to the main page, and only if the main page is set to Android games or web games
    • “Secondary filters” on the client-side
      • Can be applied anytime on but can not be saved
      • Only works with genres instead of tags
  • When/if adds proper filtering functionality on the server-side, the two filters will be merged.
  • I will not support filters for anything besides games

Not gonna be the most elegant solution but hopefully powerful enough, and not too confusing for users.

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I’ve done a bit of investigation but I still haven’t found a way to fix Android filtering on my end. I opened an issue on’s issue tracker and left a comment on their feeback forum. That’s pretty much all I can do for now.

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It used to be possible, with some hackery, to filter library games by operating system using some hidden HTML. Basically there was some unused code for OS icons, with some client-side scripting it was possible to hide all games that had a (hidden) Windows icon, for example. My Mitch app relied on this to show owned Android games, but this has been broken for some time now.

Some proper filtering would allow me to see owned mobile games again without relying on dirty hacks like that.

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It looks like doesn’t provide platform information anymore for the library. It used to be hidden within, there was some unused HTML for displaying Android, Windows, Linux etc icons, and I relied on that hidden HTML for filtering. But it looks like it has been removed now (and the way they load thumbnails has changed so that’s broken too).

Thumbnails are an easy fix but sadly the Android filter will be much harder or even impossible to fix.

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I’m not the developer and have not messed with Proton either (only regular Wine on a regular Linux) but maybe try deleting/renaming steam_appid.txt?

I’d looked at the code earlier and it didn’t seem like a great solution to me, I’d rather have genre exclusion as a separate option so users could disable any genre(s), not just visual novels, and not just for Android.

I didn’t know that there was even a way to exclude stuff with the URL query so that’s cool, I have to thank you for that! But I’m probably gonna implement it in a slightly different way, sorry.

I don’t use any APIs for search, I just use their web pages, if the web page does not show needed information then I can’t use it for filtering.

The list does display a genre for a game, in theory I could filter out some games using that, but that’s not a great solution because games actually have multiple genres (e.g. Action/Adventure) which are not shown.