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sorry, but there isn't a way to get back to the demo on Steam once the game is purchased, but you can still play the web version here on Itch whenever you want!

loving the videos you’ve been making!

steam early access is a possibility. We can’t make promises as to when that would be though. We hear all the people who missed the kickstarter and want a copy! We’ll do what we can!

mod support is one of our kickstarter goals!

This is actually a problem with how browsers save data. There isn't a super clear way to fix it atm. When the game shifts to download builds this issue should be resolved

a download version is coming!

this is planned! Also he is a badger ;p

at the moment the core run is 9 floors. Which can take 30 minutes to an hour to complete 

her name is Purse!

burn is a new status effect as of this update, so there may be a few bugs with it (there’s so many items its hard to test it all!)

best thing to do is to report bugs in our official discord server

the upcoming update this sunday is a huge balance update along with tons of new content, so be sure to check it out!

its coming! On our discord we have a roadmap where you can see when new things are being added

glad to hear the redwall comparison! Redwall has been a big inspiration behind the direction of the character art

The important part of making pixel art looking good in game is having a compatible resolution with the art created. Look into the resolutions of popular pixel art games and how they are able to make it HD to better understand.

the character was in a 48x48 space but was like 40 pixels tall and 20 wide

Dope concept, and the pixel art is really cool

I may be interested, and meet all of your expectations. I'm in my early 20's and from the States. I also have a decent amount of experience in pixel art, writing, game design, and graphic design. Due to the 'Rona I'm also free for the foreseeable future, so I should be able to dedicate quite a bit of time for the jam. If interested, feel free to reply back!