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Ok, thanks! I'll consider it :).

Hi, thanks! What is it about, would it mean I need to enter it as-is or would get to refine it a bit?

Right, sorry, I meant the Windows executable. Anyway the .zip works fine!

If I try to download the .rar file it says it "can't open it as an archive"...? Seems corrupted. Can you fix it?



Sorry! Realised my mistake now, will fix it right away.

Hi chong!

The digits DO correspond to Pi... written in hexadecimal base :D. That means Base-16, or in other words, the numbers go 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d, e, f, and only then you reach 10. In this system Pi is written as:


which is exactly what you get in the game if you start from the 0-th digit. The reason for this choice is that base 16 allowed for a nice 4x4 grid, while base 10 would have not. I could have done it with a grid of triangles but that would have been more complicated and I really made this in a hurry!

Amazing! I think it'd be awesome to see this developed into a full game with a proper level editor to play with, the possibilities are near endless. Including solutions that probably elude the intentions of the creator himself!

First alpha version of Trader is up!

Trader is a simple simulation game (designed for Android, but Windows and Linux builds are available too) meant to give you all the thrill of being a Wall Street broker at a fraction of the financial risk. The game is very simple: three companies, three stock prices, three colours. On top of the screen is a candlestick graph of their price history as it unfolds (if you're curious about these and how they work, look them up); on the bottom, new deals roll in all the time. You can buy and sell in fixed amounts by swiping the deals right, or discard them by swiping left (so you can make room for more). Objective: make money!